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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 26.4

wedding dress in chinese style

Chapter 26

Part 4 (Four)

Wedding March

It is not that I am unhappy, but this is the reality.

I escort them out, I come to flatter Kang Yu, massaging his feet.

“Yu, thank you!” I really feel so happy.

“What to thankful?” Kang Yu is continuing read his flight schedule.

“Thank you that you love me so much!” he really loves me as if worship heaven.

He lifts up his head, he acted as if a like little rascal, “It is good if you know, humph, humph, remember to served me as big boss!”

“Yes, big boss, your maid will serve you best!” I massage his hands and move to his shoulders.

“When the weather is hot, remember to fan me!”


“When the weather is cold, remember to warm the house!”


“When eating, remember to feed me!”


“When taking bath, remember to wash my back.”


“Still…” suddenly he grabbed my hand.

I thought he must not serious.

His eyes are sincerely looking at me, “Miao Miao, this is the most important; you are not allow to pass away before me!”

I can feel my eyes hot, “Yu…”

I really get touched, he continues, “If you are pass away before me, I will immediately take the second wife, but if I die before you, you are not allow to marry another man!”


This word is too unnecessary!


11 November 2006, it is my wedding day, early in the morning; I have eaten many foods, in order to save energy for the one day, and then I do my hair, makeup, dressed, actually the dresses that I wear is from Yun shop, I really impressed with their handmade work, after I wear it, I feel totally be different person, whoever sees it will praise beautiful, simply to say it really similar to the movies.

I am satisfied.

My bridesmaid is Yan Yan, Da Shuang, Xiao Shuang and Ling Li, in order to match with my style, all of them are wearing the maid dresses which I have prepared before, regarding Xu Ying, Liu Li Jun, Xiao Fan, Cong Li Juan, Sun Ling, Liao Jia Ying, those my high school mistress and daughter are taking role as guard door.

As said, before Kang Yu comes, one by one of them are having steel-heart, they have thought many ways to torture the bridegroom, the result, when Kang Yu comes, one by one of them are such useless, without further words, they let him in easily.

I asked them why?

All of them are totally scare, said “Won’t win over him!”

Really my karma!

Perhaps my bride access is the easiest because letting the bridegroom easy to come in.

Forget it, anyway I still have to marry him, easy just let it be.

The wedding reception is planning to be held in Cheng Jia Qiao, Jin Qian Bao Qi Jian ballroom, at the beginning is going to take traditional style, but my relatives are too many, my father business acquaintances, friends, as additional my mother relatives, her colleagues, my friends, my classmates and my colleagues, add Kang Yu and his mother’s friend which comes from Dong Bei, Kang Yu’s colleagues, classmates simply to say too many, total about 606 people, so that the traditional wedding reception really wouldn’t do, at last we are choosing the self serve style.

Based on what Kang Yu said, as long getting the red pocket, who cares they are standing tired or not, comfortable or not!

This point I agreed with him!

My wedding ceremony process with Kang Yu aren’t in fancy way, I do only wearing simple Chinese traditional dresses in one piece (cheomsam style, similar to the picture) during the ceremony, because changing dresses are too troublesome so that better to wear one full attire dresses.

On the wedding day, I wear Chinese traditional one piece dresses, Kang Yu is wearing Zhong Shan, this is well-match, as additional my full makeup face, no matter what to say still we are perfect match, suitable for each other.

For once again I feel content.

During the wedding ceremony it is so crowded, and also success, this is also as what I have thought before, except the guests toast drinking session, I really couldn’t think about it, from the relatives side, I don’t have to worry, my father my mother, my mother in law, all of them know the limit, but my friends and Kang Yu’s friends, classmates, colleagues, all of them are different. These years disturbance for the bride and bridegroom first night most of time did by friends, classmates, and also colleagues, once they are going crazy really could not stop them.

I asked Kang Yu, “Can you drink?”

Kang Yu answered, “Cannot!”

Too sinister, I also cannot drink!

I trembling, I tugged his sleeves, obviously I panic.

But Kang Yu not even looked panic, comforting me by patting my hands, suddenly his face looked secretive, smiles deviously toward me, “You think they dare to make me drunk?”

Me—at the beginning not really understand what did he mean, but I quite surprised with his expression.

I am stroking my chest really scared!

Kang Yu is holding my hand, he starting to take me heading to his colleagues for toasting, something strange is happened.

All of them are looking alike the most obedient babies, during the toasting session all of them are well-manner and act strangely, one by one of them are using small cups, there are even people who toasting only half cup, even there are people who help Kang Yu to drink.

“Let me, let me, how can we let our Wang Ye to drink!”

“That’s right! Hey, pour little bit!”

“Still better drink cola, cola tastes good!”

“Crazy, cola is not good for men vitality, you are dumbass! Drink milk, drink yogurt good, for nourishment, nourishment!”

Vitality! I have cold sweat!

There stills the strangest, “Waiter, bring mineral water!”

So on and so on……

Before married it is kind of one thing, after married it surprising still same thing, really weird and strange.

When my father brought Kang Yu to meet my relatives who came late, I could not endure my curiosity and asked them, “What happened to all of you?”

All of them are stroking their head, said, “Afraid… afraid of revenge!”

My sweat is flowing as heavy as rain.

The best and perfect word to describe Kang Yu is “Schemer” and also he is able to give huge influence.

Hence, my wedding ceremony with Kang Yu is quite success.

The next is, welcoming ahead me is…

My face becoming red…

First wedding night!


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 26.4

    1. Haha XD What a funny chapter! All of KY’s friends really know well of KY’s scheme. I wonder what he do to make them so scared..

      Thx for the chapters, azzuro! ^^

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