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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 200 A

Big Boss Lei

Happy Late Valentine day :3

Today I will post some chapters as my Valentine gift for all of you. I hope you guys like it 😛

Here is the other chapters…

Chapter 200

Part 1 (One)

Big Boss Lei isn’t someone muddle-head, even now when Yao Yao is showing up in front of him, he still doubt whether this 19 years old little girl really Yu Ao Tian’s woman or not? Who does not know that Yu Ao Tian’s women are so **?

“Wait!” said Big Boss Lei.

Suddenly those two men are stopped their movement.

Big Boss Lei is lowering his head; one of his hands is taking out a photo of Yu Ao Tian and showing it to Yao Yao in front.

“Little girl, this photo…”

“Qi Ao!” without waiting for big Boss Lei, she excitedly staring at the photo: “He is Qi Ao, I know him, I know him.”

“Qi Ao?” Big Boss Lei rolled his eyes: “This person in photo told you that his name is Qi Ao?”

“Yes. Big Boss Lei, he is the person I like. But… he has already had girlfriend.”

Seeing Yao Yao at loss expression, Big Boss Lei smiled: “Hahahaha, he is Yu Ao Tian that I meant, little girl, you are being cheated, he isn’t Qi Ao.”

Of course she knows that he isn’t Qi Ao, but the first lie has been said so that she only can cover it with another lies. “What? Did he lie to me about his name? Why… why he lied to me?”

“Lei! Big Boss Lei, this cheap little girl is acting. You don’t be fooled by her.” At besides Li Mei Yun senses the situation little bit odd, hurried she speaks.

“Why must I lie to Big Boss Lei? Moreover with Big Boss Lei intelligence how could he not knowing if I telling lie? If not believe, Big Boss Lei can make phone call to Qi Ao, asking him actually who is his girlfriend!”

Once Li Mei Yun listened, she is nervously shaking her head: “There is unnecessary to give Yu Ao Tian phone call, Ao Tian must sides this little girl and say that I am his girlfriend, Big Boss Lei, you don’t be fooled!”

“Enough! This is not market. Men! Take out these two women.”

“Yes. Big Boss.”

“Big Boss Lei, you don’t get fool by this little girl, she is telling lies, she really telling lies.” Li Mei Yun goes crazy and roaring but Big Boss Lei does not care about her, asking his few men to bring both of them to the secret room inside the warehouse.

“You little slut, you really have way!” Both of Li Mei Yun hands are tied but she is glaring at Yao Yao from her corner of eyes.

“Miss Li, you over and over again trying to cause me trouble, I have thought that you would not show up in front of me anymore, but the result turned in reverse, you have been reconciled and together with Yu Ao Tian moreover both of your relationship is better than before, it must be you who have way?”

“I can be honest to you Miss Li, I really don’t have intention to get involved in your relationship with Yu Ao Tian, even now, I must not be in here!”

“Haahahaha, you must not be showed up in here?” Li Mei Yun sneered: “Do you think Yu Ao Tian really reconcile with me? Do you think everything that I told to Big Boss Lei only to get troubled for you?”

What does she mean? What does Li Mei Yun intend to say?

“This time Yu Ao Tian reconciled with me, really… he only wanted me to be shield for you as his girlfriend!” finally she said things that she is trying to avoid and say it, but Li Mei Yun really feels bitterness in her heart, she really hate this little girl who is in front of her. Just to know before this little girl showing up, she is really a happy person, although their relationship is under secretive conditions, but Yu Ao Tian never mistreating her, every few days she will staying happily in her house with Yu Ao Tian.


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 200 A

  1. Thanks a million for the Valentine treat it’s awesome. Now that LMY confess that she is the shield for YY and YAT really love her. You think YY will believe LMY? You think YAT will rescue them? Looking forward for the next. Have a blessed day.

  2. not sure whether it is due to YAT painstaking effort, Yao Yao using all of her street smart knowledge to get out of this danger

  3. azurro4cielo, your hardwork today is truly appreciated. Thank you so much for the all the chapters today. One of my favorite c-novel that I am following. Cant wait to read on YAT’s reaction to this situation

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