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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 201 A


What you think after seeing the picture?

Chapter 201

Part 1 (One)

“Very good.” Those two men in black suit smiles, one stand at left and right side in front of these women, “Pa” a slap landed: “Well, both of you, who is actually Yu Ao Tian’s real woman? Or both of you are real!” “Pa” another slap landed.

“No, don’t…”


“Stop slapping, I… I say.”

The person who is slapping Yao Yao stopped.

But the man who is slapping Li Mei Yun does not stop: “How about you? Big star Li.”

“I also say, I say. Stop hitting me.”

“Very good.” Those two men are dragging back both of the women to warehouse.

Seeing Big Boss Lei, who can’t help himself for not shaking his head: “Ckckckck, see two beauties are getting hit, both of you are too harsh. Beauties, have both of you think of it?”

Yao Yao nervously glancing at Li Mei Yun, hurried nodding her head: “Big Boss Lei, I said, I will tell you, I am Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, I beg you to let me off, let me off.”

“En? Little girl, do you mean that, before you was telling lie to me?”

“I am sorry, Big Boss Lei, I just want to protect myself. Please you consider of my sincere to admit to you, please let me off!”

“Ha.” Big Boss Lei laughed, his eyes looking at Li Mei Yun: “Miss Li, do you still have thing to say?”

“Big Boss Lei, I have told you that she is Yu Ao Tian’s real girlfriend, I only his fake girlfriend, what do you want me to say again?”

Li? Mei Yun! She…

Yao Yao’s eyes bigger, she looking at Li Mei Yun who is beside her with unbelievable look.

“Miss Li, later I will say that I am Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, you also must say you are Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend.”

“Will it works?”

“There is! Since Big Boss Lei dares to kidnap both of us, he must already check what kind of person Yu Ao Tian is, Miss Li you have followed Yu Ao Tian for such long time, you must know how heartless he is. Since this is the case, let’s us tell Big Boss Lei that we know that Yu Ao Tian would not come to rescue us so there is no point for him to kidnap us as chip bargain.”

“Heh, no matter how to say Big Boss Lei is mafia, although there is no point to kidnap us, will he let us off easily?”

“I think he won’t, but we can help Big Boss Lei, his main purpose is to get Yu Ao Tian, well, we just go as he flows, wait until Yu Ao Tian shows up to rescue us!”

“You? You dare to scheme Ao Tian?”

“Miss Li, this can’t be called as scheming Yu Ao Tian, moreover…I have faith on Yu Ao Tian capability.”

That is right, she believes as long as they can drag the time until Yu Ao Tian coming, he must have way to rescue them go out from here. She believes, she always believes on that man capability and his strength!

And then…

This still needs Li Mei Yun to be cooperative, or else only based on her words, Big Boss Lei won’t wait until Yu Ao Tian to gather his men and coming to save them.

But now Li Mei Yun betrayed her, it was obvious that both of them are agreed to go out together, it clear they can…

Tear is flowing from her eyes, this is the first time she feels whatever Yu Ao Tian tells her finally to be proven!

Just expected the society is complex, being soft-hearted towards others people means being cruel to own-self!

“Well, I understand. Guys, bring this little girl, take “good care” of her, regarding Miss Li, you… can leave!”

“Thank you so much Big Boss Lei.” Li Mei Yu smiles brightly, her eyes are staring at Yao Yao who she left, she clearly knows what is waiting in front of Yao Yao, although she can’t get Yu Ao Tian, but at same time someone called Luo Yao Yao won’t have Yu Ao Tian too!

After half hour…

“Big Boss Lei, Yu Ao Tian is coming.” One of his Xiao Di hurried make a report.

“Does he do as what I asked?”

“In reply to Big Boss, I have checked outside the warehouse, indeed there is no Yu Ao Tian’s men, moreover there are only five men with one woman he brings five subordinates with him, he is also do as what you asked, all of them are tied in rope.”


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 201 A

  1. Thank u so much or the update 😘😘😘😘😍 omg I hope everything will b okay 😢 that slut LMY I knew she couldn’t b trusted 😡😡

  2. LMY is really shameless! Why YAT always attract this kind of woman? From what I see, she is digging her own grave. Not only shameless but stupid too. She already with YAT for a long time but still don’t know his personality really well despite what she says..

    Thank you for delicious chapters, azzuro and happy belated valentine!

    1. Indeed Li Mei Yun is digging her grave and making herself to live in hell. Yu Ao Tian won’t let her off easily if something happen to Yao Yao.
      She only knew Yu Ao Tian as the Playboy-businessman while the other identity as underworld emperor just recently known by her.
      That’s why she does not know Yu Ao Tian could do terrible things, beyond normal man could do / think of.

  3. Finally, YY understand how YAT’s mind works, and also understand that you can’t be too kind to everybody most esp. Tho those who schemed repeatedly like LMY to her “Just expected the society is complex, being soft-hearted towards others people means being cruel to own-self!”

  4. Cliff hanging 😉😉😉 can’t wait for the next post to read what happen next … Selfish LMY. Hopefully it’s the end of her and her stupid sister after this. Thank you for your hardwork 😉

  5. Thanks. At least this shows YY what YAT has been trying to teach her all these while. Hope she now understands YAT more. Wonder how YY will escape.

  6. I hope Luo Yao Yao finally learned her lesson…
    But then again she won’t be the “Naive Short-Tempered Girl”, so maybe not. LOL.

    Thankies for the update!

  7. Thank you
    Yao Yao trusted one last time too many. She knew LMY hates her deeply.But she has learned that YAT was really trying to protect her.

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