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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 203 B

paddy field

Chapter 203

Part 2 (Two)

“To be honest, when I heard what Li Mei Yun said about Xiao Meng Li, my first reaction is… as if all of us are being toyed by Xiao Meng Li?” inside the sport car, Long Ye speaking with helplessly tone. He believes everyone also feel same as him.

If not because to save Luo Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian would not put himself in danger, if not because of he thought Luo Yao Yao perhaps being** he would not put Mo Xue Tong in danger and even let her to get hurt, as the result everyone is busy for nothing, at last Luo Yao Yao even freely and get out by herself, whenever think about it they really have superfluous feeling about it.

“Ha, I mustn’t come to save her.” Yu Ao Tian who keeps on silent finally able to show his smiling face. Actually he still angry to Yao Yao, he really does not want to think that little thing live or death, but somewhat he cannot to do so, as last… this is the result.

“But, you guys make a guess what did Xiao Meng Li told Big Boss Lei, that even made Big Boss Lei not dare to touch her even for little bit?” Long Ye looked at that iceberg Han Li Shang, waiting him to give he an answer.

One by one of them are shaking head. It seems only Yao Yao herself could give the answer.

Gentle eyesight from pair of eyes beside Yu Ao Tian, his hand is hooked at his shoulder: “Ao Tian, this time it seems you… finally found out a reliable woman.”

“Ao Tian, that cheap slut is wanting to sell you out, she wanted to sell you, she wanted me to dragging the time until you come, in this way both of us could be saved, but if we do it, it means putting you in danger, I don’t agree her way, so that I get into this circumstances!”

Li Mei Yun keeps on blaming Yao Yao, but she does not know Yu Ao Tian cares for. He wants his woman can fight, stand for herself and find her way to live.

He is a man, he really understands that as man he has responsible, but mafia world is too dark, too muddy and too dirty, if his woman is not able to take care herself only can be blackmail object for him, by that time although he is Da Luo Shen Xian (High God Level) he unable to put his woman first and rescue her, at any rate only could expect this woman to keep herself save for short time. At least Yao Yao had made it! Of course, the most scary thing is that she even able to escape safe and soundly by herself.

“Yao Yao!” suddenly, Long Qi is so excited pointing outside the car window.

All of them are quickly to look at there, as seen there is petite figure who is sitting at the paddy field beside.

“Stop the car! Faster stop the car.” Long Qi hurried said, the car is stopped at sudden. He is faster to open the car door, get down and almost rushing toward her.

“What do you want to do?” Long Ye is stopped his younger brother by grabbing his wrist.

“Go to Yao Yao.”

What circumstances are we in? Long Ye frowned, at the moment he looked at Yu Ao Tian who is beside him: “This matter is not your turned to look for her, you better sit down inside the car obediently!”

“Qie!” Long Qi unhappily rolled his eyes…


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 203 B

  1. Thank you for the update. Poor Long Qi. It’s so obvious how important Yao Yao is to him as well. Lucky for him that Long Ye managed to stop him from rushing to YY otherwise if YAT is jealous, the consequences could be bad although we know that the brothers will never betray each other aka Long Qi will never steal YY from YAT.

    1. For long Qi, Yao Yao is precious friend that he treasure alike Han Li Shang, Yu Ao Tian, Mo Xue Tong.
      But you are right if Yu Ao Tian gets jealous perhaps Long Qi would be sent to far far far away place, so that he won’t ever get close to Yao Yao.
      Three men and one women, none of them won’t betray Yu Ao Tian because they had sworn to loyal to him.

      1. Indeed. The loyalty between them are amazing 😉 thank you azurro4cielo for doing this exciting but long novel translation for us 😘

      2. Let me spoil you little bit :p
        I choose Yu Ao Tian over Feng Chen Yi because I felt touched toward vows that made by Yu Ao Tian (this is also the plus point, reason why Yao Yao falls for him)
        Yu is a man who value friendship over anything so he deserve to have his friends loyalty.

      3. Definitely agree with the fact that YAT values friendship over anything and the loyalty extended to him. FCY has hurt YY in the past leading to them going separate ways and he missed the opportunity to get back together with YY several times by being a ‘bastard’ to her but in fact he loves her a lot still. I can’t actually decide who is best ending with YY as the story progress with so many turns and surprises along the way. Must say though that YAT would definitely be the one that YY love in the end since he is the Male lead 😉

      4. Yes, if this novel hasn’t completed. I might still guessing who will be ended together with Yao Yao. Because there are too many men to ship with her. to be honest, as I have said from the beginning, I have shipped her with other guy. But as the story goes, I don’t mind Yao Yao with Yu Ao Tian…

      1. oh.
        It can mean many depend on the words.
        qie can mean cut it off, definitely, yeah/ right (scoffing or dismissive interjection), etc.
        most of time qie in this novel is to describe dismissive interjection and scoffing

  2. Poor LMY she is trying to justify her action and blame YY but unfortunately YAT doesn’t care her reason at all. All of them were amazed how YY able to free herself from Boss Lei. YY has all the qualities what YAT is looking for to be his wife. I’m hoping YAT will be good to her. Poor Long Qi he was so excited to see YY but unfortunately it’s not the right time and place for him. I’m grateful for your speedy translations and looking forward to the next chapter. Have a blessed evening.

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