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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 204 B


I think both of Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian finally realized their feeling for each other but somewhat, they are not trying to clear themselves. Yao Yao seems to be afraid to fall for Yu Ao Tian while he is too “caring to save his face” telling her about his feeling toward her so that he used the most vague way to let her know that she perhaps or might be last woman for him.

While Yao Yao is too slow to understand Yu Ao Tian meaning furthermore she even thought that perhaps Yu Ao Tian “paused” to seek new girlfriend for short time due to this incident.

Chapter 204

Part 2 (Two)

Lift her head up, her eyes looking at his cold pair eyes, Yu Ao Tian must be angry, right?

Actually must she say her apology and also thank you toward him?

During at the bowling arena, also during in the teacher’s office room, all were because she too headstrong, so that she accused him wrongly. But…

She would rather not know the truth, would rather keep on hating Yu Ao Tian! Because she is already accepting her lowly status as lover, moreover she even has accepted and get used to heartless Yu Ao Tian. So that she does not want to break all these things. But…

This kind of manner seems to be vaguely changed, so… it is?

I can’t! I mustn’t! Yu Ao Tian is the man that she most not wanted to use her feeling to deal with!

“Yu Ao Tian, if later… you really meet the girl that you love, you just dump me, okay? I really do not want to be… like this.” her tears flowing down, she has sickened enough with her status as lover, besides she never thought to be the real, and also never dreamt to be the real.

At sudden, she obviously can feel that Yu Ao Tian is loosen up his grabbing to her wrist, she bites her lips, no sound, but at same time she does not dare to look at Yu Ao Tian’s face expression.

Because she afraid, she afraid herself will see something that she does not expect to see.

“Little thing, within the three years contract ended, I will never let you go, although I have woman that I like, I will make you stay beside me!”

As she heard, that voice sounded alike demon voice, she unhappily frowning, does not understand why Yu Ao Tian wanting to torment her in this way? Is this giving him benefit?

“But, at least within this short time I won’t meet any woman I like.”

Faster she lifts her head up, looking at Yu Ao Tian smiling eyes, her face is filled with many emotions, within this short time? Three months? Half year? Or one year? No matter what it is, at least this, “So called” within short time she really does not need to live in sorrow. “Thank…uh.”

Without waiting Yao Yao to react, his lips has already touched her lips, she gulped all her words.

This is because Yu Ao Tian really does not want to hear she thanked him this kind of words! He also does not wanted her to be happy because of this matter, showing her smiling face.

Perhaps, she does not say that words, “If later you meet the woman that you love, just dump me, okay?” perhaps he would answer her that he won’t want to find any woman again!

Simply to say this word is too mocking for him!


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 204 B

  1. Finally they reconcile, YY have reservations about her feelings toward YAT. Because he always have ladies on his disposal and of course who wants to share his man to others. We all know that they love each other but they’re both afraid to admit it. Thanks a million for sharing this to us. Looking forward to the next. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

    1. You get the point.
      There is no girl who wants to share her man with many women. Both of them are fear, Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian are fear to get attached, get used to each other, fear to lose…

  2. Thank you so much for constantly giving us updates nd not leaving us in the dark for too long wid all these cliffhangers love you😘😘 nd looking forward to what happens next

  3. I feel for YY, of course who won’t be confused of YAT with all the woman around him, if she only knows she’s the only woman he kissed on lips but even then does it makes any different whenYAT isn’t saying anything as he himself trying to downplay his feeling towards her. But at least their bond is getting stronger and both finding some facts about each other, though a lot still remain vague…I really appreciate your daily update:) we are spoiled!!

  4. Poor yao yao but im curious does yu ao tian really belives he will let go of her ?
    I think he will found another thing to make her stay with him but I hope yy doesn’t give in staying with a man like him is too
    thank u again :3

    1. Yu Ao Tian won’t ever can stop Yao Yao to leave him (physically) that’s why Yu must find away to make Yao Yao’s heart stay.
      She will stay with him when her heart has accepted him.
      But remember, the writer is simply love to make twists and flipping Yu Ao Tian-Yao Yao’s relationship, the ups and down in their relationship really is not a joke.

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