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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 27

Chapter 27

Part 1 (One)

The expectation is not high

Kang Yu is really a type of conservative man, although he and I have already possessed married book, I even being kicked out by my mother to live together with him, because of his conservatives, he not even touched me, he persistent to wait until the wedding ceremony ended.

I have ever suspected, either he cannot or I don’t have any charm.

There was one time I really could not endure to tease him. Whether on purpose or not I tried to seduce him, at the beginning he still coaxing me, later he could not endure it anymore and shouted at me: “Get lost! Leave me further! When November 11 arrived you will see!”

After said, he chased me out from the master room, locking himself inside the room, no matter how I knocking the door, there was no responsed from him.

Trying to recall, I just could turn my back and left.

He is too seriously!

But today…

I am sitting on bed in hotel room, my face is red and takes a peek to Kang Yu who is standing at one corner, talking in phone with my mother in law. That word, “You wait and see” shameless flowing in my mind.

I almost cannot bear it anymore so I try to find something to do in order to turn my focus.

Counting money!

I take the red pockets and open it and take out all the money from red pocket, starting to count the money.

Currently there is trend, many of people during the first wedding night is spent by counting money, there are few like me and Kang Yu who wait until the wedding night to do it, most of them are counting money during the first wedding night.

I remembered, during the days when I and Kang Yu had cold war with my mother, there was my female friend who just married, she brought me out to have tea, I kind gossiper asking her, how she spent her wedding night? The most important I want to learn from other experience.

She answered: “My husband drunk and sleeping in bed, snoring. I sat down in toilet bowl counting money!”

I have cold sweat…

I counting money while taking peek on Kang Yu, tonight will he let me counting money or not.


“En, Mother, I know, you take your rest an early, tomorrow? I afraid tomorrow cannot!” Kang Yu is on the phone, suddenly he turned to look at me, his eyesight is so gentle and warm, but also odd, and then he looked so certain talking in the phone with my mother in law: “Miao Miao, tomorrow might not be able get down from bed!”

My face is stiffening burning hot, I almost tear one-hundred-dollar money.

He… what he… what he said?

“She is fine, I mean today she is too tired, really tired…until not be able get down from bed, okay, tomorrow Miao Miao and I won’t come to accompany you, my father and mother in law will come to pick you up, they said wanted to take you touring to Cheng Huang Miao (City God Temple of Shanghai), you and aunty Zhang playing happily, en, the following day I will go with Miao Miao to visit you, honeymoon, next week, you rest assured, I won’t make her too tired, okay, that’s it, I hung up the call!”

After hung up the called, my heart is beating super-fast, I feel cannot breathe.

Counting money, I keep on counting the money!

Where have I counted? Ah forget it, just counting.

“Miao Miao…” Kang Yu called me so dearly.

I am so surprised, he suddenly jumps to the bed, “En…I… I feel… feel little bit boring, watch…Television!” I even am falling down from the bed, searching for the remote control, and then turn on the television.

I don’t really know which beast was staying at here before, when I turned on the kids channel, it is broadcasting Mavis Fan’s* song, (Health Song).
*范Fan 晓 Xiao 萱Xuan : Mavis Fan is Taiwanese Pop singer, well-known as Bo Bo or Little Witch (credit to Wikipedia)

Grandpa said morning easy get up from bed, making love, making love!

These lyrics…

Xiao Xuan Xuan (Little Xuan) followed her grandpa together to learn making love! Making love! Making love!

Sex! Sex! Sex!

Sex! Sex! Sex!

Inside my heart I am screaming, how could they modified kids’ song into this kind of song.

Beast, really a beast!

Immediately I turned off the television, shut down the noise.

“Miao Miao…” Kang Yu voice is sounded so sexy, this time hard to ignore.

“I…I…” I really scared!!!


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