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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 C

Chapter 212

Part 3 (Three)

“Ha, well uncle.” Yao Yao touched her face which being slapped, coldly she sneered: “You can try to continue looking for my mother, but if I see my mom have bad mood after seeing you, I guarantee, everything that you took from my family 13 years ago, I will take all back from you!”

“Hahahahaha, little wild child, who you think you are? 13 years ago, your mother could not take anything from me, you think after 13 years passed, do you have way to take everything back?”

That’s right, that time she was still so small, so that she only could open her eyes widely seeing this rotten bastard uncle took everything from Luo’s family; seeing how hard her mother to earn money every day even her aging old grandpa also working to make living. But… after 13 years she has confident that she really has capability to take back everything belongs to Luo’s family. Or else why must she learn about law? “Well, let’s we wait and see, uncle. Be careful, you will sleep and stray in street at your current age!” she curved up her lips very despicable and with big strides she left the villa.

If she isn’t forced to corner, if her uncle didn’t step to her bottom line, she really unwillingly to deal things with her uncle.

“Damn little girl!” uncle is seeing Yao Yao who is far leaving, he gritting his teeth.

“You done well.” Suddenly there is gentle voice from the living room.

Uncle is turned his back, hurries he bowing and nodding his head: “Long…Mr. Long, Yu, Mr. Yu.”

As seen, Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye are slowly walking out from the bathroom to living room. They are arrived one step before Yao Yao, stopping Yao Yao’s uncle not to disclosure any information to her, no matter how she asked. To be honest if not because Yu Ao Tian reaction fast, they might bump into Yao Yao who is suddenly rushing in living room, If they not take precaution moves to hide in bathroom, perhaps they would being found out by Yao Yao in here.

“Come here.” Take a seat, Yu Ao Tian expressionless pointed at him.

Yao Yao’s uncle is nervously walking in front of him: “Yu… Mr. Yu, are, are you still have other orders?”

His pair of eyes flashing, with his devious eyes looking at Long Ye who sits beside him.

As seen, Long Ye replied him by shrugging his shoulders, at one second, his eyesight turned to be cold, stands up and with one hand he grabbed uncle’s arm, with strength he kicked his legs.

Yao Yao’s uncle suddenly being pressed down, he knees fell in front of Yu Ao Tian, “Mr Yu, Mr. Long, what are you doing?”

“I forget to tell you, your mouth keeps on saying wild child, that person you called wild child, that little girl, now she is… Mr. Yu’s woman!” said Long Ye.

Pair of Yu Ao Tian eyes dim, raises his hand, “pa” “pa” “pa” once he is starting to hit, he slapped him ten times.

Yao Yao’s uncle is being slapped until bleeding, his teeth even lose one. Once Long Ye loosens up his hand, he already felt to floor.

“Yu, Mr. Yu…I am sorry, I don’t know…my niece is…your girlfriend. That things still keep to ask or not?”

Long Ye looking at Yu Ao Tian expression, bend down his body, warmly said: “of course you still need to ask, if you can’t get the answer, you know the consequences. Aiya, still, before Yao Yao leaving she even said that if you keep on looking for her mother, she will make you stray in the street, what to do?”

That’s right, what to do. Now the one who is most in difficulties perhaps Yao Yao’s uncle.

“Ao Tian, let’s go.”

“Wait.” Yu Ao Tian who keeps silent this time suddenly speaks, he stands up, slowly he is walking toward the window, his body hides, glancing at outside the window, extended his hand….


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 C

  1. Thanks. I don’t understand YAT’s strategy here with YY’s uncle. First time YY threatens after being slapped . She’s amazing.

    1. Yu Ao Tian is using Yao Yao uncle to dig out 13 years ago incident from Mother Luo. Last time he and Xue Tong didn’t get anything from mother Luo so this time he uses Yao Yao’s uncle.

      1. I suspect that Yao Yao is waiting outside to see who comes out of the house.

        Thank you for this chapter’s update

  2. Hahahaha. Her uncle must be very shocked to find that Yao Yao is Yu Ao Tian’s woman. Ooooohhh. This conspiracy of Yu Ao Tian using her Uncle and keeping it a secret, I wonder how this would unravel.. I’m sure it’s gonna cause a stir in their already fragile relationship.

    Thankies for the update~

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