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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 A

Grammatical check: Flay

Chapter 211

Part 1 (One)

“Ke Xin, what’s the matter?” The Director who is sitting in the audience seat asked.

Feng Ke Xin envelop her hands, unsatisfied and pouted her mouth. “Director, do you think this kind of acting could attract audience?”

“What do you mean?” Everyone is looking at Feng Ke Xin and same with the Director, all of them don’t really understand what this Princess wants.

“Zhang Li Li, you act once more that slapping scene with Yao Yao.”

“Undestood.” That Zhang Li Li who plays as one of the big sisters, raises her hand and slaps Yao Yao’s face.

“See Director, if you think this scene is OK, I think we do not need to act according to the script. When the open study starts, we continue to act; don’t you think this is much better?” Feng Ke Xin curves her lips upward, jumps down from the stage, her pair of eyes arrogantly looking at everyone as if she is a queen.

Seeing her attitude, everyone finally understood.

Since school started, Feng Ke Xin and Yao Yao are the center of everyone’s attention but somewhat her popularity was only limited to female students mostly. but in men’s eyes secretly all of them agreed Luo Yao Yao is the most beautiful girl, an innocent flower for their school, the center of attention. Furthermore Feng Ke Xin likes to be the center of attention, that’s why Feng Ke Xin dislikes Luo Yao Yao so much and finally the opportunity has come, so why does she not take it?

“Ke Xin, don’t be angry. After thinking it more carefully, I also feel that scene is lacking on something.” Said the Director who clearly doesn’t dare to offend Feng Ke Xin, so the attitudechanged 360 degrees. “This time hit her for real!”

After listening to the Director, finally Feng Ke Xin smiles sweetly. she goes back to the stage and when she passed Yao Yao, she curved her lips up, hinting she is provoking her…

Must Feng Ke Xin need to do so? Last time during the student council event, she had left her without any consideration; no wonder she does not care for her this time?

“Still not acting?” Feng Ke Xin impatiently urges and gives Zhang Li Li a hint with her eyesight.

Zhang Li Li smiles deviously, nodding her head. without waiting for Yao Yao to react, she raised her hand and slapped Yao Yao hard.

“No good! the actin skill not good. Luo Yao Yao, can you use your feeling? Now you are being slapped by the sister, you must show your emotions at least.” Feng Ke Xin said directly, taking the role as the Director. “Start it all over again!”

“Okay, Ke Xin.” Zhang Li Li is nodding her head. “Today, I want to see what Big Sister of Qing Niao Group can do.” After saying this, she lifts her hands up and gives a hard slap.

Even the stupidest could see, Feng Ke Xin and Zhang Li Li are joining forces to mistreat Yao Yao. Of course, Yao Yao herself could feel it too. But if she stops playing the role in open study, she will definitely get a punishment from school. Not to mention for her to be elected as the most outstanding student, it will still be hard for her to get scholarship. She bites her lips hard. “You dare to slap me?” She puts her utmost to play the role.

“Still won’t do! Zhang Li Li, this time your slapping is quite good but not your expression. Continue to act!” Two times of slapping still could not make Feng Ke Xin satisfied and get rid of her anger from Yao Yao. Once again, she makes things difficult for her.

Zhang Li Li look like a loyal dog, nodding her head. “OK, Ke Xin.” She curves her lips up and whispered, “Luo Yao Yao, don’t blame me. Who asked you to offend Ke Xin?” After saying so, she raises her hand up and slaps Yao Yao hard.

But before her hand lands…


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 A

  1. thank you very much to translate even though you are so busy with work….who caught ZLL’s hand, YAT or LQ??

  2. My guess is FCY or YAT that got hold of the hand…. Sigh… Poor YY. Thank you for taking time in your busy schedule to translate this for us. Truly appreciate it 😘

    1. I think as you see, YY don’t want to make a mess with her study.. loosing scholarship, etc..
      but yeah somehow it’s irks me and wanting to slash everyone who did bad to YY

  3. My bet’s on Long Qi.
    Jeez, I would love to get on the act too and double-slap that Zhan Li Li. Pak! PAK! LOL.

    Thankies for the fast update!
    I just read the last chapter earlier and am surprised you already released another. (^v^) You’re on fire~

  4. Long Qi? Ooooh. If it’s him i sense something about LQ and FKX. Hahaha though i hope it’s chen yi😭😭😭

  5. Since Feng said why go by the script in the open study, Yao Yao should just slap the other girl back. Showing the real reaction. And then say “Is that real enough?” Or something like, sorry, kneejerk reaction to being hit. Then keep doing it every time. That would be funny. Getting tired of Yao yao not learning anything from being bullied so much. She doesn’t need need such an extreme scheme in this situation like the other things she dealt with. It isn’t YAT after all.

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