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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 D

Chapter 212

Part 4 (Four)

Long Ye takes peek, “Xiao Meng Li? Why she hasn’t left?”

“That little thing has good observation ability, believes if she does not see what kind of guest his uncle “has”, she won’t leave.”

“What should we do now?”

“Sst” Yu Ao Tian is smiling, he takes out his mobile phone from his pocket, clear his throat: “Where are you?”

“I still at my uncle’s place.”

“Little thing, didn’t you tell me you only go there for half hour? Now you have spent more than half hour, why are you not coming home yet, do you want to get punishment from me?”


“Don’t but with me! Now immediately come back! If you haven’t come back for half hour, be careful with the consequences!” after said, Yu Ao Tian hung up the phone called.

Long Ye who is hearing beside him, let out “ckckckc” sound and laughed deviously: “Ao Tian, you are… you are… really hahahahaha, you are really despicable person.”

His deep dark eyes sweeping outside the window, as seen, Yao Yao is leaving from the villa. “She really clever, if not using little bit scheme, afraid we cannot hide anything from her.”

This is indeed true. Long Ye always thinks if Yu Ao Tian little bit stupider than Yao Yao, perhaps they will fail in her hands and becoming her puppet. Taking an example from just now, after he gave Yao Yao’s uncle punishment, he naively wanted to go out. If not because Yu Ao Tian has good observation and sensitiveness perhaps both of them already being exposed.

Perhaps this is called as fate, Yao Yao who has higher IQ compare from an average peopleso she meets a man who also has different intelligent with the average men. If both of these two really get into confrontation, Long Ye really not dares to think what kind of scary result will be!


Does Yu Ao Tian pay attention with Yao Yao’s uncle words who keeps calling Yao Yao, “Little wild child, little wild child” this means?

Thinking about this, Long Ye can’t help not looking at Yu Ao Tian…


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 212 D

  1. Good morning Azurro, what a day to wake up with your update. Thanks a million. Again. Why did uncle calls her a wild child? What is that means? I really felt sorry for her mom she got bully by her brother and took their house, now that uncle knows that YY is YAT woman. Have a blessed day and peace upon you.

  2. Thanks for the update. I share the same sentiments too. Why wild child? Does wild child imply YY was adopted?

  3. I know most of you are curious why Yao Yao’s uncle keeps calling Yao Yao as wild child.

    Actually until this chapter, “Wild child” words has vague meaning.
    As for Yao Yao, her uncle calling her as wild child implied her “impolite manner” since she is raising by single parent (her mother). But, Yao Yao’s uncle actually has other meaning hidden in his words calling her as wild child.
    Yao Yao isn’t her mother’s daughter.

    We still have long way to go in order to know what about Yao Yao’s identity.

  4. Another twist I could think of is Luo Yao Yao is not the daughter of Yu Ao Tian’s enemy after all, and all this time, he bullied her partly because of it…

    Thankies for this update~

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