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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 B

Chapter 212

Part 2 (Two)

“Miss, we are arrived.”

“Mr. Taxi, thank you.” After she paid the taxi fee, Yao Yao is standing in front of two storey villa.

Rely on Yao Yao memories after her six years old due to the car incident, so that her memory about this house isn’t so clear. But hearing from her mother, this is the place where they were lived before. Unfortunately since her father passed way, this house is cheated by her uncle.


The room door is opened; Yao Yao sees her uncle opened the door, politely smiles: “Uncle.”

“You, why are you coming here?” Yao Yao’s uncle is avoiding her eyesight.

“Uncle, can I get inside to have talked with you?” she really wanted to see the house which she ever lived before she turned six years, if she could, she really wanted to have this house, a house which filled with her father memories which had already forgotten by her.

“Speak up what you want to say!”

Yao Yao soulless lowers her head. “Uncle, I coming here in order to ask you something, last Saturday what was going on between you and my mother?”

“That is elders matter. It is none of your business, little girl like you. You leave!” said Yao Yao’s uncle shut closed the door.

“Uncle!” Yao Yao extended her hand and blocking the door: “You say ah, perhaps I can help you asking something from mother’s mouth?”

“I don’t need your help, I still have guest who is here, you hurry go!”

Something is fishy, something is fishy, even though she has long time not seeing this uncle, but this time, she could see eyes filled with fear in his eyes, what he fears of?

Her moisten eyes rolled: “Well, uncle, I won’t disturb you…”

After listened to her words, uncle lets out heavy sighed, grabbing this opportunity, Yao Yao is rushing to get inside to the house.

“Hey, you wild child, stay still!” a big hand is caught her wrist.

But Yao Yao sees an empty living room, there is no one there while the sofa are still covered by cloth. But her eyes spotted two cups of warm tea which stills fume hot smokes in the table, it seems, her uncle indeed having guest. But how could two guests disappear once she entered the house? “Uncle, didn’t you say there are guests here, where are they?”

“There… there is none of your business! You hurry get lost!” uncle is pushing her away to leave.

Yao Yao is using her strength to sway away his hand: “Uncle, what is your right to ask me leave this place? This, this is my house! This is my father’s house, my mother’s house, understood!”

“You little wild child, now this is my house.”

Just expected this uncle she never seen in this past ten years hasn’t changed at all.

That time she was nine years old, mother Luo brought her to meet this uncle to have talked, but this heartless uncle was chasing out both of mother and daughter without any explanation, shamelessly he even dared to say this house belongs to him.

If not because her mother is kind person, this house would never being cheated by her uncle; if not because her mother loves this little brother so much, when her father passed away, all his belonging were heartlessly taken by this uncle. If not taken by him perhaps grand pa medical fee isn’t problem!

“Uncle, actually the elder generation fight isn’t something I can get involved. If you still say this house is belong to you, well, I will fight with you; if you wanted to talk about 13 years ago matter, I could not say anything, after all during that time I was still so young. But now…” her expression dim: “I don’t care what is going on. Please you don’t make my mother to get involved with trouble you made. I still remembered ten years ago you had said to cut all ties with my mother, since we are not family anymore, I hope you will never show up in front of my mother…”

“Pa” uncle is gritting and slapping Yao Yao’s face, he used strength when slapped her: “in your mouth you keep saying mother, mother, actually you are only wild child, what is your right to stop me to meet my own sister?”

Wild child! Wild child! She hates the most to hear these words!


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 B

  1. Ohhh… While reading it, I thought her Uncle only meant she’s a child with loose morals. So it also means that she’s not a child of the family. I see…

    Ohmu! Could it be my theory about her being the Prime Minister’s daughter instead be true? This is INTENSE~

    Thankies for this update~

      1. Hahahaha. I always exaggerate my theories so I’ll be less surprised later. LOL It’s because Luo Tian Ming is the Prime Minister’s secretary, right? Usually, it’s the secretary who knows best their boss’ dirty laundry and is the one to take care of them (especially when he seems to be the type to solve everybody’s problems even of his troublesome brother-in-law).

        Also, if Luo Yao Yao is really adopted and her identity is highly-protected, her real parent must be a high-profile person and the only person fitting the description is her father’s boss (the Prime Minister).

  2. Dear Azurro4cielo,
    Bug thanks for your work. I really love this novel.
    But cant you repost the chapter 212 À because it’s missing. When I click on the number of the chapter, I’m redirected on the chapter 211B.

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