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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 208 A

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Chapter 208

Part 1 (One)

After Yu Ao Tian hung up the phone call, Long Qi hurriedly changed his clothes and went to beg on Yu Ao Tian so that he would change his mind, but who knew…

Yu Ao Tian even said, “Today the boys at the university are really willful. Last time during class, there was a person who even dared to send a letter. That was a love letter.” So that’s why, he was thinking Long Qi could go there to chase away all those bad boys besides Yao Yao.

The problem is Long Qi really curses at MF Yu Ao Tian for asking him. At least, the university students are already 19 years old-something and that was only a love letter. Just so you know when Yu Ao Tian was 14 years old, he already slept with a girl, so who is wilder?

“Ao Tian is afraid of you becoming a red apricot tree that leans over the garden wall* so he asked me to keep monitoring you!” (*This means Yu Ao Tian is afraid Yao Yao might have an affair at school.)

Yao Yao glances left and right and with a very low voice asks, “Can’t you speak with a lower tone?”

“Cut it off… If not because of you being so restless, why must I suffer this hardship?”

This is none of her business, how could she be restless? Yao Yao just wants to debate with Long Qi, who knew he already fell asleep on the table.

The bell rings, one study session has ended but Long Qi is still sleeping.

Yao Yao helplessly shakes her head, as expected he is too naughty and mischievous!

“Hey, hey, hey, little brat!” At this time, few of the male students are surrounding Long Qi. They look so rude hitting the table.

“MF!” Suddenly Long Qi wakes up. “What?” he roared as he was pissed off at them.

“Who asks you to sit beside Luo Yao Yao?”

Isn’t this none of her business? Yao Yao with an unbelievable expression, exchanges look with Gong Xiao Man, and then looks back at those men with a dumbfounded face.

“I sit beside whomever I like. Do I need to ask you guys’ for permission? Cih, don’t mention that I sit beside her. Even if I do ** with her, that is none of your business!”

Suddenly, all the focus and stares went to Yao Yao.

Her small face is red. MF, did Yu Ao Tian asked Long Qi to come and torment her? “Hahahaha, fellow classmates, Long Qi… actually he is my best friend.”

“En? Best friend?” These few men are clearly feeling sour after hearing it, but it’s Yao Yao who said it, so they don’t know what to do. Unhappily, they glare at Long Qi. “Looking at Yao Yao’s face, we will let you off this time. Next time, you better be well-mannered or you will suffer!”

“What? You guys, say it to me once again.” Long Qi’s face is darker and he stood up.

Seeing the situation is not good, Yao Yao pulls his sleeves. “Long Qi, forget it, I beg you.”

Very unhappy, his fists were clenched tightly but he sits back to his seat expressionlessly, while those few men are leaving.

“Say, flat chest, just expected you are really restless. No wonder Ao Tian would call me to come here!”

Long Qi is smiling deviously, but his eyes are showing sarcasm towards her.

Heaven, who can give her a knife ah!

For the next study sessions, Long Qi spends the time lying down on the table. For Yao Yao, this is perhaps the best result she could have.

“Yao Yao, actually Long Qi isn’t bad.”


Gong Xiao Man smiles sweetly, she moves closer to Yao Yao. “Yesterday after you got kidnapped, I could not reach Yu Ao Tian’s phone, so I called him. Once he heard you were kidnapped, he sounded quite in panic. Although today I have seen him, realizing he is a bit unruly, but I need to say that yesterday he was really worried about you. That wasn’t fake.”

“Long Qi indeed is very good, this point, I understood.”

“He, the most important thing is, he and you quite match yo…”

Xiao Man this… why is she acting up again? Simply to say, she is going crazy!

“Ring…” (bell sound)

The bell of the last study session is ringing. But this time… Suddenly the Long Qi who was lying down like a corpse suddenly wakes up and straightens his posture. His eyes are even opened wide. Yao Yao who is beside him is quite surprised. “Long Qi, are you okay?”

“Sst, don’t speak. On this study session, be quiet and wait for the teacher.”

Does he still know this time is the last study session? But why for the last three study sessions, he was lying down on the table? The most strange thing is, why is he acting so contrary on this fourth study session?

While Yao Yao is still wondering about Long Qi, suddenly…



My translation pace will go slowly for this moment because I will super busy with my work. I will try my best to manage my time, trying to give all you daily translation up dates, but still I can’t promise to post so often as I did before.



30 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 208 A

  1. Hahaha I think I know why he’s acting like this now…maybe YAT will be the teacher for the next study session 😂 at least I hope so nd thanks for ur hard work nd good luck wid ur work😘😘👍

  2. Thanks for your hard work. Enjoying the YY, YAT, and QL interactions! I am guessing YAT will be the teacher. We been spoil with your speedy updates😃😃😃😃. I do appreciate any time you can spare with translating this. Thank you

      1. I am glad to read that you finally found another job. Cheer Azurro.

        Thanking you so very much for all the speedy translations that you given to us. All the best to your current employment. 😀

  3. its good to have a friend that you can rely on but at the same time it can be an obstacles, 24/7 he is guarding you like Long Qi. No freedom to roam around. I can assume it is teacher Qi will be the next. im really grateful for your hard work. Have a wonderful blessed day at work.

  4. Thanks. Agree. We have been totally spoiled by the daily updates. Well, take care and all the best in juggling. LQ and YY are like brother and sister.

  5. Thank you azurro4cielo for your hard work in your translations. Truly appreciate it. Good luck with your work. We understand that and will look forward to your updates whenever you can. And thank you for the spoiler on YAT proposing to YY. That would be very interesting

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