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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 214 A

Finally I managed to post new chapter today. I have problem with my internet since afternoon because my internet went down.

I know you guys wonder what happen to Long Qi since he is getting so close with Yao Yao and intending to make Yu Ao Tian lost control and rushing to the stage. Well, without his knowing Long Qi isn’t only provoking Yu Ao Tian but also Yao Yao’s admirer especially male students.

Chapter 214

Part 1 (One)

From the audience’s side, from two different directions, two mobile phones are thrown to Long Qi’s back head.

“MF, who threw it?” he loosens his hand which embraces Yao Yao’s body, raging in fume looked at the audiences.

Yu Ao Tian pair of hands are enveloped his chest, his face is dim and glaring at Long Qi who is in stage. Long Ye who is sitting beside him helplessly sighed: “My mobile phone…”

From the other sides…

“General Manager Feng…” Lisa grimaced expression looking at Feng Chen Yi who is sitting beside her.

He coldly said: “Rest assured, I will pay you new mobile phone when we get back!”

“Hey, the person who playing the role as prince, your thought, your thought ended, you still dare to kiss Luo Yao Yao?”

“That’s right!” from the audience’s sites there are few males’ unhappy voices.

Long Qi torn his costume, without any consideration he rushing to the audience: “My intention MF is whatever I want there is nothing to do with all of you!”

“Do you want to have fight?”

“Come over here!”

Actually it is smooth open study session at the beginning, but the next it turned to be fighting field. Yao Yao who acted sleep soundly suddenly gets up and sits in sitting position, seeing this chaotic scenery, simply to say she wants to cry. How can things turned out to be this?

Her eyes is spotting at the mobile phone which got inside her glass box, did this mobile phone throw by Yu Ao Tian? And the others one…

Her suspicious eyes are looking to the audiences, finally her eyes spotted at Feng Chen Yi’s seat. Did the others mobile phone belong to Feng Chen Yi?

“Vixen is vixen, actually the performance is going smoothly, because of her, the performance is turned out to be battle field caused of envy and jealously.” Sleeping beauty performance is ended, at the backstage everyone is gossiping and feel dissatisfaction toward Yao Yao.

“That’s right, you guys see, the Dean must question about this matter. At last we must being troubled by this vixen. What innocent school flower, simply to say she only a seducers.

Listened to all those piercing and scolding, Yao Yao is feeling unhappily, but she also could not do anything, after all she does not have strength anymore to deal so that she won’t speak anything, only to worsen the situation.

“Luo Yao Yao, don’t keep it inside your heart, all of they are only jealous toward you.” Said Zhang Li Li to her after she handed over the towel, faintly smiled, and then left.

Doesn’t Zhang Li Li also Feng Ke Xin’s people? Why she acts?

Perhaps this is called as you not difficult others so in the future they might help you, if last time she really viciously hit Zhang Li Li, perhaps from the surface seems she was venting out her anger, but on this way actually she only adding her enemies list.

Changing her costume dress, Yao Yao is leaving the backstage which filled with many bad words about her. She is walking slowly to the school garden; she could feel this is first time for her to feel university atmosphere at night actually so peaceful.

“It is eleven past few minutes, perhaps the open study session is ended just now.” She has set the time to meet Xiao Man at 2, it seems she still needs to think how to kill the time.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 214 A

  1. Terimakasih kawan…that’s all I can remember to say…Thanking you very much Azurro, I hope all fine and shine at your end with you and your internet service…:D

  2. Thank you…..for sharing this hilarious chapter with us even with problems at your end ….
    Hope everything is ok again…

  3. Wow! That’s fierce ah 😱peng peng are two 📱 phones.😀😁😂

    May YY celebrate her bday with real joy *cross fingers and toes*

    Thanks Tons dear 😘

  4. They should blame Long Qi not YY. I hope YY able to escape from everyone especially from FCY. Trouble, trouble. Hoping YY will celebrate her birthday joyfully….

  5. Thank you thank you Azurro for the lovely chapter. As expected both FCY and YAT reacted but why throw LY and Lisa’s phone? Hahahaha. LQ is really a trouble maker to have cause YY such sorrows. Hopefully her birthday celebration will be a smooth one without any issues. 😉

  6. Mobile phones!? Nyahahahah. Poor owners. LOL. But I bet those are new models, right? If it’s a Nokia 3210, Long Qi would already be dead by now. LOL.

    Problems with the internet connection? Tell me about it~ Here in my country, it is also quite slow and very expensive compared to other countries. ( -_-)

    Thankies for this update~

  7. Thank you!
    I just cannot stop laughing. Especially when Long Ye tried betting but to find out his UNFORTUNATE brother is the one doing the kissing. Two people’s innocent mobile phone just got thrown across the staged and Yao Yao just didn’t want to think about cause she’d get a headache.

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