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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 207 A


Can you guess?

Yu Ao Tian is growing attachment toward Yao Yao, now he is being so over protective.

Long Qi is going to study at University. This all thanks to Yu Ao Tian.

Chapter 207

Part 1 (One)

Dawn, a sky with a faint strand of sun illuminating at the soft bed, Yu Ao Tian is blinking his eyes, moving his long eyelashes, flipping his body as if wanting to cuddle on something, yet he found out beside him is empty.

At sudden he opens his eyes, where is little thing? He takes his shirt and walking to living room.

At sudden, the bathroom door is open, Yao Yao smiles sweetly: “You awake? I am going to school, bye bye.”



His cold pair of eyes is measuring this little girl who is standing in front of him, she is wearing plain dresses, nothing is more than ordinary she ties her hair in ponytail style, on the other hand she looks more innocent, so cute, no wonder there are lot boys at university who write love letter to her! “Pony tail is too ugly. Untie it.”

“It is okay, convenient.”

Convenient? This is nothing with convenient! Yu Ao Tian face is darker, he straightforwardly untied her pony tail.

“Hey, what are you doing? It pained me!”

An instant the black hair fall scatter, finally on this way she won’t have that so innocent look anymore, but…still this damn look really able to make one’s self to be impulsive to bully her? “En, this is much better.”

Yao Yao is unhappily rolled her eyes, before he never cares how she dressing, but why now he is starting to pay attention to this thing?

“I take my leave!” after said, she turned and left the room.

When Yu Ao Tian just wants to get into the bathroom, suddenly something pop out in his mind… “Cannot!” hurried he takes out his mobile phone…

“Wo Kao, not mistaken, Ao Tian, I just have been dreaming to hit BOSS.”

“Hit what BOSS ah, every day you are only knew playing games!”

“Ugh, what is happened?”

“Hehe, it is.” After he gained himself, immediately Yu Ao Tian speaks so gentle: “You know that I always see you as my younger brother too, older brother me yesterday dreamt, I dreamt about many things in the past which we experienced together, after I have thought carefully…me as you’re your older brother really feel guilty toward you.”

Long Qi who is at the other sides of phone call, after he heard the speaking tone of Yu Ao Tian, he could feel his head almost to explode, an instant he not even feel sleepy anymore: “Hahahaha, Ao… Brother Ao Tian, did I… did I so mistake? Can you stop act like this… can’t you? I… I do feel little bit afraid.”

“What are you afraid of? I just speak honestly from deep inside my heart. You see, since the day you followed us, you are never going to school anymore, am I right?”

Yu Ao Tian has few of confides, others than Han Li Shang who gets high education, the rest of them are self-learning.

Once Long Qi heard, more he listen more he feels odd, rolled his eyes: “Brother Ao Tian, Don’t…don’t you have something to ask me to do? You rest assured, I won’t avoid it even die for it!”

“En, I have your words I feel much assured, but, brother won’t let you to suffer for hardship.” He smiles, slowly said: “You see, now you are at same age with Yao Yao? Just in time, you are also at the age to go to university, I will… definitely send! YOU! TO! UNIVERSITY!”

“Ah? University, you killed me better, Ao Tian!” 2 years ago Yu Ao Tian was asking him to take security manager position, he has insisted himself to take the position, now asking him to go for study, simply to say it is suffering than death.

“I have made decision, you don’t have any option!” at sudden, Yu Ao Tian face is dimmer, straightly he hung up the phone call…



13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 207 A

  1. What you did they do it? I guess Long Qi will be YY bodyguard in the University. YAT is very protective of YY. Thanks with grateful heart, have a wonderful blessed evening.

  2. Ha ha. Poor LQ. From security manager to bodyguard and going to Uni. Thanks for the update. Didn’t know YAT is so endearing.

  3. Hahahaha !!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor LQ LOL now you going to have to deal with all those crazy college girls and having to protect YY and having to deal with AT

  4. Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 LQ’s reaction to YAT being nice is so funny 😂 he’s gonna like being around YY tho😏😏 thanks for ur hard work once again 😘😘

  5. I don’t know..
    But I have a feeling Yu Ao Tian will realize he just did something like shooting a bullet on his own foot by sending Long Qi to the university with Luo Yao Yao. Hahahaha!

    Thankies for the update!

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