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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 C

Everyone is wondering what kind of storm will be heading. I can say, GUYS REST ASSURED, storm isn’t here yet. Just prepare ah~

Chapter 211

Part 3 (Three)

“Damn! Damn! Damn!” Feng Ke Xin is angrily kicking the stuffs in the shooting place, and the last she is targeting the Director: “Why did you do according to my second brother?”

“Ke Xin, don’t you know General Manager Feng character? If today I offended him, how you expect me to mingle in showbiz?” This Director is supervisor who welcomed by school to do supervision. This is temporary supervisor for this session. But he is employed by Feng Entertainment company which is also Branch Company of Feng Group. How dare he come to offend Feng’s?

“So you mean, you dare to offend me? That’s right, my second brother is awesome, he has capability and power. I am only a student, so why would you give me a face?”

“Aiyo, Oh my Ke Xin, I don’t have any mean. I beg both of you, you twos brother and sister let me go off. I am also not easy.”

“That’s right, Ke Xin.” Few of fellow classmates also come: “You don’t difficult Director. It was your brother fault, why didn’t he side you as his younger sister but instead he sided to that cheap Yao Yao?”

“How hell I know? Today my biggest mistake, I must not satisfy your wish, I coaxed my second brother to come here! The result, things went wrong!” More Feng Ke Xin thought of it, more she gets angrier, her second brother who loves and dears her, today suddenly angered her because of Luo Yao Yao? Moreover he even scolded her in front of many people, now she really feels she doesn’t have any face…

“Feng Chen Yi, you let go my hand! Please let go, let free my hand go! This is school!” in front of the Aula entrance, Yao Yao is swinging hard Feng Chen Yi’s hand.

He frowned: “So what if in school? Do you afraid of people see I pull your hand?”

Feng Chen Yi does not know, this school also has Yu Ao Tian’s shares, no one can say when will suddenly he comes here. As additional, Long Qi also at school, once things heard by Yu Ao Tian, the last result isn’t something she never wants to see. “I don’t mean this.” The most troublesome is, Yao Yao just knows Feng Chen Yi’s character too well, what she does not expect he to do, at last he still will do the things even go crazier, so that most of time their interaction is shouting and anger.

Stuck between these two domineering men she really feels bitter. “Just now… thank you, Chen Yi.”

“En?” Feng Chen Yi eyes glistening and rolled: “Your attitude today is quite surprising me.”

Nonsense, now she only wants Feng Chen Yi left faster, whatever is good, just say it, her eyes flashed looking her surrounded. “If there is nothing to say, then I will be back to have my practice again.”

“Wait.” Feng Chen Yi paused for moment, he takes out white handkerchief from his pocket, when he wants to extend his hands and rub Yao Yao’s face.

She is backward few steps.

This movement is flared up him!

At sudden his big hand grabbed her wrist, he uses forced to drag her toward him… “Your face is swollen.” The white handkerchief gently touching her small face, so gentle and soft; that pair of eyes filled with warmness.

See carefully his handsome face, it recalled her old memories, heart beating faster and memories are flowing in her mind.

Just expected she still cannot forget how she hates and loves this man, if she does not cut off all ties with this feeling to the root, she won’t ever to give up or put down this feeling.

Her eyes flashing right and left time to time, looking around and thinking whether Long Qi is joining today rehearsal or not, it is also ascertain whether he is coming to school or not?

Oh my! How could she think this way? If Long Qi really not coming, does she can act this vague with Feng Chen Yi?

Bastard, this kind of thought really despicable, and also too apologetic to Yu Ao Tian, doesn’t it?

“Ao Tian, what are you looking at?”

Hallway, Yu Ao Tian is in standing position looking outside from window from far away he looked two figures in the field. “Is that… Feng Chen Yi, right?”

Long Ye followed his finger to take look at the direction pointed by Yu Ao Tian: “En, he is Feng Chen Yi. Why is he coming here? And also, who is the girl that facing him? Impossible he is also coming to seduce little female student? Hahahaha.”

That little girl is backing at them so that they cannot see the girl appearance.

“If you are envy, you also can come and find one, so that you do not need everyday come to disturb Mo Xue Tong.”

“Ugh… I am loyal person.” This time Long Ye hurries changing the topic: “Say, Ao Tian, this few days you are wearing this broken watch, are you going crazy, you have so many beautiful watch but why not use it?”

Yu Ao Tian curved his lips up, his pair of eyes swept the watch in his wrist, this watch is the first present from Yao Yao when she got her first paid check, given to him.

That time, because he was extremely anger to Yao Yao, he threw the watch, later accidentally when he parked his car, he picked the watch up.

Towards thing that he ever lost and then found it again, Yu Ao Tian always cherish it more than before, same does with this thing, he found the best craftsman to repair this watch and he wears the watch again. “Well, you are free to think me as crazy person.”


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 C

  1. So YAT can be quite sentimental when it suited him, that alone describe in his own way he cares a lot for YY but he does go mental when it doesn’t go his way…very much like FCY. I still declare that I don’t like FCY…I trust my guts instinct but why most readers prefer FCY??!!!

    1. I don’t know about others, but I prefer FCY is because no matter what happens with YY, he would never intentionally harm YY. But YAT is different. He’s very caring towards YY but only when she doesn’t make him mad. If she angers him, he would not hesitate to abuse & demean her both physically & mentally. That is the reason I can never like YAT even in fiction land.

  2. OMG 😱 so lucky that YY is back facing YAT but it’s also funny how YAT can’t even recognized YY’s back. So LY love Ms Mo. So many triangle love in this story. Would be exciting when YAT found out about FCY and YY 😉

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