Food : Grand Duck King in Sun Plaza

sorry for the poor quality picture since I took it with mobile phone camera =.=”


Has been super long time not comes up with food post ah~
Last time I have visited of famous Chinese food restaurant in Medan, it has many branches all over Indonesia (even in Medan they have about three branches, if I not mistaken)

My sister took me to have dine-out in Grand Duck King restaurant since she managed to get cheap voucher to eat at there. So this restaurant specialty perhaps cooking duck (from it’s name XD XD XD )

When we were arriving at there, the place packed alike sardines, there were so crowded and not comforting because too loud, too small and too bla bla bla….

1449846799838Our first dish was Roasted Duck
to be honest, this dish tasted as dull as how they served it. They cooked it too tough/hard, hard to chew, little bit salty.


Next we had Stir-fried Green Beans with Belacan
This dish was coming better than how it looked. The green bean tasted delicious combined with the belacan chili paste.


Tofu Claypot with Minced Meat and Salted Fish
The meat tasted alike rubber, little bit salty for the soup.

1449846811026This one I forgot it’s name but also taste not good. This dish alike Chicken black pepper, something like that.

The Paprika tasted raw so that it so crunchy, again the chicken hard to chew, too much black pepper that’s why it made me thirsty so much while eating it.

I am so unpleasant eating at this restaurant, I even complained to my sister how she boasting to me about Grand duck restaurant. My sis told me that when she ate at Cambridge branch, the food were taste so tasty and also well made so she really impressed with it and came back by bringing me to enjoy the food.

Xu Xu, my sister’s friend also said the foods were totally opposite to the Cambridge branch. On our way went home, my sister even joking perhaps because we used cheap eating voucher that’s why they served us “not decent” food.

Well, I think I must visit the Cambridge branch some time. In order to proof what my sis and Xu Xu saying ;p


8 thoughts on “Food : Grand Duck King in Sun Plaza

  1. I think that branch had a bad management or chef. The plating is not like what the grand duck king usually too. It looks messy in your photo.

    Not every branch of famous restaurants in Indonesia are good sadly. 😦 On other chinese restaurants, there are some who rollings their main chef. So sometimes the flavour of their dish is different even though it is on the same place. But at least that restaurant dish quality of each branch is not really bad because it gets controlled regularly by the main chef.

  2. Hi there,

    I have been reading your translation for awhile now and enjoy it every bit. Thanks you for your hard work azurro4cielo. Sorry for hiding in the dark. ;)))

    Sounds like you got rid off. Yes, the duck does not look appetizing and worse they serve it. The last two dishes looks the same and not appetizing as well. The only dish look decent is the green bean.

    I have to comment as I love food and worship eating hence my name Hippo.. hehehe…

  3. Hello ^^.
    I am really surprised you are from Medan because I am from there too! I really like ur translation site. Thank you for your hard work ♡

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