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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 202 A


Chapter 202

Part 1 (One)

“Aiya, that is right. What should do?” Yu Ao Tian pretending to be scared and shrugged his shoulders, but his deep eyes rolled, he smile eloquent and walking slowly toward Big Boss Lei: “As for me, you Big Boss Lei is so good to me, you even help me to think about the escape route.”

“What do you mean?” Big Boss Lei face is darker, coldly staring at him.

The gun has pointed at Big Boss Lei’s head, his expression is dimmer, his face is get closer to Big Boss Lei’s ear, whispered, not in rush: “Two groups are fighting for kidnapping me, the result both of group is killing each others. If I said like that, the government sides might pity on me, don’t you think so?”

“You MF!” after listened, Big Boss Lei is staring Yu Ao Tian with killing eyesight, no wonder he is so willing to be tied and also only brought five men with him, he takes few men, just as expected he had thought about the escaping: “Yu Ao Tian, you are too death-defying!”

“Ha, it is you who is not too death-defying!” after said…

“Peng peng peng” suddenly there is shooting sound. Big Boss Lei heart is tighten.

Yu Ao Tian is pretending to be scared: “Aiya, the other group is coming to kidnap me. Later we will watch killing scenes?”

“Big Boss Lei! What to do?” The Xiao Di who is standing in warehouse is waiting for Big Boss Lei command.


This time, Yu Ao Tian has let one shoot: “I have said everyone does not make any move, you guys even dare to speak! See, Big Boss Lei gets a shoot?”

“Yu Ao Tian, you…” Big Boss Lei expression show in pain while looking at his left shoulder, he has lived until this long, this is for his first time to meet someone alike Yu Ao Tian who is so unpredictable, moreover his swaying mood character, simply to say really can’t be read, really not knowing what he can do for the next.

Yu Ao Tian eyes turned to be cold, suddenly he pulled Big Boss Lei’s long hair: “Where’s my woman?”

“En?” Big Boss Lei rolled his eyes, seeing his fluster expression, suddenly he grinned and laughing: “HaHaHa, Yu Ao Tian you still think of your woman? I thought you can be so heartless not even care about your woman!”

“Cut off your nonsense!”

“Peng” another shoot, this time the shoot directly to Big Boss Lei’s leg.

He growl in pain, but his face still showing sinister expression: “All of us are living in underworld, you must know, if the one’s close to you being caught by your enemy, what kind of end it would be?”

In underworld, there are thousand years rules that never changed, once your beloved and someone precious to you being caught by the enemy, the male will be killed and the female will be **. Although you wanted to rescue them, you only can get their corpse.

Today’s Big Boss and whomever that mingle in underworld, most of their lover or their wife perhaps had been** before, even Big Boss Lei’s wife had experienced it before.

Yu Ao Tian because he too understand with this kind of world rules, so that he always walking alone in this path, even one day if he really can meet woman that able to move his heart, he must hide her deep so that no ones can find her.

And then, in order to change that destiny and fate, he has to hold the legal authority, to control everyone under his feet, taking a control of the world. Political power… it is the only way and also the most enormous he wants to achieve for now!

There is only shooting sound hear, his forehead vein has showed. At next minutes, his pairs of deep eyes are gloomy. There is only shooting sound heard from the back of warehouse room. When the bullet has been used up all, Big Boss Lei has been bathing in his own blood, but Yu Ao Tian is still pulled the trigger.


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 202 A

      1. I have a feeling that the ‘woman’ that YAT is talking about here is not LMY but YY 😉 thank you for the exciting chapter. Looking forward to the next exciting chapter to find out how the writer ‘finished off’ LMY and how YY escaped. Did YAT rescued her or her ‘savior’ Long Qi as always

      2. Of course Yu Ao Tian means Yao Yao but Big Boss Lei might think as someone else ah~
        Actually the writer really meant, not even let Li Mei Yun rest in peace 😛
        For me, Li Mei Yun ending is really tragic for woman.

  1. Thank you for the hard work!! Me stalking ur website paid off 😅 nd OMG YAT has lost it he’s prob hurt so much rn I hope YY is fine nd I believe she is cuz she’s our MC lol still patiently waiting for their reunion!! Keep up the good work 😘😘😘

    1. Yes.
      She is taught by her mother and grandpa to live in upright.
      But too bad, she is forcing to live in darkness, dealing with the cruel of world which turn her to be not simple and ordinary anymore.

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