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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 201 B


Chapter 201

Part 2 (Tw0)

“Very good!” Big Boss Lei is smiling satisfied, he knows very well Yu Ao Tian strength, if he isn’t being tied still does not know what the last result.

“Bring them here.”


Not long after that, seeing Yu Ao Tian, Mo Xue Tong and others men tied up and brought to warehouse.

As Big Boss Lei seen, he can’t help himself to smile, this time Yu Ao Tian is tied what could he do? “Aiya, The legendary underworld emperor from Japan as rumor, the leader of Yu Long group, Yu Ao Tian, the cruelest, killing without blinking, today finally I have chanced to meet, very resemble to the television which I watched, gentle, very handsome, I do really doubt about the rumor spread whether it is true or false? Or else the person who called as Yu Ao Tian might be someone else?”

Listened to Big Boss Lei provocation words, elegantly Yu Ao Tian smiles: “Haha, Big Boss Lei I don’t know who is that someone you said as cruel person, but in front of you the person named Yu Ao Tian is only a decent businessman.”

When he said this, he is radiating a noble and also elegant aura, there is no such aura of someone who has underworld background, the harsh and rude, totally different. No wonder Big Boss Lei can has suspicious feeling toward Yu Ao Tian in front of him.

“Oh? Did Qing Rui kill by you?” one of Big Boss Lei’s hand is leaning at chair back, he grinned at him.

Yu Ao Tian is rolled his eyes, smiles deviously: “Does today Big Boss Lei aiming to take revenge?”

“To let you know, Qing Rui is my sworn brother, you killed him, me as his big brother can’t let it off easily. Due to the rules, paid with money, or paid with…lives! Big Boss Yu, you choose!”

“Of course paid with money, Big Boss Lei, how much money do you want?”

After listened to Yu Ao Tian answered, Big Boss Lei really doubt about the rumor that spread about Yu Ao Tian, are they boasting too much? He thought Yu Ao Tian might fight back toward him but never thought Yu Ao Tian would give such satisfaction answer? He is really someone afraid of death! “Very simple, I want 20 percent shares of your Berson Group!”


“Yu Ao Tian, what are you laughing for?”

He stopped laughing, but tiled his head: “Did Cong Qing Rui worth that much? Xue Tong, you count how much money worth for Cong Qing Rui.”

“Chi Long group is ranked fourth in China, their Big Boss’s live is worth 1.45 million.”

“Oh? 1.45 million.” Yu Ao Tian hesitated, coldly looked at Big Boss Lei: “I am Yu Ao Tian is not someone stingy, Big Boss Lei, I give you 200 million! How is it?”

“Humph! Yu Ao Tian, you think I am beggar? Who does not know that your Berson Group can earn few million in one day, you too underestimated me?” Big Boss Lei pissed off standing up from his chair: “You take look at this place is filled with whose men. You MF only take few men with you and also one woman, moreover all of them are tied, if I were you, I will be obedient.”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian is curiously looking at the surrounding, at least inside the ware house there are hundred men. “Aiya, the situation is really not good for me, but what to do? Tong Xue?” He smiles deviously looking at his besides.

As seen, Mo Xue Tong is narrowed her eyes, faster she used the little knife that inserted in her ring, untied all the ropes and also cut off the rope that tied on Yu Ao Tian’s body.

Without waiting for those men to react…

“Do not move!” Yu Ao Tian speaks calmly, somewhat there is gun in his hand, moreover that gun is precisely pointed at Big Boss Lei.

Big Boss lei?

Big Boss Lei does not know how awesome the woman besides Yu Ao Tian, he thought she is only an ordinary woman. “Ha, Big Boss Yu, they said you are going for legislative election? You even bring gun with you?”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling and his eyes sweeping at gun in his hand: “What you want to say, Big Boss Lei.”

“Perhaps there are not many people know about you during in Japan, but we are those who live in this world, could I not clear? If I spill everything about you, you think…you still have right to join the legislative election?”

“Oh, I have guessed you will say that, Big Boss Lei, you know, Cong Qing Rui that old thing, before he death he tried to threaten me in that way. So that…I had discard his Chi Long group. Now the Qing Hu group also known about my past, so that I only…” after said, he smiled devilishly.

“Yu Ao Tian, are you real stupid or pretend to be stupid? The disappearing of Chi Long group, you think the government didn’t do the investigation about it? Now you are trying to discard my Qing Hu group, although the government sides are stupid, won’t they don’t know it is you who do it?”


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 201 B

  1. OMG free so many time visiting ur blog I finally saw an update 😍😍😍😍😍😍 thank u sooo much 😘😘ja big boss lie thought YAT couldn’t do anything after being tied up cheh looking forward to YAT nd YY’s meeting ❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for another chapter. Boss Lei underestimated YAT. But how is YAT going to cover his tracks if the government is suspicious of him.

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