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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 4


Chapter 4

Part 1 (One)

The Most hateful Mo Mo gege

An Jia Qi stills standing at the original place, helplessly to look at Su Zhan Mo who is slowly getting far away, suddenly she feels so sad, why her Mo Mo gege is snatching all her chocolates? Huhu….

After a while Xiao Hu is coming back from playing, seeing An Jia Qi stills standing facing the iron fence, curiously he walking toward her and patting her shoulders.

“Qi Qi what happened to you? Teacher is called us to get back and have nap… uh? Why are you crying? Qi Qi stops crying…”

“Huhu….Xiao Hu….huhu…”

“What happened? Stops crying, here I still have one chocolate! This is for you!” Xiao Hu takes out the chocolate from his other pocket, this is really his last chocolate, he only can endure his heart pain, who asked his mother told him to have compassion heart moreover if seeing little girl crying, must give in.

Just as predicted this foodie An Jia Qi, once she sees chocolate, she stops crying, taking the chocolate from Xiao Hu’s hand, she is showing smiling eyes. Just in very short time she has forgotten all the unhappy things. She torn the exquisite packaging, takes out the small brown little piece of chocolate from inside. So curious when looking at it, so this is the thing that called as chocolate! When she almost put the chocolate to her mouth, she glances at Xiao Hu who is drooling at her, hence she divides the chocolate into two pieces and shares it to Xiao Hu half, while she takes the other half of the chocolate and faster she eats it.

“It tastes bitter…” An Jia Qi frowned and looked at Xiao Hu.

“Chocolate is taste like that, at first it will taste bitter but after while it will taste sweet…” Xiao Hu narrowed his eyes, while eating the half of chocolate he also explained.

“Is it? When swallowing it will taste sweet!” only like this, after secretly eating the chocolate, these two little kids feeling so satisfied and then they go to inside kindergarten to have their nap.

As for Su Zhan Mo, he is looked so frustrated for the entire afternoon. The bell is ringing as the signed school is ended, he is so fast to keep his book and running out from the school, directly he goes to department store.

He comes closer to the chocolate shelf, looking at the chocolate which displays in many kinds with various packaging.

The shopkeeper in front counter who looking at Su Zhan Mo that cute little boy, keep on looking at the chocolate, thought that he is coming with his parent, very friendly asking him: “Little friend, do you want to buy chocolate?”

Su Zhan Mo is nodding his head, with his toddler voice, said: “Aunty, other than all of these chocolate, is there any other chocolate with different packaging?” Su Zhan Mo has been looking for long time, but he realized that all the Chocolate that sell in here are package with paper packaging. None that similar to Xiao Hu’s chocolate packaging. Hence, Su Zhan Mo takes out the chocolate which he threw before during afternoon to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper looked at the chocolate packaging, frowned and looks carefully for moment, nodding with regret looking at Su Zhan Mo, said: “Little fellow, the chocolate that you brought is only available at overseas, in here aunty does not sell it. Perhaps you can go to Wang Fu department store to check it; perhaps you can buy it at there.”

Su Zhan Mo takes back that chocolate packing from the shopkeeper, carefully keeps it inside his pocket, disappointing looking at the shopkeeper and then he said thanks and silently he walking out. The shopkeeper sees beautiful cute little boy seems to be disappointed, faster she takes out one package of little biscuits, stopped Su Zhan Mo.

“Little fellow, today aunty just in stock newly little biscuit, it is also overseas product. How is about asking your mother to buy this one!”

Su Zhan Mo lifts his head up looking at the shopkeepers who takes out one packaging, the package is printed cute little bear, his eyes is shining brightly, does not know whether Qi Qi will like it or not.

“Aunty, how much it is?”

“One box two dollars, this is little bit expensive.”


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