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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 A

Chapter 210

Part 1 (One)

Yu Ao Tian looked distracted, frowned: “Damn!”

“You are looking for little girl as your lover, thus you must know this kind of things will happen.” Han Li Shang coldly putting down document which he holding, his face looked so stern.

Just in this moment…

The door is opened, Long Qi is walking with big stride, come in: “Why the atmosphere feels weird? Don’t we are preparing to kill people, right? Hehehe.”

“Kill your dumbass, you just know killing ah!” Long Ye is taking up the document from the table and hit it to Long Qi’s head.

“Long Qi, why are you coming too?” Yu Ao Tian is looking Long Qi with questionable expression.

“Now flat chest and I are classmate, okay? Of course I must come. The important is, these girls wanted to practice at Yao Yao’s house, I have seen her difficult expression so that I told them to come to my house for practice.”

So these groups of people are coming because of Long Qi? “This seems as not your house?”

“So what, I could not take them to our apartment, right?”

This is s true, the apartment where they are living in, so far the first person who ever come, only Yao Yao as outsider. Thought to this, Yu Ao Tian is helplessly patting him: “You go, tell them to be quiet.”

“Oh.” Long Qi is turned his back and left.

At the beginning Yu Ao Tian thought Long Qi went to downstairs, telling them to keep their voices lower, but who knows…

“Ah!” they heard Long Qi wildly shouting.

Inside the study room the atmosphere turned to be strange again, Long Ye is twitching his mouth, looked at iceberg Han Li Shang: “My younger brother is still little boys, I have made my guess things would turn to be like this. Li Shang, you don’t need to say anything.”

To be say, since Lon Qi following Yu Ao Tian and others, he has controlled his childish-self, actually everyone knows that 19 years old boy must go through this kind of life, they know so they feel upset in their heart. Until today, finally Long Qi could find same age fellow friends, this is similar like fish meeting water.

“Forget it, today we called off the work, we are almost crazy better we let those kids off.” Yu Ao Tian is helplessly smiling, he standing up, bringing Long Ye and Han Li Shang go out from room.

When they are at stairs, seeing Long Qi and group of girls making noise, simply to say they are looked more alike having party rather than practicing for performances.

“Uh…” few of girls are looking at stairs: “Yu…Board Director Yu.”

Yao Yao is nervously opened wide her mouth, Yu, Yu Ao Tian how can he go down?

“Long Qi, why is board director Yu could be at your house?”

Help, Long Qi! She is using begging eyesight to look at Long Qi.

“Oh, board director Yu is my older brother’s friend, they are talking about business at upstairs.”

“Hello everyone.” Yu Ao Tian is smiling elegantly.

“Hello Board Director Yu.” All the girls are bowing with respect toward him, Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man also mixed with the group, pretending not knowing about them.

“Long Qi, Long Qi, your older brother is so handsome.”

“Oh yeah, who is that man standing beside your older brother?”

“Who ah, introduce him to us ah.” The girls are whispering asked him.

As seen Gong Xiao Man’s brows are tightly twisted together make one straight lines, with big strides she rushing directly in front of Han Li Shang : “Yo, scoundrel uncle, you are also in here.”

“Scoundrel uncle?” the girls are dumbfounded, they are looking at Gong Xiao Man.

“That is right, all of you don’t look from his handsome appearance, he is actually a scoundrel, last time he touch mine chest.” Gong Xiao Man lets out heavy sighed.

Little girls are still little girls, as they heard, no matter how god looking he is, still gives scary feeling. Those who are admiring Han Li Shang at sudden changes to be fear of him.

“Little girl, you shut your mouth up!”

“Cut your nonsense, you dare to do not dare to admit?”

“You!” every times when Han Li Shang meets Gong Xiao Man, he feels as if he is going to be crazy.

This time, Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye are standing at his right and left side, together both of them whispering at same time: “You are stumbled with little girl, you must know something like this will happen.”

This time three of them are at same boat, no one could say anyone.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 A

  1. Thanks for the update. So hilarious when 3 commented -stumbled on little girl. Things like this happen. Wonder who will LQ be paired with.

  2. Goodness me..I was reading this while in the sky train and can’t control to laugh. People around me are looking weird at me…I guess they thought there’s something wrong on my head…
    Little girls make old man go crazy lol

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