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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 214 B

Colorful fireworks lighting the night sky

Chapter 214

Part 2 (Two)

Doesn’t know whether Yu Ao Tian has left or not?

How will he celebrate Mis Mo’s birthday?

For Yu Ao Tian, as expectedly is Miss Mo someone special compares to others? Perhaps he never remembered the birthday any of women who ever with him before? Hahaha.

Silently she is sitting at the bench, she is staring blankly to the bulb light in the garden.

There slights and tiny footsteps coming from her back, Yao Yao furrows her eyebrows, when she wants to turn back…

One pair of big hands covered her mouth. “huf” who? Is kidnapper?

Her body is being dragged with powerful force, Yao Yao restive, her eyes swept the silence school, now the open study session is ended, everyone is leaving moreover this is school backyard, certainly there is no one in here.


Suddenly that person is forced her to enter the building of multimedia room, they are heading to the top floor roof. Suddenly the man’s footsteps stopped.

The autumn wind is blowing her thin clothes and gives her chills, an additional the deathly silent night is extremely freaking scary. Why he brings her to the rooftop? Does he want to push her down?

“ah!” she is struggling to free herself from the tense atmosphere which enveloped her body.

At this time…

Finally, that hands loosen up. Yao Yao turned over her head and when she is prepared to scream… “Ugh, Feng Chen Yi?” why is he? At sudden she limp and sat on floor.

“Are you surprised?”

Surprised your fart? I am shocked, do you understand? “Why do you think? You are really shocked me!”

“Nothing, I just wanted to give you a surprised.” Feng Chen Yi shows mesmerizing smile, he is slowly walking toward the roof railing side, jump and sitting on the top.

“Now you are really bad, after all you learn to be mischievous? I still have things to do, I take my leave.”

“Stop!” at sudden Feng Chen Yi stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

“What?” She is curiously blinking her eyes.

Feng Chen Yi smiles again, but he keeps silent.

The autumn wind is blowing his black hair, in this middle of night she is alone with this charming man which evoke her old feeling.

Time is ticking flies away; Yao Yao appears to be impatience: “Actually what you…”

“Sst.” He takes out his hand and his fingertip touch her mouth to stop her small mouth. There is faint scent from his fingertip which smells by her nose. At that moment, her mind is in chaos.

At sudden…

Feng Chen Yi jumps over the fence, with his strength he pressing down Yao Yao’s body while her front is leaning to the fence and her back is wrapped to his well-build body.

“Feng Chen Yi, what do you want.” Her back still leaning and pressed on Feng Chen Yi’s chest, she can feel the warmth from his body.

But he still remaining silent, not let her go and also not speak anything.

The secluded rooftop for once again is felt into deathly silent, Yao Yao is slightly frowning, her body is stiffening since she afraid of something might happen between she and Feng Chen Yi.

What does Feng Chen Yi want to do?

Her facial expression is dimmer, restless.

At this moment…

Dong DongDong

The middle night clock is ringing. The dark night suddenly covered by bright light.

Yao Yao is surprised; subconsciously her eyes looked at the source of the lights.

As seen, the dark night sky is lightening by fireworks, and then the fireworks presenting words…

“Yao Yao, Happy Birthday”, these words.


20 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 214 B

    1. I don’t hate this sweet scenes but I do hate Feng Chen Yi may imply on something bad to Yao Yao because everything he had done or going to do later… since most of time things related to him never had good ending to her.

      1. I totally agree. Each time FCY want to give YY a surprise, each time it gave a sense of forboding of being hurt then out to him which YY never find it cute in fact she found it annoying. Lately YY has been thinking a lot of YAT more so than FCY. FCY never take no for an answerfrom YY, he constantly forcing himself onto YY. The things FCY is doing for YY now a little too late. YY move on n FCY won’t. LOSER FCY.

  1. So sweet of FCY to have remembered YY’s birthday. This show how much she mean to him all these years although they had gone their own ways. I certainly hope that YAT did not see the fireworks. Can’t wait for the next chapter 😉

  2. This is the reason why I can never hate FYC. No matter what he is always genuine towards YY. She is always a priority with him.

    1. If I am someone who does not know about their past, I would say how sweet and perfect he is. Prince charming with white horse.
      instead of genuine, I may say he has motive toward Yao Yao.
      His priority is fight back to get Yao Yao from YAT (love rival he seeks this time)

  3. No no no no no noooo . Why is FCY with YY ??? .YAT will surely be very mad when he ll find out. I agree with May . FCY is kinda creepy….

  4. Thanks once again,. It’s really a nice surprise from FYC. But it will be a big trouble for YY. It’s certainly YAT must know now that it’s YY birthday and may not attend or celebrate MXT. I’m corious What will happen next. Have a blessed day.

  5. That guy’s creepy! I would have knocked his head hard if I was the one being ‘kidnapped’. I don’t appreciate surprises like that!

    Or maybe I’m just being bias cause he’s the cheater Feng Chen Yi. LOL

    Thankies for this update~

  6. Lol sometime I like FCY better then YAT. I think he is sweet. Seem like he will do anything for YY. I know the main character is YAT and YY being couple up but I still like FCY better hehehhe…he is not as harsh as YAT. No matter what he would never lay his finger on her (hit/abuse her) regardless of his anger.

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