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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 205 B

Chapter 205

Part 2 (Two)

“Bao Bei, I have done applying the medicine.” Yu Ao Tian cut her words off, and turned to keep the medicine box.

Yao Yao is unhappily glaring at him, obviously Yu Ao Tian knew what Yao Yao said to Big Boss Lei, as the result he showed impatience expression, really impolite! “Thank you. I will be back to school.”

“Now is almost evening, there is no class anymore, isn’t it? Go back at tomorrow.”

“Cannot, at night there will be dorm-checking.” But before these words finished, she feels as if she is talking nonsense, Yu Ao Tian is university board director, only by his random calling she might never go to school anymore, someone bossy like him how could he let her off so easily? “Forget it, I decided to stay here.”

“Ha, your brain is moving quite fast. Go, change your dirty dresses.”

“Oh.” Yao Yao takes big stride, going inside the bedroom.

Her eyes swept this comfortable bedroom; she never thought that Yu Ao Tian would bring her to here.

Now they are staying at Yu Ao Tian’s most ordinary yet simplest and smallest apartment.

After she is taking off her dresses, she just reacted: “After I taking off my dresses, what must I wear? “Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian!”


When the bedroom door is opened, Yao Yao as if an arrow rushing to shut the door at let him stays outside: “I, what should I wear?”

“You open the door, I will take it for you.”

“You tell me where you put it, I will take it by myself.”

“Open the door!” outside the door, Yu Ao Tian is shouting loudly.

Yao Yao unhappily frowning, this rotten bastard, always be so bossy! Putting herself a quilt: “You come in.”

When the door is opened, Yu Ao Tian eyes swept on petite figure who is hiding and covered her body until only her head is showing up, he smiles deviously: “Huh, you act as if I never seen you before? Really deceiving yourself.”

That white face turned to be beet red, she is embarrassed, lowering her head and titled aside.

“Wear this.”

One white shirt is tossing at her head, at the times when she gains herself, Yu Ao Tian has already left the room.

Wearing that shirt, she is standing in front of mirror and moving… “Yu Ao Tian, Yu Ao Tian!” she is running to living room: “Your shirt is too big.”

Yu Ao Tian who is sitting in sofa raises his head, his eyes swept at Yao Yao who standing in front of him.

White shirt on her body looks as if long dresses, the bottom of the shirt is covered her thigh, tightly covered her little butt.

Although Yao Yao height only 150cm something, but she absolutely has hot body figure, exposing her slender beautiful legs really give particularly attracting atmosphere for people who see it.

From the top, her bra is faintly discernible through the shirt, that broad and big size of collar shirt is exposing her sexy collar bone. Moreover matching with her innocent face…

This is first time for Yu Ao Tian to feel little girl with innocent look can be seen so sexy! But pity…

This little thing who looks alike little girl not understands and she even restless, trying to swing the shirt long sleeves.

“Bao Bei, are you trying to seduce me?” Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, not waiting her to react he has already pulled her to his embrace.


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 205 B

  1. Aww, this is the first time Yu Ao Tian consider her sexy tho innocent looking. I think this is the beginning that their relationship getting mature, as usual thank you for your daily update.

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