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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 208 C

This chapter is filled with steamy scenes…
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 Chapter 208

Part 3 (Three)

She could feel her heart tighten, Yao Yao is completely dumbstruck, and what is Yu Ao Tian doing? What is he thinking of doing in a classroom?

“Oh? Is there any question that Luo Yao Yao does not understand?”

Suddenly, Yu Ao Tian is saying these words. She is sweating. When did she ask a question that she doesn’t understand?

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian is already beside Yao Yao, bending down his body. His pair of hands is wrapping around that petite body. However, he made it seem as if his eyes are seriously looking at the book on the table.

“You, what do you want to do?” She’s afraid her fellow classmates would find something fishy so she hurriedly moves her body and asked with a low voice.

Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes is gleaming. His head moves closer and almost sticking to her ear, he lightly said, “Make a guess.”

His warm breath spreads to her ear, while one of his big hands slides down inside through the shirt collar…

He, what is he doing?

Although there’s no other student sitting in the last row, but if a student turns around, that student might be able to see what they are doing. Simply to put, Yu Ao Tian is crazy!

She panics and stops his big hand. “Don’t be like this!”

“Sst. Bao Bei, do you want to let your fellow classmates found out what we are doing?”

Rotten bastard, Yu Ao Tian really dares to do anything. She restlessly looks at her fellow classmates. If she keeps being stubborn with him, she’s afraid his big hand will keep moving but if she lets him go, he will be more brazen and there is also a possibility that he doesn’t have any intention at all to give up on this interest.

Yao Yao only has this chance so she moves her small hands away.

But Yu Ao Tian is someone who won’t give up if he hasn’t reached his goal, how would he let her off this easy?

That hot big hand is caressing her neck and collar bone. His fingers are moving and teasing her.

Being teased by Yu Ao Tian, she feels so embarrassed but because she is so anxious, she even becomes more sensitive.

“Bao Bei, do you feel the thrill?”

“I…” When she lets out one word, immediately Yao Yao covers her mouth with her hands. No matter how low her voice is, she’s afraid her classmate might turn around. Nervously, Yao Yao shakes her head, while her face is already beet red. Her breathing becomes heavier.

Yu Ao Tian is a weirdo, lustful demon! Inside the classroom, he dares to provoke her openly! Rotten bastard! Rotten bastard!

But she also blames herself for not being brave enough and not being able to control her response. Feeling so embarrassed, she covers her face with hands.

“Bao Bei, you are becoming more excited.”

She knows that she could not keep pace with his teasing.

Cannot. This time she must endure. This time Yu Ao Tian is intending to make her compromise by teasing her, but she really does not want to go back to that bird cage!

All of the sudden, Yu Ao Tian is smiling deviously. Slowly, his lips move closer to her sensitive ear and suck it.

“Humph.” She hurriedly covers her mouth. Her tears are flowing down.

But there is no hint that Yu Ao Tian will let her off easily.


If he keeps on going, he will… “I’ll go back to stay at home.”

“Very good.” He takes out his hand and suddenly kisses her forehead.


At this time the bell is ringing, the study session has ended.

Looking at Yu Ao Tian’s devil face, she starts to hate herself. If she could have only endured until the study session ended! Yu Ao Tian is a rotten bastard, a devil, a demon, and the domineering king of evil!

“Yao Yao, where is Yu Ao Tian?” During the afternoon rest time, Gong Xiao Man is curiously asking her.

“He has already gone back to his company.”

“Oh, he seems quite free. Still coming everyday to see you even for just a moment?”

Heh, later on, he won’t be coming because…

Today she is going back to the “Bird Cage” to stay there again. Huhhuhu…


29 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 208 C

  1. Thanks again for your hard work. YAT is really a bully, won’t stop until she surrendered. He wants her home, to fulfill her duty as lover or companion. He is really a pervert. Looking forward for the next. Have a blessed wonderful day and peace upon you.

    1. He might pervert. but this time his purpose to ask Yao Yao stays because he wants to spend more time with her. three years can be short and long, moreover he perhaps losing his confident that he might able to make her falls for him.

      1. I am confused how long YAT and YY are together… they met again after their first meeting 2 years ago. At this point, they still speak of the contract as 3 years to go, so only been a few months? Seems like much longer than that!

  2. Thanks for the update. Can’t imagine YAT misses YY so much that he has to resort such measures so that she will move back to his house.

      1. i can kind of guess that YAT is going to misunderstand YY again and she will not be able to control anymore and leave him. Right ?

  3. i just saw that you were looking for grammatical checker maybe i can help you with that.
    because english is my first language but i can only check for english because i know nothing about chinese language if you still need help tell me anytime. 🙂

  4. Thank you Azurro. I’m excited to find out how their life will be when she goes back to his home.LOL should i say love nest.YAT is a bully to YY but I find it cute how he teases her…

  5. Hahaha. If someone turned around especially if it’s those guys who were fans of Yao Yao, I wonder how it would have turned out. That would be interesting. LOL.

    Thankies for the update~
    I just sent you an email btw. ^ω^

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