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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 B

Chapter 210

Part 2 (Two)

“Well, Long Qi, you guys go playing, we…”

“Board Director Yu, I have heard regarding about your Berson group’s rumor, how about you telling us about your Berson Group? Is it okay?” one of the girls is suddenly cut off Long Ye’s words and hooked her arm to Yu Ao Tian’s

“Yes, Board Director Yu, I do also want to listen.”

“Me too.” And then all the girls are surrounding Yu Ao Tian.

Seeing this scenery, Long Ye and Han Li Shang are looking each others, when both of them are intending to leave…

“Long Qi’s older brother, you are also stay here, chatting together with us, okay?” stills he is being found out by these few girls and got “caught” by them.

Needless, they are not allowed to leave.

“Yao Yao, CEO Yu gets warm welcoming, don’t you go there to look?” Gong Xiao Man with Yao Yao going to the quiet side.

She glances at sofa which crowded, faintly she smiles: “This is good, don’t you think?” if Yu Ao Tian could fall for one of them, perhaps she could leave him easily.

“Hehe, if the male lead is changed to other person, would you still this calm?”

“En?” curiously she frowned: “Xiao Man, what do you mean?”

“Nothing, I just say if, if, the male lead change to be Qi Lian sunbae, or Long Qi or perhaps…Feng Chen Yi, will you bother with whom of the girl sitting together and chatting?”

Gong Xiao Man really has motives, asking about this question, the result is so obvious, of course…Feng Chen Yi.

Yao Yao is choosing to keep silent.

“You say nothing it is okay, but deep inside your heart you have got the answer already, the person is the one you love now.”

Hahaha, love?

*Perhaps, two years ago when she met Feng Chen Yi, she was avoiding that kind of love, but slowly she able to face it. But, she was able to feel it clearly, toward Feng Chen Yi it was love…somewhat… slowly by slowly, that love turned to be weakening. Perhaps, the weaken love due to the lessen chances meeting him, it would be good if it vanish?*

“Yao Yao, you stay here for while.” After said, Gong Xiao Man is rushing toward the villa’s door: “Hey, Big Uncle, where are you going?”

Han Li Shang stopped his footstep, turned his head coldly looking at her: “Go home!”

“Huh? The feeling being ignored by others, your heart must be feeling sour, right?”

“Doesn’t this all thanks to you? But, I never like being surrounded by people.”

“Oh yeah? Well, are you only like being surrounded by me, aren’t you?”

Seeing her baby face smiling deviously, Han Li Shang helplessly frowned: “You say this thing, why your face is not red?”

“Your face is not red, why must mine red? Big uncle, accompany me talking.”

“Don’t have time!”

“Well… how about if I shouted you are harassed me, you say, will they rushing out from living room?” Gong Xiao Man leaning her body to wall, she is laughing.

That iceberg Han Li Shang looks dimmer and keep silent: “What do you want to talk about?”

“Just talking how many girlfriend you ever had…”
“3 persons.”

Geez, she even thought this big uncle perhaps never had girlfriend, seems he also normal person. “What had you ever done with your ex-girlfriends before?”

“Little girl, you and I are talking about this topic, is this good?”

“Do you have problem?” she is slowly walking in front of Han Li Shang, she smiles deviously asking him: “If you feel embarrassing to answer, I could tell you mine.”

“No need, I don’t have any interest of it.”

Gong Xiao Man is gathering her courage when asking this question, actually Gong Xiao Man isn’t type of girl who looked on her surface, at least she is someone knows herself well, but in front of Han Li Shang this thousand years of iceberg, if she does not take first initiatives how could she melts him?

“If don’t want to know, forget it, geez… I still don’t want to let you know.”

At others side…

*Two years ago she didn’t sure whether she would fall in love with Feng Chen Yi or not when she met him in Japan, so she never had any thought about loving Feng Chen Yi but fate say different things, she was dating him even when they are not couple anymore, she thought she might love him but somewhat after time passes, she could feel that she is not really love him that much as the first time and she thought it would be good if she stops love him.*
That’s why I say Feng Chen Yi’s position might be replaced by Yu Ao Tian gradually in Yao Yao’s heart.


20 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 B

  1. No matter what I can’t pick YAT over FYI. FYI made a big mistake with YY but overall he’s a better person for YY – at least he will not go demonic & be abusive with her whenever the mood strikes. I have to say I can’t understand YY’s character.

    1. I really don’t want to give any spoiler, but really Feng Chen Yi could be demonic than Yu Ao Tian.
      As the chapters go, I do also have ups and downs mood and Feng Chen Yi really one of the worst, if I could say. At least for me.
      Yu also beast and bastard but Feng Chen Yi neither good too.

  2. Personally I prefer YY choose YAT over FCY. Yes, YAT is very moody n go mental when he doesn’t get what he want but he did not promise YY anything.

    As for FCY who so in love with YY as per say, he promised YY he will only love her n no one else but then when he did not get what he wanted from YY, didn’t he go mental by sleeping with another woman to get at YY??!!!…Then blamed it all onto YY for being a prude instead of, admitting he cheated on YY.

    What hurt more? How did he justify any of that??!!

  3. Thankies for these updates~

    Am I misunderstanding things or is Gong Xiao Man admitting to herself that she likes Han Li Shang?

    “If she does not take first initiatives how could she melts him”

    1. She indeed falls in love with him.
      she likes him from the first time.
      At beginning she only thought HLS as funny big uncle, very interesting person, as time goes, she knows he is the person she wants.

      1. I see.
        Seem like older elite guys are the trend these days to many young women. Coincidentally, I just read a blog news update about C-celebs like Zhao Li Ying (Boss & Me) dating a non-showbiz older businessman. But with Han Li Shang’s looks, he’s definitely a catch! LOL.

      2. Zhao is one of my fav C-actress.
        I like her acting but somewhat she also have some negatives gossip for her real-life.
        Personally, I don’t really focus on showbiz gossip except happy things such as marriage, new babies, etc 🙂

  4. I prefer for YY to go single rather than mingle tbh. And just dominate the whole world with her high IQ and with all of the guys and gals that have hurt YY to bow down to her and then to go kill themselves. But thats just my personal opinion.

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