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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 206 B

Chapter 206

Part 2 (Two)

He has grabbed her little hand and put it into his below part. “Ah!” Although it still touching his pant, but she has already felt “that manhood thing” arouse. She shocked with her little hand, feeling embarrassed she hurried hides her face, lowering her head.

“Use your hand.”

“I, I can’t!”

“Use your mouth then!” From the way of Yu Ao Tian speaking, he sounded impatience and rushing.

After all he is not an innocent man, an additional he hasn’t able “to eat” this sexy little thing so that he is so certain later it would become more difficult for him to control his desires toward her.

“I, I understand.” Yao Yao is biting her lips, from his body she climbs down, her hands are trembling…

Cannot! She really can’t do it!

Although both of them are doing countless intimate things, but every times always Yu Ao Tian who is taking initiatives, now asking her to take an initiatives, she really can’t do it.

“Uh.” Yu Ao Tian let out single words proven he feels comfortable.

But Yao Yao is frighten turning to see him, but she really can’t avoid the touching moreover Yu Ao Tian’s big hand is guiding her to do.

Slowly, her hands feel numb: “Still, still need how long?”

As information, man most hatred is being asked by woman about this thing. Yu Ao Tian pulled her up to his big legs…

Feeling that manhood, she restless, keeps moving: “You, what do you want to do?”

“Aren’t you in rush? This perhaps will make it be faster!” after said, Yu Ao Tian puts her up higher, one of his hand is taking off her panties and tossed it aside.

“Don’t! Don’t!” Yao Yao is showing scared expression. Without her thin cloth (panties), she could feel that so…

“Don’t recklessly make a move, careful… it will get inside.”

Listening to Yu Ao Tian, she really not dare to make moves, something like this game isn’t first time playing by them, so that she stills able to believe on Yu Ao Tian.

Slowly, Yu Ao Tian could control himself, she moves to and fro, anxiously breathing, her cold sweat even flowing down from her forehead.

“Wait. En…” this kind of touching, For Yu Ao Tian isn’t something satisfying, but for Yao Yao it is something that she unimagined kinds of provocation. She clearly could feel her own reaction, embarrassed, she lowering her head down.

“En? Only by this you have already reacted? Do you want to move little bit closer? He speaks with deep low voice which so seducing.

“No need, don’t want.”

Seeing her anxious expression, Yu Ao Tian is smiling to himself, he counts, both of them have been together quite long little bit, but until today he hasn’t done the last step. That time he never thought about it but now after he recalled his uncontrolled desires, he really big loser!



7 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 206 B

  1. OMG …..I think finally he woud do somthing ….he will rape her …he cant control himself…i hope somthing like that wont happend!!!!

  2. I don’t think he will do the last step until YY is ready and willingly do it with him…I think he is waiting for that time to come and it would get harder for him to control himself if he doesn’t have other woman.

  3. I agree with May too. YAT is not the type who force himself on women. Mostly women come on towards him, he do not have to do anything but with YY will be the same too. He maybe out of control of his desire for YY but he will not force himself onto him because it is not him. Come to think of it YAT has never been a very patient man but where YY is concern he learn to become a saint…hahahahha….

    Thank you for translating this steamy scene between YAT n YY…

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