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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 197 -198


This is one of the most absurd chapters. Yu Ao Tian goes to University…

Yu Ao Tian coaxing Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian versus Qi Lian Ao Yu…

This chapters also super long, take your time to read it 😛

Chapter 197 – 198

Inside the university class, the students are speaking English when waiting the class to start.

“Yao Yao, since the days we followed the student council activities until now, does Yu Ao Tian still not contacting you?” Gong Xiao Man and Yao Yao are sitting in the first row inside the class.

She shakes her head: “No.” it can be counted that she has been so many days not contacting Yu Ao Tian, others than the called that she rejected, he does not call her anymore.

“Cih, he really is fickle man.”

Actually this is out from Yao Yao expectation, Yu Ao Tian never had patience to coax girl, moreover both of them do not have feeling for each others, there is no reason for him to come and find her, right? “This is quite good Xiao Man. He and I are having three years contract, if both of us not contacting each others, perhaps when the time is arrived in three years, both of us may have clean break.”

“If you really can think in such way, perhaps that may the best thing. Anyway from the first time I saw him, I always think he is not suitable for you.”


Bell is ringing. At sudden the class turned to be silent death. A man dressed in white shirt and black pants slowly walking to the class.

He has outstanding posture, his hair blonde and also white skin which really bright. Moreover the most attractive is his pair of blue eyes, unfortunately that man is wearing old-fashioned glasses which masked his good looking features. The only thing that left from him is only his noble aura and also his elegant gestures.

“Hey, Hey, you guys guess is he mix-blood?”

“He seems to be.” Some of the students are discussing.

This male teacher seems not to hear and keep on speaking at the stage: “Good morning everyone, I your substitute teacher, you can call me teacher Qi.” (Speaking in English)

Teacher Qi…

This teacher seems so gentle! Yao Yao is one of the persons who distant quite closer to the teacher, her eyes are staring at him, somewhat she feels this substitute teacher gives her a sense of familiar feeling.

“Now open your book and turn to page eight.” Teacher Qi is mesmerizing; his low and deep voice filled the entire class.

This teacher seems to have special charm. Yao Yao lifts up her head and takes a glance to peek at teacher Qi, and just in this moment their eyes are meeting. Two people are looking each other; Teacher Qi curved upwards his mouth showing his charming smiles, she hurries avoiding his eyesight.

Huh… strange… this teacher somewhat… giving a weird feeling?

“Hey, Yao Yao. Don’t you think if this teacher Qi takes off his spectacles perhaps he is one of best looking man in world?” Gong Xiao Man interrupted her thought.

She hurried hinting Gong Xiao Man to stop, afraid the teacher might hear her.

Just in this moment…

Teacher Qi face is darker, he pointed at Yao Yao’s seat, with stern voice: “You! Come to my office after class.”

“Ah?” she raises her head, not really sure she blinking her eyes: “Why?” (Speak in English) she does not make any mistake, why must she being called to office after class?

“Do you think Teacher calling you to come to office needs a reason?” (He said in English)

What teacher is he, really absurd?

Not only Yao Yao who looked dumbstruck but all the students in the class also dumbfounded, they do not know this gentle and soft, elegant teacher could act so domineering?

There is no way to refuse, who asks him as teacher although Yao Yao is not willing still she needs to endure it.

During in the class, Yao Yao does not listen and she keeps her head lowers all the time. That teacher Qi seems to set himself to oppose Yao Yao by standing beside her during teaching in the class…

At sudden, when the class almost ended, one male student is throwing piece of paper to Yao Yao’s table. She looked surprised…

Huh, is this for her?

Her eyes is looking at the male student who is throwing that piece of paper, she extending her hand to take it but that piece of paper is taken away by Teacher Qi…

She lifts her head up to look at teacher Qi who standing beside her, but he looked as if nothing happened, passing her and takes the textbook and continue teaching.

But that male student who is throwing that piece of paper is looked so awkward; he only can pray that teacher Qi isn’t understand Chinese…

Finally the bell is ringing, teacher Qi is glaring at Yao Yao, she unhappily following at teacher Qi back and heading to teacher office room.

The door is opened, her eyes can see there is single office room with bed, can be rest inside, the office room can be used as office room and resting place.

Teacher Qi is locked his office room door, sitting at his seat: “Why are you staring at me during the class?” (He speaks in English)

Can she tell him that he looked so weird so that she stared at him? “You are teacher, if I don’t see you who should I see?” (Yao Yao speaks in English)

“Ahem.” Believes that teacher Qi does not think this little girl can be so good in talking, awkward he makes one times cough sound, he hurries to change the topic, he takes out that piece of paper and throw it in his desk: “Read it for me!” (He speaks in English)

Does he cannot read by himself? Does he… not understand Chinese? Yao Yao rolled her eyes, slowly she opens the paper and takes look…

Cold sweat!

The contain able to make one heart beat faster and also feel embarrassed so how can she read it for him, so whatever, anyway teacher Qi is not understanding Chinese, just make things up.

“This paper is written teacher Qi is so good in teaching.” (Yao Yao speaks in English)

“What?” (He speaks in English) Teacher Qi blue eyes gleaming, his mouth is naturally curved up and smiles deviously.

This kind of smiling… somewhat is so familiar for her? “Yes!” (Yao Yao speaks in English), Yao Yao nodding her head as affirmative gesture.

But teacher Qi face is darker, he raises and waves his hands, pointed at the table, “Do you think that I don’t understand Chinese?”

“Ugh…” after listened to his fluent Chinese, simply to say Yao Yao is more than dumbstruck now. This kind of feeling…how can teacher Qi speak fluent Chinese?

While that piece of paper actually is love letter for Yao Yao.

“You understand Chinese, why you asking me to read it for you?”

Seeing Yao Yao expression that showed little bit anger, teacher Qi frowned, when he wanted to open his mouth… but the other second, his throat feels tighten, immediately he backs to his gentle self just alike during the class, speaking in sincere and earnest: “Today’s most of the boys are bad, little girl like you who is so naïve by all means don’t be easy to believe on boys and dating with them, this will affect your studies, influence your future, you say?”

This point, she agrees, today’s boys are indeed bad, Feng Chen Yi, Yu Ao Tian all of them are “good examples” as to be, is it?

“Thank you, Teacher Qi. I understand what should I do.” It seems that teacher Qi is someone good, the today’s teacher none of them are involving to the student private life? Moreover is talking with this kind of sincere and earnestly way of speaking.

“Well, you understand is good. In order to avoid being harassed by boys, you must come to report every times class ended.”

“Ah? Every times class ended must make report?” the problem is there not only her who is being harassed by bad boy, how about the others girl? Does this teacher Qi really have that “kind” heart?

“No need, teacher Qi, this must be so troublesome for you, I can protect myself.”

“I asked you to come then you must come! If you are not coming…” when he is speaking half in domineering tone, hurried he changed the topic, gently said: “Aiya, I really do it for sake of your goodness, don’t you think so? Rest assured, I won’t feel troublesome, alright, alright, you hurry go back to class.”

She has not gained herself but she has already being dragged out from the office room by teacher Qi…

“So strange.” Puzzled, dumbfounded she stills standing in front of the office room, why at this moment, she sensed the way of teacher Qi speaking is so similar with…Yu Ao Tian? Does she think too much?

For the entire morning, Yao Yao helplessly do as whatever teacher Qi asked her to do, go to report to him at his office room every times the class ended, although she not willing but she also does not have any options, she even having her lunch in his office room, this kind of feeling as if sitting in prison.

“Teacher Qi, afternoon I have no class, I don’t need to come, right?”

Teacher Qi rolled his eyes, his back is leaning on his chair: “What? Do you not get used staying at my office room?”

Who will get used? Although her heart is not willing but still she is forcing herself to give him a smile: “HeHe, teacher Qi, this, I have appointment with my friend to go out playing this afternoon.”

“You are not allowed to go!” Teacher Qi refused, he even speaks in commending tone: “If you want to get out to play I will bring you or else you must stay at here, if you are tired here is bed, you can sleep in here.”

Hah? What is it ah, how could this teacher Qi is so bossy? Doesn’t he only English teacher? “Teacher Qi, I am not your child, I just your student, I have my own freedom! Thank you for showing your consideration for this entire morning, I take my leave, good bye.” She turned her back…

But suddenly teacher Qi grabbed her wrist.

She feels her wrist is little bit hurt, Yao Yao furrow her brows: “Qi…Teacher Qi, what are you doing, let me go!”

“Stay!” he speaks coldly with domineering tone.

Yao Yao trembling, more she looks at him more she feels strange of this familiar feeling during with him, dumbfounded for moment…

“Let me go!” she swaying her wrist, who knows…

In her panicking mode she hooks man’s buttoned, three buttons are opened, and that strong chest is showing.

Awkwardly looking at that man’s blue eyes, she suddenly gasped, is teacher Qi angry?

“Sorry, I am sorry… teacher Qi, I will immediately help you to button your shirt.” Yao Yao panic, both of her hands are busying to button Teacher Qi’s shirt.

More she panic more she could not button it, her hands are trembling, after all she is touching his hard chest, as if she is “doing” him.

Face, red as an apple, eyes is looking down, does not know where to look at.

She is so stupid, she cannot button his shirt.

Huh, something wrong in here, why doesn’t Teacher Qi button himself with his own hands?

Her eyes looking at him, finally she realized that pair of eyes is staring at her!

Her heart be frightened, her hands trembling, her eyes are open wide, blinking and moisten, both of her hands grabbed by his big hands.

“You…” what does Teacher Qi want to do?

His good looking face is getting closer to her, she could smell his masculine fragrance, directly in her face, she feels so familiarized.

Her waist is hold by his other hand, the warmness from his palm as if transfer to her body.

“I, I said sorry, I really not do it on purpose…” Yao Yao is busying to give an explanation, but inside her heart she feels the man expression in front of her having nothing to do with buttons!

Her beautiful features, her innocent eyesight with big eyes, trembling lips, this is so similar with little white rabbit who is standing beside as if asking the man to **

His adam apple is moving, he bent over, he uses his lips to sealed her little mouth that seems wanted to say something.

“Huh.” Yao Yao eyes are open bigger, she really can’t believe the man in front of her eyes, Qi…what is teacher Qi doing?

His domineering kiss, his tongue is prying to enter mouth and open her teeth, get into inside, when she lets out her soft voice her mouth has take up by him.

Get fiddle, get suck, get tease, get probe.

Dizzy, his kissed has confused her.

Yao Yao wanted to say something, she wanted to push away this man, but all is futile: “Huhuhu.” She looked alike cornered animal who is crying.

For long time, teacher Qi showed satisfaction expression and then left her lips…

“You are too much, I will go to university president to file a complaint, you are beast teacher!” Yao Yao is going crazy wanted to escape from that man.

Confronting with her reaction, the man is licking his lips, not in rush, he said: “It is you who seduced me.”

“When did I seduce you!”

“So why did you undress me?”

“I have said it, I was careless! I want to meet the president! I want to file a complaint about you! You are rotten bastard! Bastard!” she glared at the man, her small face is fuming in rage.

He hates the most when this little thing is going crazy!

“Bao Bei, being kissed by your man, the president won’t care, right?”

Bao Bei? My man?

At sudden her body is stiffen, she lifts her head up stupidly looking at Teacher Qi who is in front of her…

“You…” faster her little hand takes off that old-fashioned spectacle from that man!

Yu Ao Tian!

Although he change his hair color and eyes color, but this face won’t be forget by her forever!

An earlier she must guess that teacher Qi is Yu Ao Tian, although he looks gentle and warm in surface, but sometimes he stills exposed his domineering and bossy characters when they are alone. So why she never thought that teacher Qi might same person as Yu Ao Tian?

Is it because Yu Ao Tian won’t waste his time to coax her?

“Humph? Bao Bei, seeing me, are you surprised?” Yu Ao Tian smiles happily, he raises his hand to take off his fake hair and also his blue contact lens.

Hah, just expectedly his hair still black, it suit with his charming deep black eyes, owning domineering aura.

“I am so shock but not happy! Yu Ao Tian, do you think this is so funny? How it’s feel toying me?” she sneered, she is looking left and right: “Ugh, doesn’t Miss Li come together with you? Won’t she suddenly rushing into here and give me a slap?”

“You better speak well-manner!” his smiles vanish, his face is darker. He never thought this little thing will give this kind of reaction when meeting him.

“Yu Ao Tian, don’t you feel you are especially doing too over? After all, you are like Li Mei Yun so much, you must stay with her why are you coming to provoke me?”

He also wanted to know why he could come to university to search for her!

Yu Ao Tian is not lacking of women, he never lacking of women, he would prefer to spend his time for working, for his best friends, rather than wasting time for woman.

He Yu Ao Tian’s woman, want to go shopping, he can just give money, but do not asking him to accompany them; he Yu Ao Tian’s woman, being alone, need him to accompany, don’t think about it. As long as he needs woman, he would contact them.

This is his first time to take an initiative to coax little girl, who knows when he meets her, she gives him cold face, this just too irony!

“You are only my lover, whatever I do to you, you must endure it!”

Lover? That’s right, she is his lover. Being someone lover how can she has so many complaints, but…

Pair of Yao Yao hands is pressing on her chest: “Yu Ao Tian, lover also is human. I did receive your money, but couldn’t I have little self-respect? Do I must being your toy, played by you and then must I smile to you? I have enough, I have endured too much! I am not your pet, I am not your toy!”

“Pa” angry, Yao Yao raised her hand and at that moment her hand is landed on his face, Yu Ao Tian wanted to block her hand but his movement is slower, so that slap still landed on his face!

At that moment, there is no expression from Yu Ao Tian.

Yao Yao knows this time she must not provoke this beast, but…does not know why today she is not afraid of anything.

“The money that I owed you, I will pay you. From this onward, you are you! I am still me!”

Just expectedly she is never learn to be lover, never learn to be patience, never learn to ignore (close one eyes), never learn to welcome with smiling face, even if there is no feeling, playing in this game with this despicable role she really not willing. Moreover…his girlfriend is Li Mei Yun now.

She would not ever forget everything that happened in bowling arena, the smiling face of Li Mei Yun, right, she regretful about Li Mei Yun, but Li Mei Yun one time, second times, third times were setting trap for her, she really could not used her guilty feeling when facing Li Mei Yun.

Besides, she not believes, Yu Ao Tian that smart person did not know anything!

She coldly turned her back, walking heading to the office room door.

Suddenly Yu Ao Tian stopped her: “Little thing, do you think being Yu Ao Tian, my lover is something you want to be and you won’t to be, is it?”

Her ears, she heard his voice as if magic charm, she can’t help herself to fall into abyss, she just can feel herself to fall into deeper abyss.

She can feel the hot chest of that man at her back, her body is shivering: “I begging you, let me go.”

“Let you go?” meeting her, he didn’t know how long he waited for her, he was taking much effort and so hard to search for her within two years, when he hasn’t got the answer, how could he let her go? His eyes gleaming dangerous, his curved up his lips, said: “Give your body to me, I let you go.”

Her heart is trembling, she almost forget this bossy man hasn’t obtain what he wanted, how would he let her go this easily?

“If I agreed to sleep with you, will you really let me go?”


Her small hands making into fist, she slowly turned back: “Okay, I agree.”

Still can’t endure, she thought that three years might pass in the blink of eyes, but being Yu Ao Tian’s lover is something so difficult, he is too heartless, moreover his swaying moods, accompany to his sides, soon or later she might go crazy. It would be better… just ended this game, so that her life might go easier.

“Little thing, in order to escape from my sides, you are still breaking!” there is no satisfaction expression from Yu Ao Tian, instead, his good looking face is getting darker and dimmer: “Well, I grant your wish!” suddenly he pulled her into his embraces and heading to bed.

Very rough he torn her dresses, there is no slightly gentleness from his lips when kissing her white skin.

“Auw, hurt!” she can feel this man bites her body, she feels hurt and frowning.

“Hurt, later you will feel more hurt! All of this, you seek for it!” his hoarse voice bringing anger tone, there is no warmness in his eyes.

So scary…

This Yu Ao Tian, she never seen him before, simply to say he is not more than beast, why? Why he such angry? No matter how she fights him, at last she still bowing lower her head down to him, right?

Anyway, facing this kind of heartless and domineering man, since the beginning he wanted her, “bowing down head” what this mean?

“Argh!” that rough finger…

She feels in pain until her tears flowing down: “Don’t… don’t! stop it.”

“Don’t? Little thing, just now it was you who said wanted to give yourself to me? So… it is my matter how to treat your body!”

She feels hurt all over her body at sudden: “No, stop it, faster stop it!”

Listened to Yao Yao begging, Yu Ao Tian gritting his teeth, there is hatred eyesight in his eyes.

Why do you want to leave, this damn little thing why until now she still wanted to escape from him?

Just in this moment…

“Peng” a sound of office room opened from in front.

Yu Ao Tian eyesight cold, he covers Yao Yao’s body with quilt. Turned back with anger expression looking at the door entrance, at the next second, he dumbfounded…

“Qi Lian…sunbae?” what to do? Why at this time suddenly Qi Lian sunbae rushing inside here? Yao Yao hurries wiping her tears, trying to say something but she really does not know what to say.

“I thought which scumbag, so that it is you, board Director Yu.” When Qi Lian Ao Yun found out that the person inside the office room is Yu Ao Tian, at sudden he showed sarcasm smiling expression. “What? Board Director Yu feels outside is lacking women so come to university to hunt?”

Qi Lian sunbae? Stop! Don’t continue anymore! Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone easy to deal with as he thought! She must think a way to stop it.

“Qi Lian sunbae…I…”

“Board Director Yu, from what I see, you seem is raping? Aiya, so now you are hungry and hunting to rape female student?” Qi Lian sunbae smiles, both of his hand are enveloping his chest and slowly walking in front of him: “Or, because you have money, so that you can do whatever you want, but who knows surprisingly today you meet someone not care about your money. Thus, facing this kind of someone not buying at your account, you just directly come to force?”

Why today she feels there something strange between Qi Lian sunbae and Yu Ao Tian? That pair of melancholy eyes suddenly turned be hatred eyesight, this is not simply because this incident.

“You shut up!” suddenly Yu Ao Tian cold voice heard.

“Board Director Yu, you dare to do but afraid being said? Oh yeah, you are Yu Ao Tian who has status and power? Wanted to give me money to shut my mouth or wanted to ask people to kill me, death ends all one’s trouble. What else you can do?”

“You!” Yu Ao Tian pulled Qi Lian Ao Yun’s shirt collar, at sudden he raises his fist…

When he wanted to hit him, suddenly that fist stop in mid air.

Qi Lian Ao Yun smirks, his smiles bringing sarcasm, there is no slightest fear in him.

At other seconds, Yu Ao Tian loosen up his grabbing from his collar shirt, he turned and left…

Actually what is going on? This is the first time for Yao Yao to see someone dare to provoke and confront Yu Ao Tian directly. Since Yu Ao Tian backed her, she could not see Yu Ao Tian expression, but she could feel… Yu Ao Tian can’t do anything toward Qi Lian sunbae, what is actually going on?


25 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 197 -198

    1. He dislike to explain himself, his attitude, or whatever he does.
      While Yao Yao is straight forward girl, she types of person that needs to be told so she knows, do not expect her to guess furthermore about feeling thingy.
      That’s makes gap in their relationship.

  1. YY is not happy to see him and YAT is not expecting that kind of treatment from YY and they have not see its other for a while. YAT should have self reflection on why YY is willing to give her body and be free from his clutch and not willing to be his lovers. YY is angry at him. Looking forward what will happen next if they will reconcile or not.

  2. It actually wasnt smthat absurd, this was bound to occur at some point in time since the contract. I actually thought that this would happen when YAT locked YY in his house.

    1. For me it still absurd because the person is YAT.
      He really goes that far only for YY. I don’t expect underworld emperor do something such as disguise himself as teacher, go to YY’s university only because he misses her.
      At same time, I feel YAT kind so cute XD

      1. No.
        from beginning YAT is not seriously wanted to do it to YY. he only wants YY to feel the pain so that she will beg him as she used to do.
        Just thanks to QLAY who coming in right time, at least he stopped YAT before that man goes further (since most of time YAT could be uncontrolled)

  3. Thank you for the lovely chapter. YAT is slowly realizing that importance of YY in his life. Does his brother likes YY as well? I always felt that Long Qi also likes YY. Will they ever be together even for a while? He is always sweet and protects YY very well. Awaiting eagerly to the next posting. Thank you azurro4cielo for your hardwork. Truly appreciate your time. Hope you had a great Lunar New Year celebration

    1. YAT always thinks YY is important in his life but this “important” could be “others” meaning.
      QLAY indeed likes YY and also Long Qi.
      So far QLAY likes YY as his Junior while Long Qi likes YY as same age friend.

      1. Thanks azurro4cielo. I thought Long Qi would have loved YY but because of YAT never got around confessing to her. He has always taken such good care of her to the extend as a reader, felt that he would have loved her in his own way

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Can’t imagine YAT disguising himself to go to the Uni because he misses YY. As usual, as he never explains himself, he messes things up with YY. Sigh.

  5. Saved by the bell! It would be devastating for both of them is she loses her virginity just like one of those other girls he uses–in pain, with no love or consideration. An act of anger. Although she thought she could do it to end it, I don’t think it would end it anyway. I’m glad his brother called him on it and used the word ‘rape’. He needs to reflect because although she agreed, it was still essentially what he was doing. He needed to hear what his brother said.

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