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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 200 B

Li Mei Yun 2

This chapter is talking little bit about Li Mei Yun feeling. Her love toward Yu Ao Tian and her hatred toward Yao Yao.

To be honest, I do not really understand why Li Mei Yun choosing to live in such bitterness circumstances, She is coming form wealthy family that not lacking anything, very good and shining career as an actress. There are lots of men who like her, someone better than heartless Yu Ao Tian. She knew Yu Ao Tian has many women but again, she still choosing to stay at his side as “Lover”, “Sleep-mates”, she even accept the secretive relationship between them. When Yu Ao Tian lets her to make announcement to Media if both of them are having relationship, she is so happy until she knows Yu Ao Tian reason to make her as bait, in order to protect Yao Yao.

She not even detest. Loathe, or blaming Yu Ao Tian but instead thinking that Yao Yao as the third wheel vixen who come to breaking her relationship with Yu Ao Tian into pieces.  she puts all the blame on Yao Yao…

Chapter 200

Part 2 (Two)

But in short time, after Yao Yao is showing up, he is getting lesser and lesser staying at that house, including his attitude toward her changed to be cold and hot, that time she had already made guessing Yu Ao Tian might have someone new, besides that his someone new isn’t same with his others one night stand women.

“It is you! If not because of you, I might be together with Yu Ao Tian for long time, if not because of you, perhaps I have married with Yu Ao Tian, you are that third wheel who good in pretending to be innocent! Soon or later there is day, Ao Tian will see your true color, soon or later there will be a day, everyone will be able to see you true color.”

Seeing Li Mei Yun whose eyes are filled with the hatred and anger in her eyesight, Yao Yao finally able to see clearly someone who truly deep in love with a man when talking with the third wheel, that kind of hate and also the insult speaking tone. Now she can slowly understand Li Mei Yun’s feeling. She also understood why she kept on harming her over and over again.

Could it be, the sudden changes of Yu Ao Tian mood was not because Li Mei Yun coming in bowling arena, but more because he realized there were people taking photos?

Could it be, during that time he acted nicely toward Li Mei Yun, only to let those men to have his photos and let them to make report?

Could it be, at sudden he goes to high profile with Li Mei Yun, attending many events with Li Mei Yun, only to let people know that Li Mei Yun is his woman?

Ha, no wonder why Li Mei Yun could sell her out to Big Boss Lei, very reasonable, too reasonable.

“Miss Li, you listen to me, since things have been turned in this way, there is useless to blame at anyone, now if you do as what I tell you, I have way to guarantee you and I to escape completely, regarding about the other matters, we can talk about it after we out from here, is it okay?” Yao Yao looked at Li Mei Yun with certainty.

She knows this little girl is smarter than an ordinary people, she thinks carefully and asked: “How?”

“Just…” she moves her body and she gets closer to Li Mei Yun’s ear and whispering her plan…

Tight iron door is opened and two men in black suit come in: “Big Boss Lei called us to ask both of you, do both of you have calmed down?”

Li Mei Yun and Yao Yao look each other and hurried nodding their head.


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 200 B

  1. Thanks again for the gifts. It’s really awesome of you, your hard works is very much appreciated. Now that YY is truly understand the situation they are in and also why YAT acted strange when they where in the bowling alley and why LMY is very jealous or bitter toward her. I hope they will survive and YAT will come to rescue them on time.

  2. Even in these circumstances I don’t know how YY can trust LMY. Still, they both need to get out of there. Also I was wondering as there is a lot of speculation on and off of why YAT feels so different for YY. It made me wonder why he felt different for LMY–she is the only woman he has slept with more than once (even YY he hasn’t actually had sex yet we just assume he would want to more than once). Anyway, he never seems to wonder why LMY is different to him than those virgin one night stands. We know he is very interested in YY’s virgin status. If she wasn’t one would he still want her? Anyway, I can undrstand why LMY thought she meant something to him. He certainly cut her off easy–she was never in his heart apparently, but why was she different to him?

    1. To be precisely Yu Ao Tian is interested with Yao Yao background, her real identity while virginity is an additional.
      For Yu Ao Tian, Li Mei Yun is not more than convenience, she understands to play her role as his “lover” so that he never bother to chase her from his side.
      Different with his others girlfriend such as Qing Kong who is so demanding and also annoying that’s why she could not stay longer in his side.

  3. Thank u so much for the updates 😘😘 totally loving them nd can’t wait for YAT to show up nd save the day nd reconcile wid YY✌️

  4. I read your free (intro) talk, Azurro and all I could think of is “Love is blind”. That’s why Li Mei Yun is like that; that’s why she blames it all to Luo Yao Yao. And usually for someone who can have all they want, they always ask for more or for something they can never have.. In LMY’s case, it’s Yu Ao Tian. *tsk tsk tsk*

    Thankies for the update~

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