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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 104



I think this time I need to balance among translation projects I have picked. There times I thought alike stepmother for my projects, especially substitute bride which delay too long. Actually, it not because I prefer other projects to this but because I really have hard time to translate this project at my utmost. I want this project translate beautifully, so I carefully using the words and also need double check my grammar so that I won’t ruin novel >.<

Although I don’t think this novel hard to read and understand but at some point, somewhat it really hard to translate for me.

Alright, let’s start…
Enjoy your reading.

Chapter 104

Fei Yan’s pain

“Third young master these few days you are less coming here, Fei Yan that girl has got thinner, I am as her Ma Ma seeing her, I do feel heartache.” Hua Ma Ma expression softens.

“Where is she?” towards whatever Hua Ma Ma said, Ye Che does not have big reaction, Hua Ma Ma kind of acting, he had seen many before. Now he only wants to meet Fei Yan quickly, he wanted to be cleared regarding the conversation between she and Mo Er, quickly to find Mo Er to come back.

“She is in her room. Okay, I take Third Young Master to meet her.”

It is still the familiar stairs, the familiar corridor, the familiar room, but at same time it gives a different feeling, his heart not even at peace.

After Hua Ma Ma takes her leave, Ye Che is knocking the room door.

“Come in.”

Walking inside the room, Ye Che strongly can feel that nothing is really changed from the room.

But in some way the round table since when it has changed to square, the scenery of mountain and river screen changed to butterflies screen, the landscape scenery changed to be beautiful and refreshing….but all the changes are too obvious, compare to the last time this is completely different.

How can it change to be like this, but this time Ye Che really does not want to think about it, he just searching for Fei Yan’s shadow, he just wants to know answer.

“Ling Ling, is you? Just now the fragrance being sent here is quite good.”

Fei Yan is walking from behind the screen, when she sees Ye Che’s back, the fragrance at sudden slips down from Fei Yan’s hand, when that white bottle touched the floor, that moment, she feels alike torn body and crushed bones. That falling sound has regained Fei Yan’s attention slowly Fei Yan mouth gives a response.

“Third Young Master, you… how can you at here?”

“What did you say to Wan Er in Wan Nian temple?” There is no slightest warmness from Ye Che’s voice.

“Is something happened?”

This is the first time for Fei Yan to see the expressionless Ye Che.

“Why Third Young Master sounded so cold? Is something happened to Wan Er? So that, is this Third Young Master purposed coming here?

“Have you known that something might happen?” listened to the way of Fei Yan speaking, Ye Che eyesight turned be colder.

“Third Young Master, is it really something happened? What can Fei Yan do to help you?” Fei Yan not really understand what Third Young Master said to her, but stills she very caring asked him.

Third Young Master eyesight is so cold looking at her, as if it could froze her, it is as cold as the winter snow, it makes her could feel the cold all over her body. Actually what is happened? How’s thing turned? No matter how Third Young Master never treated her like this before!

Is there any misunderstanding?

“Well, now I want you to tell me honestly, what did you say to Wan Er?” Ye Che not care with Fei Yan feeling, he only wanted to know the answer.

“What was I say to Third Young Madam?” Fei Yan stills not understand, but she is trying her best to understand his meaning.

Ye Che keep on silent, waiting her to give an answer.

“Third Young Master today coming to Fei Yan’s place, is because Third Young Madam angry after hearing what Fei Yai said? So that Third Young Master showing up in here?” Fei Yan is carefully to probe.

“Angry? Actually what did you say to Wan Er so that she might angry? What did you say?” Ye Che can’t calm down himself anymore, he extends pair of his hand and grabbed Fei Yan’s shoulders, with deep voice he asked.

“I… I didn’t say anything, I… I just said that…missing Third Young Master, so that, I… asking Third Young Madam, I…asked Third Young Madam… to take good care of Third Young Master.” It is not easy for Fei Yan to say things in her heart under this kind of forces, Ye Che way of speaking, movement, eyesight, for once again it broke her.

“If only these things, only these, why Wan Er could leave without say any words, she disappeared?”

“Third Young Master, you…you think that… Fei Yan… is telling lies?” Fei Yan tears are flowing down because Ye Che does not believe on her. “Fei Yan towards Third Young Master… my heart, Third Young Master… it is not like you don’t know. Did Fei Yan… ever lies to Third Young Master? Third Young Master, since this is the case… you don’t believe on…Fei Yan?”


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 104

  1. I know it may be sound hard to translate old Chinese into English. Yes I do agree with you that this novel has been taken too long to translate but I am still grateful to you Azzuro for making an effort and tried your best. Each chapter has become a cliff hangar n wanting to know more..

    Nonetheless, thanking you for making great effort in translating it and all the translations you have done.

    Keep up with the good work Azzuro.

  2. Thanks for doing the hard work of translating. Yes, it’s a very long novel. Appreciate all that you are doing , just to give us the chapters. Keep it up. Take care too.

  3. Although I prefer a naive short tempered girl over this I do appreciate all ur translations😊 thank u for r hard work lol stepmother

  4. Take your time. Thank you for translating all of these novels. I couldn’t do it, so I appreciate that you do! Don’t worry about balance or the time between postings especially as you are doing this in your spare time. Thanks again! 😺

  5. Well, I am still following along and enjoying this story. Although I have to say that I feel her disappearance has been very drawn out, that is because the part I am most curious about has yet to be addressed but that is how it was written. I sometimes think I might put it aside until more is translated and read it all at once but I always read it as it comes. Thanks for continuing to translate this.

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