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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 205 A


Long Ye and Mo Xue Tong
Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man
Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao
Long Qi and … (make your guess)

These three men really useless when facing and dealing with love. Long Ye is warm person, cheerful and also good talker but somehow he could not melt Mo Xue Tong thousand years ice heart.
Han Li Shang is too cold and does not want to trouble himself with woman so that he is the one cleanest among them in term of “Womanizer”
While Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao are really most frustrating couple, no need to mention, from the beginning until this far, they have “separated” few times and “reconciled” few times, so tiring and exhausting XD

Again, in this chapter finally all of you will find out what Yao Yao said to Big Boss Lei before she leaving. Thank you for being patiently to wait for the next chapter. I heart you guys, the feeling of waiting moreover when the story is hanging :p

Chapter 205

Part 1 (One)

There are countless women beside him that hardly to be dumped, but in front of his eyes this little girl is countless time wanted to flee and escape from his side. More he is trying to hold her tight more she uses all her strength to escape from him, thereby, slowly by slowly, slowly, it turned become he is struggling to chase after her while she is struggling to escape from him. This kind of feeling…

This is really called as damn frustrating!

“Huh, let’s we leave the car for Yu Ao Tian, and moving other car, perhaps… he still has something to settle?” Long Ye is staring at the paddle field scenery, smiling mischief.

“I don’t believe Ao Tian will have “wild battle” in this outdoor place, besides the flat chest is still virgin, as seen there is no any movement of Ao Tian that showed he might do?”

“There is not of your business! Get down!” Long Ye is shouting at his younger brother.

Long Qi unhappily gets down from the car, Han Li Shang and Mo Tong Xue also followed to get down from car.

Long Ye who is walking at the in front, purposely to get slower his footstep, walking to Mo Xue Tong besides: “Your wound…”

“I can deal it by myself.” Mo Xue Tong not even gives Long Ye any chances to considerate herself, she even faster her footstep to in front.

“Why can you share little bit of your warmness toward Ao Tian for me? Or give me a chance to taking care of you.” Seeing at Mo Xue Tong back which is slowly going further, Long Ye melancholic eyes filled with bereavement…


“Uh… it hurt…”

“Bao Bei, you endure it little bit.”

Anyone who listened to this kind of conversation, whoever that does not know might thought both of them…

But on surface it is!

Yu Ao Tian is applying medicine on Yao Yao.

She was slapped by Big Boss Lei subordinates few times, so her little face is swollen.

“Bao Bei, what is your secret that you told Big Boss Lei?”

“Secret?” Yao Yao is enduring the hurt of her face, carefully to recall all the things happened inside the warehouse.

“Oh, do you mean words that I said to Big Boss Lei before I left that place?”

Suddenly the hand which is applying medicine stopped, Yu Ao Tian is furrowed his eyebrows: “How many secret words that you tell him before?”

“Hehe, only one. I told him that my father is Luo Tian Ming.”

Very obvious, after he heard Luo Tian Ming this name, Yu Ao Tian eyes filled with sorrow, but only a slight. “Oh? How could you think of it?”

“Didn’t you tell me before, no matter how great the mafias they are still need money, no matter how great the businessman they are still need to consider the government’s people, so that only those people who joined in governmental are the best. My father… although he had passed away. But seeing at Big Boss Lei age at least he might ever heard my father’s name. Besides, my father was the current Prime Minister’s secretary…”


23 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 205 A

  1. Thanks for the update. Eh I thought she told boss Li she’s a virgin. I am getting confused here. Appreciate your efforts and trouble for translating this novel.

    1. Yes.
      Moreover, Big Boss Lei would in trouble if something happen to Yao Yao, since her father was current prime minister’s secretary.
      no matter how, her father still had influence although he passed away years ago

  2. Thank you for this lovely chapter. Poor Long Ye as he only has Mo Xue Tong in his heart while she only see another person 😉 Sweet how YAT is trying his level best to keep YY by his side while she only thinks about running away from him 😂 Yes Long Qi might not get any pairing anytime soon since he only have that limited female around him and all ‘taken’ by his brothers

  3. Yao Yao told Boss Lei that she is a virgin to prove her claim that she’s not YAT woman: she’s thinking no one believes he’s YAT woman if she’s still virgin and also she told him her father is Lou Tian Ming who was the current Prime Minister secretary ( I guess that before he died). I think Prime Minister’s secretary is a consider like a right hand of the Prime Minister hence a high government position. those who are in good grace from the government people are the best…YY really is very smart and quick mind to used the best to get herself out from trouble.

  4. Sometimes I doubt Luo Tian Ming is really her father.. I can’t help thinking it’s really his boss, or rather the current Prime Minister.

    Long Qi and….. no one.
    He’s fated to be “forever alone” like any other 2nd male lead. LOL. I’m so wicked~

    Thankies for the updates!

  5. i am curious abut relationship between Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man!!!
    is ther anything connection? in the end of noble?? are they married or something?

      1. Are their parts coming up soon? I really miss them bickering. Who would put HSL in his proper place besides GXM?

  6. Thank you for your first,i dont really like the story because of YAT attitude,but now i’m captivated by the story!
    Cant wait for all the secret to be open.I hope for YY and YAT happy ending^^..

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