C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 215


Chapter 215

Seeing the painful expression in her face, Feng Chen Yi keeps his hand from curling into fist, with bitter smiled and said: “Losing you… for me it always becomes my nightmare!”

Two years ago after they broke up, his expression showing as if nothing happened. But deep inside his heart it was so painful, a pain that he only he knew.

Every times when he saw her from far away, his heart would pain one times, every times when he met her, all the beautiful memories would flowing in his head and feeling torn as if tearing his heart.

So that, he chose to continue helping his family business, he thought using the time to heal his wounds and forget this feeling.

But he is mistaken one thing, he thought leaving perhaps the best decision he ever made, leaving could slowly forgetting. But after he left her laughing and her sadness, every memory about their past nonstop showing up and pain his heart, that love they shared before, more he wanted to bury it more unforgettable it is.

Until that time, he finally understood how he loves her. He indeed loves her so much!

“Let’s we start all over, Yao Yao…” his warm palm is touching her cold small face, Feng Chen Yi careful looking at her, his lips is slowly brushes her lips…

Inside the Aula.

The commotion is ended, needless to say Long Qi is the victorious side, won over all of them without any serious harm, just afraid after this commotion, he would turned to be school legend who could won over many people at one fight.

“hahahaha, school is interesting place. Ao Tian ge, thank you.” Sitting in the rest area, Long Qi is happily laughing, while Mo Xue Tong is so attentively handling his wounds.

“You rotten kid, I sent you to school not asking you to have fight?” Yu Ao Tian using one of his fingers prodding his head.

“It was not my fault. The most important, I don’t know which bastard knocked me with mobile phone!”

“Cough” once Long Ye heard what his younger brother said at his beside he is nervously making coughing voice and let out warning sign from his eyesight.

“Oh.. I know. But the other mobile phone, who threw it?”

Talking to this point, Yu Ao Tian was throwing a mobile phone but who was throwing the other ones?

“Xiao Meng Li seems so welcoming in school anyone could possible to throw a mobile phone. If next time you still teasing him, perhaps he will throw you a knife.”

“Ugh…” being said by his older brother, Long Qi suddenly comes to understand, really, if just now were two knives and not two mobile phones which knocking his head perhaps he would die on the spot!

“Long Ye, help me to find little thing.” Since sleeping beauty performances ended, Yu Ao Tian hasn’t seen Yao Yao.

“Oh, understood.” Long Ye is searching in Aula, his eyes suddenly spotted at Feng Ke Xin: “Fellow student, do you know where is Luo Yao Yao?”

Feng Ke Xin rolled her eyes, looking at Long Ye, and also seeing Yu Ao Tian who is at his back: “Why are you looking for Yao Yao? I am her friend.”

“Oh, nothing. We just wanted to send her something.”

“En?” sending something? Is this man who wanting to send thing to Luo Yao Yao? Or Board Director Yu the person who wanted to send something to Yao Yao? Luo Yao Yao indeed has skill, not to mention seducing my older brother, she also seducing Board Director Yu? Really interesting!

“I saw her as if she went to school garden, that way.”

“Oh, alright. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After Long Ye asked, he is blinking to Yu Ao Tian.

Yu Ao Tian is alone walking to school garden, but no matter how he searching for Yao Yao he cannot find her not evens her shadow.

At sudden…

There is bright light which caught by his eyes from the sport field. He is curious so he walks heading there, although it flat, but he sees vague words which displayed by the fireworks.

“You are? Feng Chen Yi’s secretary, am I right?”

The person who responsible to light the fireworks is Lisa, she turned to see: “Ah, CEO Yu, how coincidences.”

“You are…”

“Haha, today is General Manager Feng’s Ex-girl friend birthday, I am here to responsible lit the fireworks.” Said Lisa she is pointing at the building rooftop.

That deep black eyes looking at…

In the rooftop railing there are two figures who are closely cuddling, their lips are touched each others, under the moonlight, this scenery is such beautiful and picturesque.

His eyes is open-wide, at the moment Yu Ao Tian sees this scenery, his big curling into fist, his vein is so clear under his skin, the scenery of those two person as if a dagger stab on his heart and piercing his eyes!

“Mei Yun, do you know General Manager Feng?”

“Haha, his ex-girlfriend likes me so much because of this, we know each other. It is unbelievable; Feng Chen Yi is love-struck person.”

“My collaboration with Lan Du at the most only worth 8 billion dollars, but your piece of land at least worth 15 Billion dollars, I really want to know, General Manager Feng actually what is your reason to do this deficit business?”

“Big Boss Yu, whatever Feng Chen Yi done because of his ex-chick, so that…”

“Ha, really could not believe if Feng Chen Yi is love-struck person. Because of his ex-girlfriend he can sacrifice everything.”

“Chen Yi, I want few men who are in your hand.”

“Few men? Ming Hui and few of his fellow mates?”


“I do apologized CEO Yu, although you said this few men are yours men, I really can pay for your favour!”

Everything is seems to be scenes which flowing in his head, those coincides collaboration with Feng Chen Yi, those accidentally moments, seems everything has been explained now.

“So… this how’s thing going on!” the wind is blowing, Yu Ao Tian stills watching, his black hair is blowing by the wind as if pair of his eyes are being blocked by it. But, he is venting out danger from his body, the strange atmosphere is suffocating in the dark night which able make people to shudder.

“CEO Yu, you…” when Lisa turned to see Yu Ao Tian, that time he has already been leaving to the unknown.

“Ao Tian, so fast? Where is Xiao Meng Li?” Seeing Yu Ao Tian gets into car, Long Ye is curiously asking while keeping looking for Yao Yao.

“Go home.”

“Ah? Don’t we still need to give Xiao Meng Li…”

“Go home!”

The atmosphere inside the car is strange, everyone is looking each others, and no one speaks.


At this time, Yu Ao Tian mobile phone is suddenly ringing, with his expressionless face he picks the phone call…

“Big Boss Yu, not long ago you have ordered us to check the matter in Japan, our men have done, Miss Luo ever dated a man when she was in Japan, that man is Feng Group second Young Master, Feng Chen Yi. But two years ago they had broke up, after that, Miss Luo does not date any man after that.”

This is last time matter, when a man showed up admitted as Yao Yao’s boyfriend so he asked his men to check it.

After that in order to protect him, Yao Yao wounded herself, to cover reality of the man he killed. Because of that he felt touched, so that he forgot about that matter. Who knows…

During he is confirmed with his own eyes at sudden the fact also showing up in the surface.

“I did know it.” He is calmly hung up the phone call, there is an expression which hard to read in his face.

But people who know his character understand very well, this is a sign for storm coming, more Yu Ao Tian calm crazier he would become which mean how serious the matter is!

The car is slowly moving, at sudden Yu Ao Tian takes out one beautiful box from his pocket.

Beside him is Long Ye who peeks at him: “Ao Tian, this is…” without waiting for him to speak. Yu Ao Tian has opened the car window and throwing that beautiful box out.

Seeing this scenery, Long Ye quite surprised, he opened his window, suspiciously looking at that beautiful box which getting far away from their car. He really wants to know, what was happened between Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian just now?

Passing the street, the car is speed. At this time, a pair of couple who is standing besides the street waiting for the traffic light: “See, there is something.” They are heading there, pick up, slowly open that beautiful box, in front of their eyes it is something shiny brightly: “Woah, what a beautiful necklace.”

On other side, at the rooftop…

Encountering sometimes is a sin.

I encountered you. I love you. I betrayed you. You tortured me. I still love you. I encountered you. I fall in love with you. You betray me. I hurt you. I still love you. Still love you. Hate you most but love you most too. Because so in love that’s why causing a hate, love result hate.

So, hurt each others, heart are already hurt, now, can I get a hug? Peacefully, cut all the ties of this feeling?

“We start all over again, Yao Yao.” The warm palm is touching her small face, Feng Chen Yi is looking at her, his lips are getting closer to hers…


  1. kimchigalblog · March 11

    YAT is heartbroken😭 his love rivals are coming up!

    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      This is first heartbroken he feel. Feng Chen Yi is strong Love rival.

      • kimchigalblog · March 11

        Yes the strongest one though they both won’t stop chasing her👍

      • mhryu · March 11

        Nooooo now I no longer want YY with FCY…. Don’t hurt YAT whom have done so much for you although he is still refusing to admit that he loves you YY…. Hope whatever storm coming up YAT will not harm YY too much…. 😰

      • kimchigalblog · March 11

        DW YAT loves her to the death n follows her till the end of earth but sometimes he can’t control his anger ne n YY isn’t stupid to leave him just for that…. I really applaud him for not giving her up even when they decide to part their ways due to the misunderstanding…

      • mhryu · March 11

        They parted ways? Noooooooo that would be so sad….. Can’t imagine YAT follow YY to the end of the earth though… 😉

      • kimchigalblog · March 11

        U know him he isn’t the man to clarify the misunderstanding n that leads to😭😭😭

      • mhryu · March 11

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  2. xstarvenusx · March 11

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    Thank you for the chapter

  3. jiya · March 11

    oh god
    this storm is going to be really really really long from what i think .
    thanks for the update.

    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      Yes, this will be long wave which able to drown anyone who come near.

  4. Kitty · March 11

    I hope YAT does not go crazy and hurt YY. Poor YY, she just seems to get hurt all the time. YAT has got to understand that that was before his time with her.

    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      There is no promise.
      But things will be more complicated from here.

  5. Ami · March 11

    Wonder, what YAT will do to YY and FCY after this. Hope YY will be okay …

    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      You make your guess😛

      • May · March 11

        Will he force her to “sleep” with him? I haven’t read the chapter yet, I am a bit anxious about this storm everybody talking about, lol

      • azurro4cielo · March 11

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        why must he force her to sleep? he hasn’t gone to that drained circumstances😄😄😄

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  6. amy3108 · March 11

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    Have a blessed day and peace be with you.

    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      To think Yu Ao Tian isn’t frugal to his women especially to Yao Yao. The necklace must be more expensive compare to the previous watch he gave her.

  7. aigeha26 · March 11

    The secrets out…how is YAT gonna handle this. Thanks for the update…

    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      Very Calm but deathly…

      • Samie · March 11

        Why not just be calm? Didn’t he knows or feels, YY have him in her heart? 😣

        That’s why,I don’t like YAT for YY.

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      • azurro4cielo · March 11

        Yu Ao Tian does not know Yao Yao likes him. Both of they are denying their feeling moreover they still have contract lover between them.
        He is calming himself to find the way to let Yao Yao stays beside him, he won’t let Feng Chen Yi to snatch her in front of his nose.

      • mhryu · March 11

        I hope I hope that YAT will work hard to keep YY by his side and not harm her… Please please please ….. This is getting so exciting that I am jumping up and down now 😉 just tell YY that he loves her and he does not want her to ever leave him…

      • aigeha26 · March 11

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  8. pili · March 11

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    • azurro4cielo · March 11

      thanks for stopping by.
      Orang Indonesia juga toh?

      • pei78 · March 11

        saya juga azurro🙂 salam kenal..

      • azurro4cielo · March 11

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      • pei78 · March 11

        Dari dan masih tinggal di Jakarta🙂 been lurking here as silent reader for a quite long actually…hehe cuman malu kalah saing sama yg bahasa ingherisnya bagus2 ^^

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    Finally, I’m able to catch up, but what is this!?!?

    This is flayful* reporting. Sweet moments between Luo Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian has officially announced that he’ll be taking an indefinite leave of absence due to the STORMY weather. No update yet when the storm will leave the vicinity but experts speculate it’s going to be a very vicious one. Flood of blood and tears is expected.

    LOL. The price of falling too deeply in love… Yu Ao Tian must be thinking Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi are having an affair behind his back. Well, they are meeting behind his back but not dating… Oh, how will this be resolved?

    Thankies for these fast updates, Azurro4Cielo! And thankies for thinking of translating whole chapters. At least we can pass this storm a bit faster with whole chapters and see the sunny days sooner…

  14. Englam · March 11

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  15. Julie · March 11

    Aiyo…this is killing me loh….for a highly IQ YAT yet he jumped to wrong conclusion so quickly. He always thought n misunderstood the worst in YY without letting her to explain the situation or giving her the benefit of doubt…another word more unneccessarily heartache for himself.

    I just hope he would not hurt YY anymore but punished FCY instead because it was FCY who stalked YY.

    Azurro, thanking you for another update n hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  16. AikooxD · March 11

    I’m actually scared to read the next chapters. I hope this moment in their relationship will make their bond even stronger.
    I look forward to your next updates. Greeting from Romania.

  17. Nu · March 12

    Why blame Yao Yao? Didn’t she tell him the night they met that she broke up with someone? He is such a turd. I’m getting mad ahead of time at the misery he will probably put her through. I wish he would grow up–but then we couldn’t have 600 more chapters. Oh my. Can my heart stand it?

    • azurro4cielo · March 12

      Yu Ao Tian blames Yao Yao?
      He is upset with her. he thought she is having affair at his back or gonna reconcile with Feng Chen Yi.
      the scenery will lead anyone to misunderstand.
      My translation is almost 50% done. there won’t be 600 ++chapters to go, so I hope your heart can stand it🙂

      thank you to stop at my blog ^-^

  18. Manju · May 9

    When did ChenYi find out who her present owner is? Do he take long letting YAT to destroy him? How many chapters in this novel?

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