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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 206 A

Chapter 206

Part 1 (One)

Only separating by thin material, her back is tightly stick with him, she even could feel his chest strong outline and also his chest temperature.

“You let me go.” Feeling awkward and embarrassed she bites her lips, Yao Yao still pulling the shirt, so that her panty won’t show up.

However she only taking cares the below but not taking care the upper.

Once the shirt pulled, that big collar shirt has down for few inches.

Due to Yu Ao Tian position, he is able to see her not so deep cleavages.

Damn! It is clearly there is nothing to be “seen” but somewhat he is already being seduced.

His adam apple is moving, Yu Ao Tian’s mouth is curved upwards, provoking him: “Bao Bei, do we need to do something?”

The man is blowing hot breathe to her earlobe, drew ripple, that intoxicating low deep voice is whispered and turned the room atmosphere to be so awkward and ambiguous. “I, I am going to cook.”

Cook? Hah, her cooking skill he has tried out before, besides that now he wants… “Now I want to eat you!” he circles his hands to her waist.

“Uh.” Her face is burning hot, difficult to resist and frowning: “Don’t…”

“Who asked you to wear this and seduce me?” his big hands unruly.

“This, this shirt is given by you.”

“En? Still dare to talkback?” Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes: “You can choose not to wear it.”

Not wear? Doesn’t it mean more dangerous?

When she feels his big hand is moving to her below part, faster she stopped him: “I, my that one is coming.”

That burn hot eyes suddenly dim, his expression is clearly showing how unhappy he is, but at another minute… “Aiya, you are really dampened the mood. But if I found out you are lying to me, Bao Bei, you must know the consequence?”

“Uh…” her heart is tighten, won’t Yu Ao Tian remember last time her last period, right? “I, I don’t lie to you.”

“Are you sure? Bao Bei, so that within one month you can have twice that, really awesome.”

Unexpectedly he remembered! Knowing her lies already get exposed, Yao Yao only can choose to keep silent.

Yu Ao Tian turned and changed her position, sneered: “It seems, I have idea to make real your lies. Ckckck, but what kind of way to make it become real?”

Lies become reality? Doesn’t he really asking her to bleed? Other than that way, there is…” “Next time, I won’t be dare to lie to you, you let me off this time, okay?”

“Well, don’t you think something to make me happy?”

Makes him happy? Yao Yao looks in difficulty furrowing her eyebrow: “I, I know.”

Yu Ao Tian smiles satisfied, but who knows…

“Can’t see your dazing self, can’t guess your face expression, when winds blowing, a dream…”

Suddenly Yao Yao is singing.

“What are you doing?”

“I am singing to coax you happy ah.”

Seeing her difficulty expression on her small face, Yu Ao Tian really wanted to pull her and strangle her to death: “Little thing, are you pretending dumb?”


6 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 206 A

  1. When YY n YAT do reconciled, they are really cute together. YAT has never been patient with any of his women but he is very patient with YY even though his mood swing faster than the swing in the part itself.

    Thank you Azzuro for the chapter. I guess we are one third into the novel now??

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