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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 D


Chapter 211

Part 4 (Four)

“Aiya, Do we need to call Feng Chen Yi or not?”

Yu Ao Tian for once again swept his glance to the field… “Just in right time, I also want to see little thing in Aula, let’s go!”


“Thanks…thank you. Let me do it by myself.” Yao Yao hurries extended her free hand, grabbed that white handkerchief and using it rubbing her face, her eyes from time to time staring at Feng Chen Yi who keeps holding at her waist, she just hopes he will quickly let her go.

“My little sister is being spoiled at home. I hope you don’t mind her.” Said Feng Chen Yi, finally he loosen up his hand which holding Yao Yao’s wrist, pair of his hand is inserted in his pocket.


Yao Yao lets out heavy sighed, in order to show she does not mind, she shaking her head: “I am okay.”

“Believes me, after passes this time, she won’t dare to make thing difficult for you anymore.”

It seems that Feng Chen Yi does not really understand his younger sister, and also he does not understand himself. Both of these brother and sister are having an arrogant and also domineering aura, she is not believed if the person changed to be Feng Chen Yi, Feng Chen Yi will let off thing easily? Similar, Feng Ke Xi also this type of person. She afraid after this, others beginning is starting?

“So that time when you were showing up in airport, it was because to find your younger sister?”

“En, I had received the phone called from your school, said my younger sister suddenly disappeared when joining the student council event, thus I went there.”

No wonder she would meet Feng Chen Yi at there? Sometimes fate works really strange…

Her idol and most adore is Li Mei Yun, but Li Mei Yun was Yu Ao Tian girlfriend’s.

Her deep in love Ex-boyfriend is Feng Chen Yi, but Feng Chen Yi is Yu Ao Tian’s business partner.

Now who knows, Feng Chen Yi’s younger sister is her classmate, she afraid in the future she will face kinds of confrontation.

Suddenly two people conversation turned be rigid, Yao Yao smiled awkwardly: “That, I go inside first.”

“Yao…en, go.”

Until seeing Yao Yao gets inside the aula, Feng Chen Yi handsome face is shown warm smile.

Actually, he still wants to say many things to Yao Yao, actually, when she was trying to avoid his enthusiasm, he really wanted to avenge to her.


Time flies for such long, he slowly by slowly can accept the reality about he is only Yao Yao’s ex-boyfriend, he also clearly can feel that, she must be scared, she scared with that man.

Think carefully, his extreme attitude won’t hurt that man but only would hurt Yao Yao. He also knows that Yao Yao is very stubborn girl.

So that, Feng Chen Yi is not thinking too much and already slowly by slowly behave.

Who is the man that hides behind Yao Yao? Why he could not find out that man, but he has one goal, he could come up an idea to bring back Yao Yao to his side from that man! Damn!

“Chen Yi.”

At sudden his head raises, Feng Chen Yi sees Yu Ao Tian who is slowly walking toward himself, hurries he changed his expression: “CEO Yu, what are you doing here?”

“The board director of the university is called me to attend the open study session. And how is about you? Why are you in here?”

“I come to see my younger sister. If there is nothing to say, CEO Yu, I take my leave first.”

“En, be careful.”

Seeing Feng Chen Yi is slowly by slowly leaving, Long Ye is helplessly shrugged his shoulder: “Oh that was his younger sister, not interesting. Say, did his younger sister also in this Aula?”

Just now they were from hallway seeing to field, they spotted Feng Chen Yi has an intimacy gesture with little girl who walking inside the Aula, no need to ask…

“It seems that Feng Chen Yi’s little sister is Yao Yao’s classmates? What such coincidences.” After said both of them are walking inside the Aula…

Because of unpleasant incident, the atmosphere in Aula little bit odd. When Yao Yao comes back, Feng Ke Xin eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

“Forget it, let’s called off the practice, director, I think must change players role.” Said Feng Ke Xin. Bringing few of her fellow classmates going out to the Aula door.

But just at this time, Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye are coming…

“Board Director Yu.”

“Board Director Yu, how are you?” the fellow classmates at Feng Ke Xin back are bowing respect to Yu Ao Tian.

He is smiling elegantly, his eyes swept the aula, everyone is wearing the costume, still doesn’t know which one is Feng Chen Yi’s little sister.

“Feng Ke Xin, let’s go.”


Feng Ke Xin? His deep dark eyes sweeping the little girl who is leaving, is her surname Feng? Does she Feng Chen Yi’s little sister? But just now the little girl who hugged by Feng Chen Yi wasn’t wear this costume.

“Hey, Board Director Yu is coming. Lets we go there to greet him.” All the female students look as if seeing precious baby when seeing Yu Ao Tian, crazily surrounded him.

But Yao Yao is shocking to the point she could not stop herself from trembling, she just comes in to the aula and now Yu Ao Tian also followed her come in? Logically, he might be seen her with Feng Chen Yi together before.

From far away her eyes flashing looked at Yu Ao Tian’s face expression, nothing seems weird! His face doesn’t seem angry. Perhaps…

Her eyes rolled, she lowers her head and measuring herself, looking at the costume that she wears….

Still better, she is wearing costume. But, costume that she wears only few wore by her fellow classmates, so that….

Yao Yao faster take off the costume she wears, controlling herself from panic.

“Board Director Yu, why are you here?” the Director is nervously walking in front of Yu Ao Tian.

“I only come to take a look.”

“Oh. Unfortunately, we just done with our practice, should we let you…”

“No need. I still have thing to do, I will take my leave immediately.” Yu Ao Tian glanced at Long Ye who is standing beside him.

He nodding his head, quietly he is walking toward Yao Yao’s in front: “Xiao Meng Li, Yu Ao Tian is waiting you outside the school.”

En? Does Yu Ao Tian come to school only to pick her up? “Long, General Manager Long, how is Ao Tian’s mood today?”

“Hahahaha, you will know when you meet him; he could come here to find you, means his mood quite good. What are you nervous for? Or you… did you do something wrong to Yu Ao Tian?”

“No!” Yao Yao could feel she reacting too much, at sudden she gulped her saliva: “How do I dare to do something which wronged Yu Ao Tian, hahahaha.” Inside her heart she says sorry for Yu Ao Tian, whether can this call as asking forgiveness?

She can ask herself, whether her attitude is counted as betray Yu Ao Tian or not. But somewhat her heart…


I will post another chapter after this. So stay tune….


6 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 211 D

  1. Thanks for the update… 😥😥😥 woah! that was a close call. Good thing YY is lucky and smart…But i have to wonder if she’s really lucky. I mean now that YAT is in love with her, I’m afraid of how he’ll react when he finds out..

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