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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 213 A

Sweet moment still there without knowing what kind of storm is lurking for Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian relationship.

Yao Yao is getting used to act spoiled with Yu Ao Tian as if he is not different with any normal men in her life despite of his complicated status in black and white paths. Both of them look more alike normal couple in front of Yu Ao Tian’s friends.

Chapter 213

Part 1 (One)

Walking in the street, YaoYao’s head is filled with everything that happened in her uncle’s villa.

Actually what kind of people that hiding inside her uncle’s villa? Why when she showing up, they are hiding? If nothing to be hidden why they must avoid her? As seen, that two persons must be not willing to meet her, could they be people she knew?

“Humph, all blame Yu Ao Tian, urged! Urged! Urged! What he urging for! Perhaps if she stays little bit longer in front of the villa she might know who are that two people.” Yao Yao is gritting her teeth together.

“Let’s forget about yesterday, now I am in front of you, I want to love you, please…”

She is taking out her mobile phone, seeing the phone screen displayed: “Hello, Xiao Man, what’s happened?”

“My beloved, after the open study session finished, it will be your birthday, we are agreed to throw you birthday party. You see whether you have time in middle night or not.”

“Ah? That day when we have last session of open study, it is not my birthday, mine is the next day.”

“You MF dummy, the open study session will be finished at 11 o’clock. Adding one hour, doesn’t it become another new day?”

Oh yeah… that’s right. “Okay.”

“Good. We book to gather in 2 o’clock dawn at Barbie Bar. Oh yeah, you go to ask whether CEO Yu has time or not.”

“Ah?” still she almost forgot about Yu Ao Tian. “Let’s not talk whether he has time or not, I afraid whether he will call me out or not still is another problem.” Seeing she went to her uncle’s place, he is darned stubborn and dangerous.

“So that I asked you to come with him together, on this way he won’t have excuse to stop you. Moreover, this time whoever will participate on your birthday party are those we know, they won’t sell you out, rest assured.”

Still Xiao Man is clever. “Okay, I know.” After she hung up the phone call, she is happily pushing open the villa door.

Yu Ao Tian sees her come back, frostily looked at her…

“I am sorry, I come back late.” Yao Yao who has self-conscious, guilty smiles.

But she does not know, Yu Ao Tian won’t blame her because this matter (coming home late), after all, he is… also “not clean”.

“This time I forgive you, if there is next time, I will give you punishment!”

“I understand. That, Ao Tian…” put down her things, she is carefully sitting beside him.

This time when Yu Ao Tian sees her smiling face which implicated as not really a good thing, moreover calling him “Ao Tian” he knows this little thing must… “Don’t say to me you have thing to beg from me?”


“Bao Bei, do you think by smiling stupidly will help? Next time, before you want to beg me, at least you must…” pair of his hands enveloped her waist, pulling her into his embraces, she is facing him: “coaxing me happily first? You say?”

Seeing this man shown his devilish smiles, a shiver ran up Yao Yao spine, moving her body: “Actually, it is not big deal. I just want to… ask you, Wednesday night… do you have time?”

“Oh?” Yu Ao Tian ponder, his sexy lips is brushing against Yao Yao’s ear: “Wednesday night, isn’t day of your open study session?”

The warm breathe spreading in her ears, his intoxicating voice when whispering in her ear, it makes Yao Yao small face beet red, embarrassed: “I mean, after the end of the open study session, do have time or no.”

“Let me think.” His lips are sucking her earlobe.

Yao Yao moves her head, she is avoiding his lips: “Have you done thinking?”

“I am still thinking.” His good looking face is grinning michievious; his big hands are restless…

This rotten man, he is not thinking but he is just intending to tease me! “No!” restless she moving her body.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 213 A

  1. Thanks for the update! Wonder who will be at her party? QL, YAT, YAT’s brother? FCY must want to celebrate her bday too.

  2. Yao Yao has completely forgotten all of YAT’s ruthlessness, he’s being really gentle to her. Pat* pat* a big improvement from him

  3. Oh… It’s going to be her birthday. Somehow your warning of the oncoming ‘storm’ makes me think that day will become a disaster.

    Won’t it be troublesome though if Yu Ao Tian joins her birthday party and other people are there to see?

    Thankies for this update~

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