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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 210 E

This chapter really freshly translated by me, hope you guys don’t mind with my sloppy translation quality. I will back with edited version plus additional chapter, perhaps during my lunch time. (Just let me know the grammatical error and I will change it immediately)

Chapter 210

Part 5 (Five)

The quiet hospital room suddenly raises noise.

“You hurry go, I don’t know anything!” Mother Luo who always appears gently, at sudden she is showing her stubborn nature.

A man who is standing in front of her with difficult expression, said: “Sis…”

“Let me tell you once again, I don’t know anything, later Yao Yao will come, I don’t wish her to meet you!” after Mother Luo spoke, suddenly the door is pushed open.

Yao Yao is blinking her eyes few times she clearly can feel the strange atmosphere inside the room: “Uncle, you are coming back from Australia.” Facing with uncle who she never seen since ten years ago, feels little bit stranger, but she stills politely calling him.

“Yao Yao is already this big.” Uncle expression little bit awkward, he looks difficult and frowned: “I still have things to do, I take my leave. Sis, if you know something you must say, if not… you will put us to death!”

Listened to uncle words before he left, the atmosphere inside the room is getting out of the ordinary for Yao Yao: “Mom, actually… what is happening?”

“Nothing, your uncle if he isn’t showing up, once he showed up things goes wrong!” Every times talking about this little brother, mother Luo really pissed off.

When Father Luo was alive, this little brother was getting in trouble everyday and all were depending to Father Luo solved problems made by him. At least after father Luo passed away, she could feel her little brother is mature little bit. Who knows, when family Luo was in the most difficult times he did racket to left, he also cheated their house and also money, running away to Australia.

“Yao Yao, quickly see your grandpa. He is missed you so much.” Mother Luo is changing the topic.

“Mom… does grandpa still angry because of last time matter?” Yao Yao asked her mother with lower voice. This is her first time coming to hospital after Li Mei Yun came to make commotion last time, first time seeing her grandpa, she really worries of him.

“As you know your grandpa is someone stubborn, he must… but, you are still your grandpa precious little beloved, even though he is sad, but he stills love you, Yao Yao.”

That is right, Grand pa is always this types of person, no matter how what mistakes she did, grandpa is angry in his mouth but in his heart he cares her. While mother is someone always spoil her.

Becoming Luo’s daughter, this is the happiest thing…

“Sis, if you know something you must say, if not… you will put us to death!”

“You will put us to death!”

In point of fact what matter did uncle say to Mother? Moreover he was speaking with heavy and serious tone, he was mentioning something related to die!

Yesterday after she visited her grandpa, Yao Yao wanted to ask regarding about uncle but she knows too well her mother character, if her mother does not want to say there is useless to force her. Seems, she must come to find her uncle and ask him.

“Luo Yao Yao, do you want to practice or not, you hurry go to aula.”

Today is weekend, and also the day for practicing in school. Every group is gathering in aula practicing and waiting for their turn, now it is the time for Amaenaideyo group to use the aula.

“Oh, I know, I will immediately go there.” She puts behind the bad moods, she hurries running to aula.

Push open the door, everyone is gathering and making circle.

Yao Yao is curiously taking a look…

As seen, the person who surrounding by crowd is Feng Ke Xin.

“Ke Xin, are you telling truth, your older brother will coming?”

“Of course, I have begged him for long time. This time all of you will have good sight.”

“So expecting.”

Needless to say, until today, in the class Feng Ke Xin position as Princess won’t be shaken. She uses her self-importance and also her Queen Syndrome nature as pressure; moreover there are no less people in the class who do not know about her background, so that everyone who is talking with her must use respectful tone.

“Well, start the practice.” Feng Ke Xin acts as “Big Sister”, clapping her hands, everyone—-walking toward the stage, practicing according to script.

“Hey, I heard you are Qing Niao Bang’s big sister, aren’t you?” one of the students is playing her role, practicing with Yao Yao.

“That’s right, so what?” Yao Yao is focusing to practice, sloppily she replied.

At this time, that big sister is grabbing Yao Yao’s collar shirt: “You are so arrogant, aren’t you?”

“Heh, I have been always acting like this. So what? Is it matter for you?”

“Well, very well today, I want to see how awesome big sister from Qing Niao group!” after said that student who is acting, lift up her hand highly, she gives a slap to Yao Yao’s face.

But this slap is so light so it won’t hurt Yao Yao.

“You dare to slap me?”

According to the script, the next scene, two scoundrel groups must fight. But…

“Wait, stop for moment!” Feng Ke Xin suddenly speaks up.


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      1. Even YAT may find out the FCY is YY’s ex but that was the past…also the first time YAT n YY met, YY had mentioned that her bf cheated on her to YAT…

        How did GXM fall for HLS? Kind of funny how she like to provoke HLS and ended up falling in love with him..

  1. I hope FKX will not used her role to bully YY. You think Mrs Lou will tell his bro in law what really happen to her husband or YY. How he died and also about fire 13 yrs ago. Thanks again I’m really grateful. My husband and I on vacation here in Philippines for 5 mos. Reading this novel is one of my pastime.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful translation. Why do I feel that the stormy days ahead are coming? Looking forward to the next chapter whenever you are free 😉

  3. Oooohh. So they were referring to Feng Chen Yi? Well, Long Qi is there to keep an eye on Luo Yao Yao, but it might be bad because Yu Ao Tian WILL find out then.

    This smells trouble. Heehee~

    Thankies for the update~ (^_^)

  4. Thanks for the translation. I am fine as long as I know what’s going on. I think stormy days are coming up. Real soon.

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