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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 4.2

Chapter 4

Part 2 (Two)

The Most hateful Mo Mo gege

Few years ago the commodity prices quite low, normally five cents able to buy one Jin* biscuit with animal character, while this little box biscuit is priced 2 dollars, indeed more expensive compare to the other biscuits. Su Zhan Mo looked at his pocket, realized that he only has five cents, it was the pocket money which given by mother Su for him, he frowned and asked: “Aunty, today I don’t take enough money, can I come to buy tomorrow?”
*一 yi 斤 jin :weight that equal to half kg or 0.6/600gr (tw measurement)

At this time, the shopkeeper just found out this little boy is coming here by himself, not brings his parent together. Although the shopkeeper looked lacking of interest but still smile and said: “It is okay, little fellow be careful when going home!”

Just like this little fellow Su Zhan Mo going home, when at home he brings his little piggy bank out and takes out all his saving, he pulls open the plastic cover from the piggy bank stomach, takes out all the money.

“Mo Mo, you don’t do your homework, what are you doing now?” mother Su just finished cooking, she has served it on the table, she sees that her son sitting on his little bed with coins money from the piggy bank.

“Mother I am counting money!”

“Counting money? Why? Do you want to buy something?” Mother Su asked her own son who is so frugal, does not like to spend money recklessly, normally all the pocket money will be saved to the piggy bank. But for the first time seeing him counting money, he is definitely wants to buy something.

“Little bears biscuit!”

“Biscuit? … for Qi Qi that little girl, is it?” Mother Su furrowed her brows for while and then smiles, she uses her fingers to point at Su Zhan Mo’s head, laughing and teasing him.


“Why suddenly you want to buy biscuits for Qi Qi? Did you do something bad and make her crying?” mother Su knows well her own son, as long as he made Qi Qi that little girl crying, he will definitely trying to think many ways to make up. Perhaps her own son may make Qi Qi crying this time.

“I had thrown her chocolate and spoon to trash bin!”

“Chocolate? Why?” mother Su curiously asked.

“Tooth decay.”

“How was about the spoon?”

“Falling to the floor not hygienic anymore!” seeing how her son elaborating the reason, mother Su really speechless…how can she feels that at sudden her son has grown up? Not even has consideration…

Later on when mother Su has done with dinner, she rides motorbike and brings Su Zhan Mo to the department store. Before the closing time, she bought two boxes little bear biscuits and also one new beautiful little spoon.

The second days, Su Zhan Mo takes two lunch boxes happily go to school. One of the reasons is because Su Zhan Mo request has fulfilled by mother Su last night.

It is not easy for him to endure until afternoon. After he had his lunch, he uses his rest time to send the lunch boxes to the in front of the iron fence. Just expected to wee An Jia Qi happily sitting on the wooden horse with that little boy who named Xiao Hu, both of them are playing together.

“Qi Qi.”

An Jia Qi turned to take a look, that is Mo Mo gege, but once she thought what happened yesterday, he took all her chocolates, she pouting her mouth and ignore him. Humph…the most hateful Mo Mo gege.

“Qi Qi, your brother comes bringing the lunch. Hurry we go there to eat…” once Xiao Hu looked Su Zhan Mo, precisely looking at the lunch boxes in his hand, swaying in front of his eyes.

“Not going, Qi Qi is still angry!” An Jia Qi heart is little bit moved, but she is trying hard to turned back not to see at Su Zhan Mo.

“Qi Qi quickly sees, your brother hand carrying doesn’t that little bear biscuits that sell by the department store?” Xiao Hu is screaming looking at Su Zhan Mo who suddenly takes out one beautiful packaging of biscuit.

Hearing Xiao Hu shouting with surprised, this time Qi Qi is turning back to see Su Zhan Mo’s hand, it really has one beautiful little bear biscuits packaging, immediately she has forgotten about her anger as if cloud blowing by wind. She faster gets down from the wooden horse and rushing to the iron fence.

“Mo Mo gege, what it is?”

“It is little bear biscuits.”

“Is it for me to eat?”

“After finished the lunch you are allowed to eat it!”

“Okay, now I feel so hungry… faster open the lunch box!”

An Jia Qi who does not have any standpoint, so easy gets bribe by little bear biscuits. Her eyes is blinking brightly looking at Su Zhan Mo who puts down the little bear biscuits in the floor, she eats mouthful her lunch including the green vegetable that she does not like. Regarding the fellow Xiao Hu, he quite enjoying his love lunch made by mother An. Of course he is not treated as good as An Jia Qi, basically when An Jia Qi eats few times he only eats one spoonful of food. But, little fellow Xiao Hu does not care about it, as long as he gets to eat.

Very fast two little fellow friends finished the lunch. The rounded little stomach of two little kid is looking with high expectations toward Su Zhan Mo.

“Drink the water.” Su Zhan Mo hands over the bottle of water with straw to An Jia Qi. And then his hand is wiping An Jia Qi’s mouth with clean handkerchief. But little fellow Xiao Hu does not have this treatment, Su Zhan Mo only gives him a piece of tissue paper, let him to wipe his mouth by himself.

Finally after waiting Su Zhan Mo to keep the lunch box, he takes out that beautiful packaging biscuits. Both of An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu eyes are shining brightly.

“After eating lunch cannot eat too much snack or else it will retain on stomach.” Su Zhan Mo is especially looking at Xiao Hu, speak seriously. Su Zhan Mo feels that Xiao Hu is eating too much so that his stomach is big and rounded.

“Okay.” An Jia Qi nodding her head.

So that Su Zhan Mo is torn the packaging, takes out the biscuits and gives it to An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu, three pieces each person.

“Only can eat three pieces, the rest will be eaten tomorrow, today both of you have eaten too much.” The two kids are looking with their pity eyes, he calmly to keep the rest of the biscuit into it’s box packaging.

Well… whatever at least stills able to eat the biscuit… An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are two little kids who are foodie to simply say. When they are seeing Su Zhan Mo left, both of them are happily running and playing.

Finally it is Friday, Lan Tian kindergarten is fully filled with student parents who coming to take their children. Since mother An and father An get off little bit late than the time of Lan Tian kindergarten, so that when all the student are picking by their parent, An Jia Qi is left alone sitting in the wooden horse inside the Lan Tian kindergarten, her eyes filled with expectation looking at the big gate of Lan Tian kindergarten. That time, mobile phone hasn’t exist, only BB call, while mother An and father An working place’s phone no one pick. Because of that the teacher of Lan Tian kindergarten also cannot go home and keep on accompanying An Jia Qi who is crying at beside, comforting her.

“Teacher Xiao Li, does my mother not want me anymore? Woah….”

“Don’t cry… how can An Jia Qi’s mother does not want Qi Qi? Qi Qi is so beautiful and cute, she just hasn’t left work, let teacher accompany you to wait, okay? Come, teacher accompany you to play wooden horse.”

Teacher Xiao Li is An Jia Qi homeroom teacher, she is young and also gentle, all the kids in Lan Tian kindergarten like her.

Four o’clock in the afternoon the student of elementary school is dismissed, while the elementary school at the next door is ended on four thirty. When the bell is ringing, Su Zhan Mo is hurried to keep all books into his bag, and then he is running to the kindergarten that next to his school, just expected An Jia Qi is sitting in the wooden horse, staring blankly to the ground. He knows that father An and mother An are finished work at five o’clock, so that no one will able to pick An Jia Qi on time.

“Qi Qi.” The kindergarten teacher is the first who lifts up her head, looking at Su Zhan Mo who is slowly walking inside the kindergarten, at sudden her eyes shining brightly, this is the little boy who is everyday sending lunch for An Jia Qi? His coming just at right time, if she really needs to wait she does not know how long she be able to comfort An Jia Qi. She is happily standing up, welcoming Su Zhan Mo to come in.

An Jia Qi lifts her head up to see Su Zhan Mo who is slowly walking toward her, her tears flowing down.

“Mo Mo gege, father and mother don’t want Qi Qi anymore.”

“Impossible, Father An everyday is cooking delicious food for you.” Su Zhan Mo is showing his hand bag and swinging it in front of An Jia Qi.

“But, all the friends are already being picked up by their parent, only me still in here.”

“Does Qi Qi forget? Father An and Mother An are getting off from work at five.” He said by pointing the watch which hanging in the kindergarten wall, Qi Qi see.

“You see, now is four o’clock, not yet five.”

An Jia Qi wipes her tears and looking at the clock, seriously asking Su Zhan Mo: “Mo Mo gege, when the short pointer point at five?”

“Waiting until Qi Qi has played all the toys in kindergarten they will come!”


“En, let Mo Mo gege accompany you playing!”


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