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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 202 B


Chapter 202

Part 2 (Two)

“Big Boss Lei!” from inside the warehouse the Xiao Di is staring with big eyes, all of them are pointing their gun toward Yu Ao Tian.

“Ao Tian, be careful!” Mo Xue Tong can sense something not right with Yu Ao Tian attitude today, hurried she throwing another gun that filled with bullet and give it to him, and then she rushed in front of those Xiao Di, and facing them.

When all eyes are looking at Yu Ao Tian, he stills standing there without any movement.

Mo Xue Tong and others four men are clearly not match for this group of enemies: “Ao Tian!”

“Damn!” finally Yu Ao Tian gains himself back, faster he rushed into Mo Xue Tong sides, “pengpengpeng” three times shooting sound, he has solved those few men who fight Mo Xue Tong.

“Are you okay?” his deep eyes are looking at Mo Xue Tong’s wrist that still bleeding.

She ripped her clothes and used it to stop the bleeding of her wound, quickly she shakes her head: “I am okay!”

Just in this time, Han Li Shang has brought men from Yu Long group into the warehouse, all the Qing Hu group men are obediently giving up.

An instant, the chaos changed to be deathly silent, Long Ye looked at Mo Xue Tong and rushed to her side: “You hurt?” he rushed alike an arrow, he nervously hold her hand.

“I, I am okay.” It so obvious, when Long Ye touched Mo Xue Tong, she feels fear, she over reacted by swaying his hand.

“Ao Tian, how is to solve Qing Hu’s men?” Han Li Shang walking to his in front, coldly asked.

“Killed all!” when Yu Ao Tian spilled out this two words, his eyes is filled with anger.

This attitude is simply different with Yu Ao Tian calm and compose attitude in the past, Han Li Shang wanted to know what actually happened before.

“That little girl, she seems… she seems to be**.” Mo Xue Tong softly said.

As seen, Yu Ao Tian’s face seems to sink deeper. He makes fist of his hand and “creak” sound heard.

Listened to this, Long Qi expression changed to be so anxious.

“Yu, Big Boss Yu, Sister… sister in law is inside the warehouse secret room.” One of the Xiao Di is trembling when reporting.

Yu Ao Tian is biting hard his lips, faster he rushing inside the secret room.

On the time when the door being opened, inside a naked woman is lying down, her body is filled with nasty hickeys, there are also blood stain left. When those people, whoever see the scene can’t help to take deep breathe.


27 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 202 B

  1. OMG! Thank you so much for this post aka chapter. Sad to see how Long Qi is so anxious about Yao Yao and yet cannot tell her how much he likes her. YAT is now realizing how much YY means to him and he is soooooo upset… Please it is LMY that is the naked woman and not YY… Please please please! Can’t wait to read how they reconcile and for him to tell YY how much he loves and care for her. Tell me that Long Ye like MXT… please….

  2. I hope it’s not YY who was raped or molested. I know YY is a fighter able escape from the bad guy. They know that YAT love YY but YAT is in denial about his feeling toward YY. I hope this tragedy YAT and YY will reconcile and clear up all the misunderstandings. They are calling YY as their sister in-law. I know YAT trying establish him self to legit businessman and have high position in the government in order to protect his love one. Azurro thank you so much again, your hard work is very much appreciated and always looking forward too. I really enjoy reading everyone comments too. Have a blessed evening.

    1. No one knows about Yao Yao except Long Ye, Han Li Shang, Long Qi and Mo Xue Tong, Angel, Nan Lu and others maid in Yu Ao Tian’s villa as Yu Ao Tian lover.
      So, sister in law that Xiao Di referred is someone else.

  3. This is the perfect reason why YAT is not the guy for YY. His lifestyle & himself personally is beyond cruel. Forget falling for a guy like him, I would run as fast as I can away from him. Being desired by him is not a great thing.

    1. For an ordinary woman, Yu Ao Tian indeed not an option. Seriously, woman with good brain (able to think rational way) would run away, avoiding scary person alike Yu Ao Tian. but, our Yao Yao is beyond than an ordinary (I am not mentioned about her high IQ but more to her real identity which fits Yu Ao Tian)

  4. I think it is yy since it says:
    “That little girl, she seems… she seems to be**.” Mo Xue Tong softly said.
    And LMY isnt the little girl

  5. Oh god, this is killing me you guys TT.TT…I just hoping that’s not yao yao..please dont be cruel to her, to both of them YAT & YY

  6. I really hope that’s not YY but LMY but those blood stains nd LMY isn’t a virgin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Imma cry if that’s YY 😭😢😢😭😭😭 Finally YAT realized how much she means to him nd so do the others 😎 really hope everything will b okay soon (fingers crossed) thank u sooo much for all ur hard work especially these days 😘😘😘😘😘 back to stalking ur blog for an update 😉

  7. Waaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! Why you leave me hanging are you trying to kill me over here I’m so going to die you are killing me over here 😖😖😖😷😷😷 I sure hope thats not yy I hope it is lMy…… thank you very much for the update this is awesome you can update it really quick imma be back here in a few hours just to see if you have an update because I want to know it better not be YY thank you thank you thank you thank you have a great day😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😋😋😋

  8. I think it’s LMY who’s body is found in the secret room. Although she no longer a virgin if she was raped by forced, definitely she will bled. It’s pay back time from all her mis deeds. It will be her end of the story. Remember Azzuro said in previous chapter MLY punishment is getting closer and her ending too. I can’t imagine what YAT will do if it is YY body is found in the secret room. Awaiting for the next chapter.

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