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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 A

Chapter 212

Part 1 (One)

This kind of tormenting feeling is really forcing her going to be crazy.

“Alright. You hurry go. Or else your classmates might suspicious.” Long Ye smiles warmly, turned his back and leaving.

Thank God she showed that expression toward Long Ye, if that person was Yu Ao Tian, a person with high sensitiveness, he must be able to feel something off from her and perhaps being exposed.

Walking in front of the school entrance, Yu Ao Tian’s car is parked at across the street. Her mysterious expression sweeping left and right as if she is thief and straightly she gets into the car and sits at the passengers back seat.

“Faster! Faster start the engine.”

“Xiao Meng Li, you are really help Yu Ao Tian so much.” Long Ye who sits beside the driver seat is laughing hardly looking at her.

She turned her head and looked at Yu Ao Tian who is sitting beside her and also seeing Long Ye again: “What do you mean?”

“To let you know, it was Yu Ao Tian before who must act so carefully when in public at the time he still in relationship with anyone, he never attended any event in public before. Seeing you, Yu Ao Tian is completely not need to worry you can settle things by yourself. See, doesn’t this mean you have help Yu Ao Tian quite much?”


Doesn’t this include in Lover Rule? Moreover, there is no slightest hope from her to publicity her relationship with Yu Ao Tian, for her this is quite good.

“Long Ye, you less speak nonsense!” said Yu Ao Tian coldly. “Drive the car.”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Wait…” Yao Yao moves her body, she showed her begging and smiles to Yu Ao Tian: “Can we stop at Lai Ao’s Villa District for moment?”

Hearing what she said, both of Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye suddenly silent for moment, there are so obvious in their changing expression. But this expression is not last long and at sudden they have already back to normal again, so that she does not sense it.

“Bao Bei, why are you going there?”

“I want to look for my uncle.”

“Cannot!” Yu Ao Tian is straightly rejected her: “Now all your time is belongs to me except Saturday is your free time. I can let you go to school it has been my best reward for you.”

Geez, she has guessed he might say so, now Yao Yao at least understood his character little bit, naturally she is looking for way to deal with him. “Aiya, I only go there for half hour, I beg you, send me there ah. Ao…Tian…” very obvious she is using little girl way of speaking to deal with him, act spoiled! When Long Qi heard how Yao Yao called out those two words, “Ao Tian” he could feel as if his bone crumbled.

“Must go?”

It seems he really gets affected, hihihi. “En, must go!”

“Well, get down from car. You go by yourself!” Said Yu Ao Tian coldly, while his face expression is so difficult to read furthermore his mood.

“Go by myself and I will go by myself.” She frowned and opened the car door, and then she gets down from the car. The car is moving fast passing and leaving her.

“Geez, I feel better go by myself. Huh!” she smiles sweetly, she hailed taxi and go to the destination…

10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 A

  1. Thanks for the update…YY still has a long way to go before she has YAT in the palm of her hands.They are so cute.😜

  2. Thank you very much for another update. YAT n YY just got back together again, I am not looking forward for YAT to find out about FCY then YY is going to suffer worst when LMY was in the scene. I truly feel for YY, FCY is no good to her whenever he appeared in front of her. Unintentionally getting her into trouble with hypersensitive YAT. I hope YAT will understand or try to understand that FCY is YY’s past….YAT never asked YY who was her ex-bf therefore, he should not punished her. If he do then YAT don’t deserve YY anymore than FCY or YAT’s younger brother. All these men have bad motives towards YY.

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