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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 213 B


The open study session is coming, Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian “by coincides” meeting at Yao Yao’s university to attend and watching the school performances.


Chapter 213

Part 2 (Two)

Suddenly Yu Ao Tian’s mobile phone is ringing; it helps Yao Yao to free from Yu Ao Tian, while Yu Ao Tian is clearly not happy with that phone call.


Taking the opportunity when Yu Ao Tian receives the phone call, Yao Yao frees herself from him.

“Bao Bei, something comes out at company, I need to go there.”

“You go.” Her eyes looking at Yu Ao Tian’s back, suddenly Yao Yao remembered… “Oh yeah, just now…”

His footstep stopped, his face shows little bit regret expression with faint smiles, turned his head: “On Wednesday night I want to celebrate Xue Tong’s birthday, so that… if Wednesday night you have appointment, you go by yourself.”

Wednesday also is Mo Xue Tong’s birthday. Really coincides. “En, I know.” Yao Yao smiles while nodding her head, this is quite good too, Yu Ao Tian helps Mo Xue Tong to celebrate her birthday, she is free, very good, so good.

No matter how hard she acts as if she doesn’t mind but her eyes can’t lie, she stills dwindling with hope…


The day of open study session.

China’s first class university Aula can be said to be Asia’s most luxurious decoration, this is not only a symbol of China as powerful country but also as symbol for the university prestige as the best university.

The aula which accommodated people are already packed, bustling from the senior students to the student parents has occupied it. Countless of the reporters are also coming. Needless to say, their main attraction is not only the open study session but also the honourable guests.

“CEO Yu, comes! CEO Yu is coming! Faster!” someone said and all the reporters lens are heading towards the entrance.

As seen, Yu Ao Tian is wearing western-style suit with gray color, tag along, Han Li Shang is slowly walking in, that aura really similar with big star that is walking in red carpet.

“All reporters, all media fellows, all of you must know CEO Yu habit, please step backward.” Yu Ao Tian’s men are blocking all the reporters from getting closer.

Most of the reporters more or less know that Yu Ao Tian dislike his appearance being publicity, so that most of time they are only taking his back or side photos.

“Board Director Yu, please sit here.” The Dean of the university stands up from the first row, welcoming Yu Ao Tian and let him to sit at the first row.

“Ao Tian, does Xiao Meng Li know you will come today?” takes his seat, Long Ye curiously asked.

“I didn’t tell her that I will come here.”

“So later when Xiao Meng Li sees you, she perhaps…”

“Woah! General Manager Feng! Unexpectedly General Manager Feng is also coming.” Suddenly someone exclaimed surprisingly.

Yu Ao Tian rolled his eye to see…

As seen, Feng Chen Yi is walking in slowly, compare to Yu Ao Tian, the today’s Feng Chen Yi seems little bit low-profile, he only takes Lisa with him.

“General Manager Feng, why do you have interested to join today open study session?” no reporters who will let this good opportunity to have little interaction with Feng Chen Yi, they are surrounding him.

He is smiling coldly, glancing at Lisa who is beside him, Lisa understood: “Everyone, our General Manager Feng’s little sister is study in this university, so that General Manager Feng is purely coming here only to watch the performances, hoping all the media fellows won’t ask any question related to the working matters.”

In business world, Yu Ao Tian is counted as someone low profile but Feng Chen Yi are even more low profile thousand hundred times, basically he won’t answer any question and rarely exposed his face in front of the camera or smiles.

“Say, we have been partnership with Feng Chen Yi for sometimes, right? But this kid seems not putting down his guard toward us.” Long Ye who is sitting at the first row turned his head back, and then talking to Yu Ao Tian who is sitting beside him.

“Ha, Feng Chen Yi not really like “publicity” don’t you guys feel that his character is little bit similar with Li Shang?”

Being said by Yu Ao Tian, they seem to feel Han Li Shang and Feng Chen Yi are somewhat similar. But compare to Han Li Shang he is smooth little bit. At least, Han Li Shang from time to time will only show his stern facial expression while Feng Chen Yi is still able occasionally gives a smile although everyone knows that is only “courtesy” smiles.

“To be honest, I always thought that Feng Chen Yi is more difficult to deal compare Feng Chen Rui. Ao Tian, if I were you, I prefer to choose Feng Chen Rui as my partner to deal with Feng Chen Yi.” This is Long Ye personal thought, but he understands very well why Yu Ao Tian choosing Feng Chen Yi.

It is so easy to see, Yu Ao Tian admires and also certain toward Feng Chen Yi attitudes. To say, for the new generation in Business world, Feng Chen Yi is counted as bright star.

“Sst, Long Ye, Feng Chen Yi is coming.” Han Li Shang hit Long Ye’s arm, hinting him to shut up.

“CEO Yu, Vice CEO Han, General Manager Long.” Feng Chen Yi is walking slowly in front of them, that cold good looking face is politely giving him courtesy smiles.

Yu Ao Tian stands up, shaking hand with him: “Chen Yi, are you coming to see your little sister?”

“En, CEO Yu, the performance is going to start, I won’t disturb you.” Said Feng Chen Yi and then he brings Lisa to sit at the second row…

“Every honor guests, every student parents, now the performance is officially to start, the first performance is (Snow white).”

At sudden the room lights are dim, a girl with music narrated the story development with narrative voice. This time, the person who acting takes the role as snow white, Gong Xiao Man suddenly walking to the in front of stage…


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 213 B

    1. The thing is Yao Yao could have defused this by just telling YAT that FCY was her jerk ex and that she thinks he sucks (true or not) but now it’s going to devolve into serious melodrama.

      1. Indeed could feel that YY is hoping that YAT spend birthday celebration with her. Hopefully he changed his mind and spend it with YY whom is obvious is very precious to YAT. Thanks azurro4cielo for the quick translation 😉

  1. Weeehhh~ Yu Ao Tian and Luo Yao Yao can wait. I totally miss the Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man pairing!!!! Hahahahahaha

    I hope when the sweet moments between LYY and YAT are lacking, GXM and HLS would be there to fill in. LOL.

    Thankies for the fast updates~

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