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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 213 C


This is how I imaging Gong Xiao Man in snow white costume. Don’t you think she is cute?


Anyone miss Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man?

Han Li Shang, Yu Ao Tian, Long Ye and Mo Xue Tong are honorable guests that invited to join the open study session by the Dean of University. In this chapter Long Ye is still like to tease Han Li Shang by bringing up Gong Xiao Man as their chattering topic.

Also in this chapter Gong Xiao Man does her love confession to Han Li Shang in her own way…

Chapter 213

Part 3 (Three)

“This little girl seems to be Xiao Meng Li’s best friend, right? Said Long Ye, his smiling eyes is glancing at Han Li Shang who sits beside him.

His eyesight looks at in front, coldly said: “Long Ye, what do you mean to look at me by this time?”

“Oh. It is nothing. Just that time when we were leaving from Ao Tian’s house, I had seen that little girl seem got to your car, right?”


“Li Shang, what are you nervous for? Did you do something that you mustn’t do?”

After listened to Long Ye’s sarcasm words, he furrowed his brows: “What could I do toward little girl? Do you think I was Ao Tian?”

Yu Ao Tian who is silently watching the performance, leaning at his chair suddenly got shoot ah, “Li Shang, if we count at least you are older by two years than me, this year you are 30, right? Hm, indeed you must have big gap with the 19 years old little girl.”

“Ao Tian, do you mean that you not have any age gap with those girls?”

“Of course.” Yu Ao Tian smiles shrugged his shoulders: “At least people will say me still in my twenties something, but if the person is you, people might say you are in your thirties something, am I wrong? Long Ye, later we go further from Li Shang, we are not same generation with him.”

“Hihi, this cannot blame on me, Li Shang. It is you who provoke Ao Tian.” besides Long Ye is watching good show he also keeps on fanning the flames.

“Are all of you done?” at this time, Mo Tong Xue who keeps quite suddenly speaks up because she can’t endure anymore. Finally everyone is behaved, especially Long Ye.

“Snow white, do you have someone you like?” in the stage, those who taking role as seven dwarfs curiously asked.

Gong Xiao Man who is sitting on the floor and pondering for moment, she blinking her eyes and subconsciously her eyes looking at the first row, Han Li Shang: “I have someone I like, unfortunately, he dislikes me. He is even not willing to see me, he is not even glance at me.”

“Huh…” it is so obviously, Gong Xiao Man isn’t acting based on the script. It isn’t totally from what the script supposed to be and her dialogue affects to the little dwarf’s acting.

This time, Gong Xiao Man changes her dialogue: “Haha, but I willing to wait. Perhaps one year, two years, I believe later or sooner there will a day, his eyes will have me. But there is also possibility, that day never comes.”

“So snow white, when the times arrive what will you do?”

Gong Xiao Man changes her bitter smiles expression with laughing euphoric, stands up: “When the time arrives, I will randomly married someone, but I still want to thank him because he let me to experience my heart racing, let me know what is…love!”

“The dialogue all isn’t right, but it really gives difficulty to the little dwarfs who acting with her. Li Shang, that little girl is said for you, right?” It is not only Long Ye who can feel it, but others people also can feel same way, after all when Gong Xiao Man said her dialogue, her eyes keeps looking at Han Li Shang, her eyes looks so sincere.

“How can I know? That is her problem. Anyway I won’t get interested with this moody little girl!” when Han Li Shang said his words he is so certain, perhaps, since the day when Gong Xiao Man kissed him, he thought Gong Xiao Man as frivolous and fickle little girl.

After this short dialogue, this (snow white) performance finally back to the original story track.

“Alright, after the snow white and seven dwarfs, performance will move to (sleeping beauty).”


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 213 C

  1. Hahahaha… GXM is soooo bold and daring. A wonderful love confession indeed! Wonder what happens next between her and HLS. I hope they end up together. 😍

  2. Thanks for your hard work. I like GXM she is not afraid to show her feelings toward HLS. What a girl. You go girl. I’m looking forward for YY part.. Have a blessed evening and peace upon you.

  3. I LOL’ed at Yu Ao Tian’s counterattack to Han Li Shang about him already on his 30s while Gong Xiao Man is still 19. (>v<)

    Your picture of GXM (Snow White version) is soooo cute indeed! I like it.

    Thankies for this update~

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