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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 207 B

Long Qi

Chapter 207

Part 2 (Two)


The bell is ringing, time to get into the class, start a new lesson, every times at this time, Yao Yao will be so excitedly, perhaps this is the scariest side of her as a top student (book worm)?

“My beloved, yesterday you…”

Seeing Gong Xiao Man who is slowly sitting at her sides, this time she gained herself: “Sorry, I am sorry Xiao Man, actually yesterday I was fine. But… but I didn’t back to dorm, I forgot to tell you that I was fine.”

“It is okay, as long as you are safe, it is okay.” Gong Xiao Man takes long breathe, only heaven knows that she really not able to sleep yesterday.

“Fellow classmates, now, I would like to introduce the temporary student.” The homeroom teacher has already stood in front of the teaching stage, looking at all the students and then clapping his hands: “Come, come in.”

All of the students are looking at the entrance door, as seen… a man with leisure clothes who looks unhappily lower his head coming inside the classroom.

“HeHe, this student is named Long Qi.”

“Long Qi!” the person who sits on the in front row is Yao Yao, her eyes is opened wide glaring. By the time that man raises his head, her little face instantly dim, really is Long Qi…

“Come, Long Qi, introduced yourself to everyone.”

Long Qi eyes swept the smiling face of the homeroom teacher, his eyesight is clearly showed… damn F your M introduce self!

If not because Yu Ao Tian has warned him not to fight with teachers, he really hates this kind of sissy-type teacher and wants to give him two punches.

“Hi everyone!” He is angry but no energy to speak.

The female students inside the class suddenly look alike blooming flowers: “Very handsome boy.”

“Really have character.”

“Yes ah.”

“Long Qi, you look for the empty seat and sit down.” Said the homeroom teacher, most of the female students are initiatives to let him sit at their side empty seat.

Yao Yao is nervously, lowers her head, pretending not know him! Pretending not know him!

But who knows, Long Qi footstep is stopped at her sides: “Hey, flat chest, give me place to sit.”


More she afraid of something more that something will happen, why Long Qi must call her in such way? The next four years beautiful university life seems be vanished.

Hopeless close her eyes, she not even dares to see other fellow students eyesight, stiffly she moves closer to Gong Xiao Man’s side.

Long Qi, “peng” it is sound of his bag that he tossed at table, and directly sits down.

“Long Qi, you have good position as manager, why must you come to university?”

Geez, he also wanted to know why!


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 207 B

  1. Poor Long Qi…lol, but why on earth he called her flat chest inside the class?? I think it will be a hilarious adventure while Long Qi is in university.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Hope that LQ will be able to get thorugh Uni without any major accidents. Poor LQ. Wonder if YAT will show up as the substitute teacher again.

  3. Poor Long Qi 😂😂😂😂. btw u from jakarta ? Me too.salam kenal azzuro. Terima kasih buat translatenya. U make me crazy sis, i read from chapter 1, start yestesday 10pm until now. No sleep at all!!! Wondering when YY and YAT do that scene.hehhe.

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