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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 105

Chapter 105

Too Painful

Translated by : Azurro
Proof reading + Edited : Obsidian

“I…” Fei Yan is thinking to herself, how can Ye Che not know?

After all, the peerless talented young lady is crying because of him. Is he making a mistake? Did Fei Yan really do nothing? But where has his Wan Er gone to? What actually happened?

Ye Che is starting to doubt. His hands, which are grabbing Fei Yan’s shoulders, slowly loosen up.

“Where is Wan Er actually gone to?” Under the helpless circumstances, he only sighed.

“Third Young Master, Third Young Madam is missing? How can it be? Fei Yan really said nothing ah!” Seeing Ye Che’s mind-blowing expression, Fei Yan hurriedly grabbed Ye Che’s robe sleeves, asking him.

Ye Che only could stop his sorrowful, silence.

At first he thought Wan Er going missing perhaps has something to do with Fei Yan. He denied Fei Yan is a good person. But at this time when he looks at Fei Yan’s expression, not pretending to be soft, not making things up, and expressing her heart. His heart softens. After all he isn’t someone with a steel-heart. Being able to make Fei Yan to be his closest friend is because he also understands what type of person she is, someone he could favor and happily chat with. To still be able to be such a good girl in the vicissitudes of life shows she is still someone who is worth his trust!

So he should believe Fei Yan one more time!

“Third Young Master, Third Young Madam really is missing because of Fei Yan? Fei Yan really did nothing and also said nothing.” Fei Yan can see Ye Che’s worried and dark tired face. Her heart suddenly feels hurts and also loathing.

The usual Third Young Master is someone who is high-spirited, with immortal good looks, always with the most confident smile. But at this time because Third Young Madam is missing, he looks so soulless. Third Young Madam must be someone special! Or else in these few short days, how could Third Young Master change so drastically to be someone that no one has ever seen before?

Third Young Master must love Third Young Madam very much that he would suspect that Third Young Madam being missing is related to herself. He thinks that Fei Yan is a poisonous girl. He denies his trust in her because Third Young Madam is missing. It naturally becomes that.

But why whenever she thinks about this, she feels like she is suffocating! Is her decision to forget Third Young Master right or not?

But she has told herself to forget him. Why after seeing his familiar face does she still feels pain and is unwilling to part?

Should she set her mind on something that Third Young Master thought about her to face everyone? In his mind she really turned out to be such a poisonous girl?

Heart in pain, immeasurable pain.

Can’t endure. Fei Yan speaks: “Third Young Master is completely in love with Third Young Madam, right! Or else Third Young Master won’t care about having a restless heart.  The usual clear and calm Third Young Master worries so much because of this? And also becoming extremely blind, trying anything when in crisis* [*to turn to any doctor one can find when critically ill (idiom)]. Where is the Third Young Master that Fei Yan knows? No matter how hard things are, the old Third Young Master always can solve it to turn out for the best, right? No matter the type of problem that the old Third Young Master faced, he would not have this soulless expression, wouldn’t he? Must you keep on blaming yourself now that the Third Young Madam is not here?”

Although deep inside her heart she has decided to be a woman who will support Third Young Master, she can’t do it. Once she opens her mouth whatever she said will turn out to be different.


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