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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 B

I giggles lot when reading you guys comments.

I could see now the readers shipping Yao Yao with three men, Feng Chen Yi, Yu Ao Tian and Long Qi. Why I didn’t see anyone mention others guy such as Qi Lian?

Well, this chapter is quite dilemma. Yao Yao still cares about Feng Chen Yi, She also worries about Long Qi existence, roaming in school as Yu Ao Tian’s spy but other sides, she also feeling guilty toward Yu Ao Tian.

Chapter 211

Part 2 (Two)

“Cut!, wait. Now the script is changed…. Luo Yao Yao… you…slap…Zhang Li Li.”

“What? Who let you to change the script?” Feng Ke Xin is angrily looking at the Director.

“It is me, asking the script to change!” It is cold voice which is speaking.

Yao Yao turned her head nervously, this voice is belongs to? Faster she looked at the Director…
as seen, that person is Feng Chen Yi who is sitting coldly besides the Director, he uses the coldest and also scariest eyesight to see everyone. People could feel the chilly atmosphere on the stage.

“Feng, General Manager Feng, why are you here?”

Seeing from his sitting position, he should be arrived for a while.

“Still not acting!” Feng Chen Yi impatiently urged them.

Everyone quickly looked at Feng Ke Xin, her small hands make fist, silent.

“Start, Luo Yao Yao, now you slap Zhang Li Li.”

The Director is already giving his command, Yao Yao face isn’t showing any wicked expression or happiness but more showing getting pressured expression.

Since the time she was studying in Japan thing always like this, as long as there was someone daring to bully Yao Yao, Feng Chen Yi would pay that person in double. As time goes, those students changed whenever seen Yao Yao.

Believes this time, Fen Chen Yi is using his power to change the script, right? Dealing with this, she really thankful, but…

Both of them aren’t same as before, not as boy and girl friend, Feng Chen Yi is not necessary to protect her that way anymore.

It isn’t easy for her to suppressed her feeling, she afraid because of this man her feeling will slowly wavering again. Actually, she has calmed herself and she feels it quite good, at least every times she meets Yu Ao Tian she won’t feel any guilty inside her heart.

Still flowing in her thought… by this way she can keep continuing her peaceful days, at least during the time until she ended her contract with Yu Ao Tian. But now it seems, things not as easy as she thought.

She is trying her utmost to avoid Feng Chen Yi’s eyes, she lowers her head and lets out heavy sights, lifts highly her hands…

Seeing the situation Zhang Li Li, hurried she showed her shocking expression. When Yao Yao’s hand landed on her face, it is only a lightly slap, very light ones…

An instant, the way of Zhang Li Li looked at Yao Yao changed, there is not only touching her feeling but also she felt a gratitude toward Yao Yao, after all… she has shown not good attitude to Yao Yao before, actually Yao Yao could use this opportunity to pay her back.

“Not good! Luo Yao Yao, you act without an emotion, continue! Use your strength.” The Director give an command.

Yao Yao knows very well the way Feng Chen Yi does thing, if today she does not slap Zhang Li Li until she bleeding, perhaps that bossy Feng Chen Yi won’t let her to stop slapping her?

“Feng Chen Yi!” helplessly, Yao Yao hurries get down from the stage, she rushing in front of Feng Chen Yi.

“You get lost, how dare you called my second brother name?” out from nowhere suddenly Feng Ke Xin grabbed Yao Yao’s wrist, she used her strength to push down Yao Yao falls to ground.

Second brother? Feng Chen Yi is… Feng Ke Xin’s second brother?

Sitting on the ground, her mouth is opened wide. How could she not realized that arrogant queen syndrome Feng Ke Xin and Bossy domineering Feng Chen Yi are sibling? It is so clearly both of this brother and sister are look so alike.

“Second brother, what are you planning?” Feng Ke Xin looking at Feng Chen Yi, she is difficulty to plan this kind of scene, who knows, the second brother who she begged for such long time destroy her plan?

“Ke Xin, it is you, what are you planning? If I not thinking you as my younger sister, I will ask Yao Yao to give you a slap at your face!” Feng Chen Yi coldly stands up from his seat, he pushes her younger sister away and hurries walking in front of Yao Yao, helps her to stand up.

Feng Ke Xin takes peek…

“Second brother, do you…. Do You know Luo Yao Yao?”

Feng Chen Yi silent saying nothing, as he glancing at his younger sister with cold eyesight, one of his hand helps Yao Yao to stand up and then both of them are faster vanish from the aula…


30 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 B

  1. Thanks for the update! My heart feel very warm toward FYC. He is always there for YY and protect her from other people since she was younger. YAT and FYC will know about each other soon?

  2. OMG 😱 right guess… FCY to the rescue as in most time apart from YAT. Somehow I always felt the sincerity from FCY towards YY although he had in numerous time hurt her too. But he truly loves YY and does not hesitate to protect her from anyone trying to harm her just like YAT and LQ. But this is bad as once YAT knows the identify of FCY towards YY, would there be a huge storm coming their way? Now I don’t know who to ship…. FCY and YY or YAT with YY 😉 thank you for the quick update

      1. Thanks. I hope FCY does not hurt her again. YY is slowly starting to love YAT so not sure what status FCY holds in her heart though. And I hope his sister will stop bullying her just because of the guy she likes

      2. His little sister is sickening.
        she is as annoying as Li Ruo Ting and Li Mei Yun.
        The best status Yao Yao could offer Feng Chen Yi perhaps best friend.

      3. If…
        I do pity him too just if he really knows how to regret and makes quickly fix, YAT will never get between of him and Yao Yao.
        Again, Cheating man is not deserved for forgiveness (This is how I think)

    1. He truly love her.
      His love toward her is so sincere.
      Feng Chen Yi is alike someone who never learn from his lesson. he cares and he hurt her, he loves and then he hurt her.
      His lips keep saying he loves Yao Yao so much but behind her he cheating with others.
      To say, if there are really third options, I won’t ever ship Yao Yao neither with YAT nor FCY.
      I have other better candidate XD XD XD
      For me, Feng Chen Yi isn’t someone sincere with his relationship.

      1. Hahahaha. That’s a good point too Azurro4cielo. Can’t wait to read and find out YY true identity 😉 thank you for your hardwork

  3. NO, NO, NO, NO…FCY…Don’t like him from the start, don’t like him now n definitely not the future. I still say tiger never change it stripe.. otherwise, they will b called liger..:P

    Thanking you Azurro for the the latest update.

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