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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 199 B


Yao Yao is kidnapped by Yu Ao Tian’s enemy…
Li Mei Yun punishment is getting near. This chapter is quite interesting.

Chapter 199

Part 2 (Two)

Suddenly the mobile phone is ringing, Yu Ao Tian eyes are looking at his mobile phone display screen, it is Yao Yao phone number, he rejected!

This time his mobile phone is ringing again, he rejected it again.

Not long after that his phone is ringing again, this time is from Long Qi. He not in mood to receive the phone call: “Speak!”

“Thing goes bad, Ao Tian, Yao Yao’s friend is calling me, she said Yao Yao is being kidnapped! What to do?”

After he listened, Yu Ao Tian can feel his heart tighten, but another second, slowly he said: “There is none of my business.” Heartlessly he hung up the phone called…

Inside the bumping car, both of Yao Yao hands are tied, her eyes and also her mouth covered with cloth.

Actually what these group of men intend to do? Why they kidnap her who does not have any money, she also such useless?

In unfamiliar road, Yao Yao is perfectly composed and calm; she does not cry or making fuss, she just sitting quietly inside the car.

Not long after that, the car is stopped.

Yao Yao in hale an air from her nose, she could smell soil, could it be there are in rural area?

Two men are dragging Yao Yao gets down from car, moving forward, when she passing at one place her nose smells something rusty. This place perhaps is steel mill or an abandoned warehouse?

“Big Boss Lei, the person is here!” a man voice is echoing, now she certain that she must be in abandoned warehouse.

An instant the cover is taking off from her eyes, her eyes catches a man with long hair who looks at his forties, while behind that man there are lots of subordinates. Is that long hair man called as Big Boss Lei? Do all of them… mafias?

“Little girl, how old are you?” Big boss Lei spoke.

“Uh hu!” she frowned.

Man in black suit beside her tear off the cover that covered her mouth.

“I… I am 19 years old.” Yao Yao nervously answered, her eyes takes glance at her surrounding, she wants to run away, but it seems this quite hard to do.

“Only 19 years old?” Big Boss Lei is measuring Yao Yao, his eyes rolled: “Bring that woman here!”

“Yes!” one of the men in black suit leaves, not long after that he dragging woman who being covered.

“Huhuhuhu.” That woman looks restless, keep moving. That man uncovered her.

Once Yao Yao takes a look… Li Mei Yun?

“Miss Li, you said she is the real girlfriend of Yu Ao Tian?”

“Yes! She is the person! She is the real girlfriend of Yu Ao Tian, I just his fake girlfriend.” Li Mei Yun is panic, nodding her head.

It seems that Big Boss Lei kidnapped her because Yu Ao Tian?

This isn’t her first time to face such circumstances, last time she was also being kidnapped by Long Bang for same matters. So that she not even scared anymore.

“Little girl, is Miss Li telling truth? You are Yu Ao Tian’s real girlfriend?”

She furrowed her brows; strive up her mouth, she even said: “Who is Yu Ao Tian?”

“You cheap are little girl, stop to tell lies. After all you dare to pretend not knowing about Yu Ao Tian? Big Boss Lei, you don’t be tricked by her. She really is the girl who most beloved Yu Ao Tian.” Li Mei Yun loses her self control, roaring.

Big Boss Lei rolled his eyes, coldly clapping his hands, one of man in black suit bowing with respect to him and walked to his beside: “Big Boss Lei, what is your order?”

“Last time when you were in bowling area, didn’t you say that beside Yu Ao Tian there was woman? Who was that person?”

Bowling area? Did it means, last time when they were in bowling area, she and Yu Ao Tian had been spying by them? Damn! She even said that she didn’t know about Yu Ao Tian…

“Reply to Big Boss Lei, she was that girl!”

Dead meat!

Make a mistake! Make a mistake! She had chosen wrong method. Facing Cong Qing Rui she could deny about knowing Yu Ao Tian, but this Big Boss Lei even had evidence regarding her with Yu Ao Tian in his hands, so that she made wrong moves only to give herself a dead end!

Yao Yao furrows her brows, she looks at Li Mei Yun’s side with the corner of her eyes, she can look that Li Mei Yun as if waiting to see bad thing happen to Yao Yao.

Really not understand, how mockery Li Mei Yun now, does she really wish her to die? Didn’t she have already won over Yu Ao Tian, but why she must be this bitter to corner her and not let her off?

“Ah, Little girl, uncle is quite courteous toward you, after all you dare to lie with uncle?” Big Boss Lei stroking his grayish hair, while pair of his eyes is looking sharply.

“I really not telling lie! I do really not telling lie!” since it has been wronged, just continue to be wronged. Yao Yao does at all the cost she shaking her head, showing her grievance with teary eyes.

“Humph, my men had seen you together with Yu Ao Tian, are you still saying not telling lies? Guys, you take this little girl and ** her!” after said, two men are grabbing Yao Yao’s hand at left and right.

“No, don’t…hu… I don’t, I am not telling lies to you, I really don’t know… don’t know Yu Ao Tian, I begging you, I begging you to let me off.” Yao Yao crying while kneeling in the ground begging.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 199 B

  1. My heart really go out to YY. Will YY able to convince big boss Lei? Very curious on what strategy YAT going to use to rescue her this time

      1. ThAnk U so much! 😍 cunning YY will think of something… She and YAt are alike but, I’m still for FYC *sigh*

      2. Well, actually I quite agree with Gong Xiao Man way of thinking. she said Feng Chen Yi perhaps more suitable for Yao Yao compare she with Yu Ao Tian.
        Her life might simple and dangerous won’t lurking on her as much as she with Yu Ao Tian but…
        Yao Yao isn’t simple person although she does not know her complexity and yet, whenever I thought about this, I still ship her with Yu Ao Tian…
        Moreover, I dislike Feng cheated on her and instead of reflecting what he did, he even turned be worst and worst, ckckckck

  2. I totally agree with GXM as well. FCY is way more suitable for YY and he takes good care of her behind her back although YAT does the same. However I ship YY and LQ more as I felt that being same age, they understand each other better and LQ takes good care of her as well. Someone YY is slowly showing sign of jealousy and that just proves that YAT is slowly moving into her heart. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks azurro4cielo 😘

  3. Thank u so much for the update 😘😘😘 can’t wait for the next one…will b constantly visiting ur blog happy valentines day!!!❤️❤️❤️

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