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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 214 C


This is the last part of Chapter 214. To be honest, I heart how Yao Yao feels about Feng Chen Yi. I also agreed with Julie whatever Feng Chen Yi done for Yao Yao, everything just too late, he had missed and dragged everything not for few days but two years.

My heart might touched for every sweet things he did for Yao Yao, I touched for his love which looks “so sincere” though there is motive at behind. Again, if miss one time will miss for one life. Hence, no matter what Feng Chen Yi does, he must accept he had missed her already since the day he cheating.

I have good news and bad news…
The sweet moments ended in this chapter. The storm finally is heading to Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao relationship. But, I will post single chapters onward so the chapters won’t be chopped into few parts 🙂

Chapter 214

Part 3 (Three)

Her eyes are open bigger, her bright eyes suddenly covered by a layer of mist, she can’t say anything to describe her mood for moment, she only can feel touching… touching…

She remembered, when two of them met, that time Yao Yao was only 13 years old; when she was celebrating her 15th year old that day, both of them were officially boy and girl friend (dating).

That day scenery, Yao Yao won’t ever forget for her entire life…

“Luo Yao Yao, come to the sport field for moment.” She suddenly received Feng Chen Yi phone called.

“Senior Feng, what is matter?”

“I ask you to come, just come.”

“Oh.” She was so curiously when arrived at the empty sport field, she had waited for such long time but she didn’t see Feng Chen Yi’s shadow.

After that…

There were neon lights which flashing from the high building facing to the sport field, at the above is written something. But thing wasn’t ended yet, there was a helicopter flying circling above the sport field with banner. The banner was written her birthday greeting messages.

When the helicopter was landed in the sport field, she could see Feng Chen Yi getting down from the Helicopter with a bouquet red rose in his hands.

She would never forget that moment forever, that day Feng Chen Yi was so similar alike Prince who she ever dreamt before, he was so good looking and also so dreamy which no one would look away from him.

“Happy Birthday” 99 roses were put into her hands.

Yao Yao took a glance, she was dumbstruck: “Senior Feng, why is rose…”

“Not understand?” Feng Chen Yi smiled was so charming, bend down his body, he used intoxicating voice whispered at her: “Date me, Yao Yao.”

That moment, her heart felt as if exploded, simply to say it was thumping faster. She never thought Feng Chen Yi would fall for someone like her, someone so stupid, and could not do anything, little girl. But she had already secretly loved him for half year before…

“What is your answer? Yao Yao? Are you willing or not?”

“I…” her small face was blushing while the neon lights were illuminating her face gave such indiscernible feeling. With shy face, she nodded: “mm”

Hence, both of them were sitting in the helicopter and heading toward Bei Hai (North Sea) to ice skating, and then later on it became school legend.

It was one romantic and also dreamy love story!

After that, when she was at her 16 years old, she got surprised and felt touching, but before she reached her 17 years old, she had already ended her relationship with Feng Chen Yi. While her 17th years old birthday, 18th years old birthday all was celebrated by Gong Xiao Man, but occasionally she would remember about Feng Chen Yi, so that when she was celebrating two times of her birthday, she felt pain and tortured.

Two years after is today, once again she feels surprised from Feng Chen Yi, the unforgettable feeling at same time filed with sweets memories and yet tears.

“Happy Birthday, Yao Yao.” Feng Chen Yi intoxicating voice is flowing to her ears, and then he gave her a necklace which he puts to her neck by himself. “I am sorry, I have late for two years and give it to you.”

Late two years and then give you? Impossible is…

Her heart is tightened, she lowers her head to take look at the necklace, just expected it is really daisy necklace.

“What is this?”

“Of course it is your 15th birthday present, take look.”

“Ugh, is this daisy bracelet?”

“Like it?”


“I have made a whole set, but I just give you a bracelet first.”

“What will you give me as present at my 16th years old birthday?”


“How about my 17th years old?”


“18th years old?”


“19th years old?”

When Yao Yao asking about this matter, Feng Chen Yi faintly smiled: “You say?” His charming eyes were gleaming deeply which was so intoxicating.

Yao Yao shyly bowed down her head: “Huh, I still not sure whether I will marry to you or not. Moreover that times me only 19 years old.”

“In Japan 18 years old is legal age to marry. The most important… I don’t say whether I will marry you or not.”

“Feng Chen Yi! What do you mean?”


Unforgettable memories about something relating to someone, suddenly gives her devastating feeling, there was a time she hates herself who has bad memory but also hates herself when her memory being sharpen.

At this moment, she really hates herself because she recalling many of her memories, many memories regarding her past with Feng Chen Yi. Long time ago she also hated herself to recall Feng Chen Yi kindness, and also she has derailment (Thought disorder) of Feng Chen Yi, recalled the memory when he cheated at her?

If not because his betrayal, perhaps this year, would they get marry? Perhaps…

“Thank you, Feng Chen Yi. But…” she is putting her effort to stop her glistening tears, slowly turned her head, she realized his good Looking face actually is so close to her.

“Things has passed, just let it passes. Things that happened two years ago it does not mean you can make up now and changes everything.” She raises her hands, when she wanted to take off the necklace.

At sudden Feng Chen Yi stopped her: “What do you mean?”

She is frozen, she slowly lowers her head: “There was a time, I really wanted to forget everything between you and Li Ruo Ting, but this matter has tortured me for two years.” She lifts her head up: “Do you know how I passed these days within two years? Perhaps, you Feng Chen Yi could think it as game. But for me, that thing is not more than nightmare, a nightmare which I wanted to forget but I couldn’t do it!”

There was countless night when Yao Yao wakes up from her dreams, every times she wakes up her eyes always wet with tears.

Sometimes there is sort of feeling perhaps in few days will be forgotten; but there is also sort of feeling which unforgettable for the entire life…


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 214 C

    1. Yao Yao isn’t enjoying her birthday. Being together with Feng Chen Yi really uncomfortable for her. Besides all the sweet memories also pain and bad memories are flowing in her head.

      1. Most of the promises that FCY made to YY were just empties one. He for once don’t deserves YY’s loves because he doesn’t respect YY’s wishes. Her only wish of her from him is to be pure until they are married but FCY being like most men are controlled by their little brothers. If FCY is truly love YY had he proclaimed so many times after two years of separation then he should not cheated on YY with another women. What more FCY don’t deserves YY’s love also instead of, apologising to YY for cheating on her with another women what he did is blame her for not sleeping with him hence he went find another women just to spite her and also called her a prude.

        YY is one of those old fashion young girl who does not sleep around with men just because she can. She chose to keep herself to her future husband and what is wrong with that?? Until now, FCY did not apologise to YY of his cheating and what did he end up doing is made more promises to her and tried to bring back all the sweet things they used to do one another before the cheating.

        I still say and stand by saying, “a little too late”. Even up to now FCY still don’t respect YY’s wishes by wanting to move on with someone else instead of going back to the past. The world does not just wait on you, the world move on disregard. YY is ready to move forward not backward whether she like it or not so she adapt for her own sanity and happiness. So one sentence for you FCY, grow up, don’t be a selfish bastard (sorry for swearing) move one with your life without YY. You blew your chances with YY.

        Right now what YY can think of is YAT and not FCY anymore. In the past, YY dared not pout in front of YAT but now is different.

  1. FCY had his moments and he let it go, for him to think doing these sweet gestures can redeem himself showing how over confident he is. It’s all over for you dude….if YAT will witness this incident , he will totally goes ballistics.

    1. Yes. he had his moment, he let it go and also ruin the opportunity to get Yao Yao back. Two years must be more than enough for him to chasing back Yao Yao but he just over confident with himself, believed she will be back at his side.
      But, fate has worked different, Beside Feng Chen Yi, there are many men appear one by one in front of Yao Yao. To her surprised, each of the man is offering “true love” for her.

      1. YY is lucky girl, all the guys who like her are men of wealth and capable. Like YAT,FYC and CEO Xia R. her co worker in finance dept became the CEO. YAT will know now FCY is YY ex boyfriend he is going to be possessive of her.

  2. Thank you for the update. Totally agree with Julie on FCY. Somehow I think he will continue to appear in her life for now until a time as such he will fade off.

    Although not very excited about the upcoming storm…. I just hope that YY and YAT will realized soon how much both of them treasure each other and are willing to admit it. Then only I think FCY and all the others around her whom are in ‘love’ with YY will walk away.

  3. thanks for the update !
    i wonder if this storm is going to be long.
    somehow i have to say i was kind of getting sick of the sweet moment and was waiting for the term desperately .

  4. YAT shouldn’t go ballistic to find out FYC is YY’s ex. He wouldn’t get to meet her before when YY got heartbroken 💔ah. He’s a smart person, he should know what to do with FYC. As for, more guys offering YY true love… That’s gonna be a lot of mess to take care of 😂 fighting YY!

    Thanks Tons dear 😘

  5. I concur with Julie’s comment. As Jojo would sing it,

    “It’s just too little too late~ A little too wrong~ And I can’t wait~ But you know all the right things to say~

    You say you dream of my face~ But you don’t like me~ You just like the chase~ To be real, It doesn’t matter anyway
    (You know, it’s just too little too late)”

    Oh, the whole songs fits him so well! I dedicate it to him.

    Thankies to this update!

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