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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 C

Chapter 210

Part 3 (Three)

Yu Ao Tian is forcing himself to mingle with group of girls, but his eyes are looking at Yao Yao, frowned: “Well, time is getting late, don’t all of you need to go home?”

Group of girls are unhappily but seeing the time, they really need to go back: “Well, Board Director Yu, Long Ye ge ge, we take our leave. Long Qi, we go home.”

“En, bye bye.”

The girls are leaving noisily, but one of the girls is patting Yao Yao: “Luo Yao Yao, we are going home. What are you staring blankly for?”

Oh… go home? This is place where she stays, if go, doesn’t it mean that she needs to come back again? “Oh, okay…”

“Aiyo.” At this time, no one knows where she has been before but suddenly Gong Xiao Man just shows up, she touches her stomach: “My stomach is aching, I need go to toilet, all of you go back first, Yao Yao stays here to accompany me.”

“Oh. Well, we won’t wait for you.” All the girls are leaving.

Gong Xiao Man is smiling deviously, blinking her eyes few times, she really does not know whether Gong Xiao Man is helping her or giving her another problem, actually she leaving with group of girls, strolling for while, get home little bit late perhaps good things too.

“Ao Tian, we are also leaving too.” Long Ye and Long Qi are leaving too.

“Me too.” Han Li Shang who keeps sticking by Gong Xiao Man, he thought this just right time to bid good bye with Yu Ao Tian so he hurries to leave.

“CEO Yu, Yao Yao, I also take my leave too.” Gong Xiao Man as seen, she is chasing after Han Li Shang, rushing to him.

“Why Xiao Man looks so in rush?” the low EQ Yao Yao toward human feeling isn’t realized actually her good sister is already… blooming, starting her first love.

The noisy villa finally quiet down, the exhausting Yu Ao Tian is taking rest by sitting and leaning himself to the sofa.

“Are you tired?”

“Of course, talking with group of girls, really to tiring.”

Bullshit, if he really tired by must he act so gently? “You can choose not talking with them.”

“Bao Bei, you are really heartless.” Yu Ao Tian using his hand to support his head, devilish looking at Yao Yao who is standing in front of him.

“There is none my problem?”

“Humph, if they aren’t your classmates, do you think I would be this patience accompanied them?”

“Chen Yi, if you are dislike to go out and playing with my classmates, you don’t need to force yourself.”

“Since I have chosen you, it means I must accept all of you, your circles, no matter how I dislike it, I will always accompany you.”

Long time ago there was someone telling her, if there is a man who loves you, although how dislike and hate him toward your friends, he will be patiently to endure it; because he won’t let you stuck in difficulty.

Days with Feng Chen Yi, indeed he did it.

She ever thought that she might never meet any man in her life time that could make her heart touching, but this time…

Her heart is thumping crazily after she heard what Yu Ao Tian told her.



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