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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 D

Here Gong Xiao Man’s time 😦


The luxurious sport car is starting the engine prepare leaving Yu Ao Tian’s villa, but suddenly there is petite figure jump to the center of road.

A brake sound, Han Li Shang is braking immediately to stop the car, by this way, the car is not hitting the petite figure which suddenly showed up.

“Are you seeking for death?”

Needless to say, the person who dares to jump in front of Han Li Shang’s car must be Gong Xiao Man, she is smiling mischievously, taking lead to herself, sitting to the front seat: “Big uncle, sent me to school, thank you.”

He has been taking his lesson and gets used with Gong Xiao Man thick skin, afraid if he does not send her back to school, things will be more troublesome. Helplessly he chooses to keep silent, directly send her back to school.

The sport car is racing faster in street, from the car windows, Gong Xiao Man could not help herself to glance at that cold man.

“Why are you looking at me?” Han Li Shang is asking while keep looking at in front, he used cold tone.

“If you are not looking at me, how could you know that I am looking at you? Why are you looking at me? Perhaps… are you fallen for me?”

Just expected he must not speak.

“Hey, Big Uncle.” Gong Xiao Man does not smile anymore but faintly said: “Are you also treating your ex-girlfriend this coldly?”


“I am asking you a question.”

Still keep quiet.

Gong Xiao Man unhappily frowning: “Is it too difficult for you to talk to me? Am I so hateful for you?” Said Gong Xiao Man, turned back her head to another side.

Han Li Shang eyes swept to the mirror, he could see sadness in her face, helplessly he moving his head: “I always am like this to anyone.”

His words as if healing and bring life from the death, immediately Gong Xiao Man not angry anymore: “That because you are not loving them! I don’t believe, when you are facing the person you really are in love, you still will be acted like this.” At least she had ever witness the cold Feng Chen Yi treated Yao Yao.

It is proven, no matter what kinds of man they are, as long as they are falling in love deeply with the women, they won’t expose any other sides of them in front of that woman.

“Perhaps.” Han Li Shang grimly replied to her.

“Big uncle, you…” the new question has been at her edge of mouth, but Gong Xiao Man gulped it back. Actually she really wanted to ask him, what kind of woman Han Li Shang likes, but she knows, his answers will only gives her pain.

“Arrived.” The car is stopped in front at school gate.

Gong Xiao Man eyes are looking at surrounded, suddenly she feels, why school must be this close from Yao Yao’s house?

“Still not get down?”

“Why are you so in rush to chase me out?”

Helpless, Han Li Shang better keep silent, he turned his head to another sides.

Time is passing by one minutes, two minutes, both of them are keep silent inside the car, both of them are having their own thoughts.

When the sun sets, Gong Xiao Man takes deep breathe, sighed : “Hey, Big uncle.”

Han Li Shang turns his head looking at her: “what?”

“Thank you for today, sending me back to school.” After said, she smiles and slightly probe from her body, her lips is touching Han Li Shang’s cold lips….


Seeing his ugly facial expression for few seconds, Gong Xiao Man laughing: “Don’t be angry, I always act like this every times I thank others.” After said, she faster gets down from the car: “Big uncle, bye bye.” But once she turned her back, at that moment…

Her smiling face is vanished, her small face is beet red but somewhat her eyes is filled with sadness.

What have I done, clearly… this is my…first kiss!



13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 D

  1. now we know how to deal with HLS, to be as thick skinned as possible
    Yao Yao will have a long way to discover YAT’s

    thanks of the update. 🙂
    i wonder if HLS and GXM is relationship is going to be as complicated as YAT and YY.??

  3. Will a day come when we get to read Han Li Shang pursuing for Gong Xiao Man instead? Heehee~

    This is bad, I’m looking forward to their story than Luo Yao YaoXYu Ao Tian’s. LOL.

    Thankies for the update~

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