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2016 : My Blog


I take long breathe before writing about this post. I was wondering for some minutes, scrolling down my old posts. I have made more than 1000 posts till today and this post is 1029th post and most of my post are my translation projects. Yes currently I am addicting to do translating project and my interest even growing bigger each day.

I started my blog with personal post, I like to write any random things that happened in my days and it almost alike online diary posts for me and my interest in writing shifting to broader topic extend from personal post to Beauty products and then Dramas, Musics, etc which still randomly being posted by me because I don’t have fix schedule. I might post everyday, three post at one day or once in a week or even once in the month.

But somehow I felt something was off, moreover my sis would stop to sponsor me because she thought my blog was useless seeing from the traffic (almost no one). I don’t mind with traffic since there no thought to monetizing it. I just want to share, know and meet people who share same interest with me, in online way 🙂

At the time I wanted to shut my blog, I was stumbling in C-novel world, being introduce with Chinese Novel, I feel so fascinating and immediately I sucked into this C-novel thingy. I read from very limited resources, relying to those generous person who wanted to spend their time translating all this thing freely. I hadn’t thought seriously about Chinese back then because my English isn’t good too furthermore I was thinking whether to stop or continue.

My blog never as crowded as these past two years and I am so grateful for your supports, dear fellow readers. I still like to call my blog as “campur-campur” a blog which contain various topic and not as translating / translation blog.

Not long ago, some readers were asking me about doing the proofreading, editing and also grammatical check for all my translation projects. I did also receive some offering from few people who wanted to help me to do these things (proofreading, editing and grammatical check) but most not serious about these projects. Perhaps you may think why must be so serious about doing this translating moreover this blog does not offer any money (simply to say free labor).

Yes, this blog isn’t offering any money and it was starting from hobby and passion at the beginning but as time goes, my blog is continuing not only based on my personal hobby, my passion in writing but also my commitment. there is no burden to do these things because I am happy with it, like and enjoy. But the most important I don’t want my projects being neglected. I remembered there was once time someone offer me to do proofreading for my first project but finally I heard nothing after one chapter which almost postponed (there was no notice and just left) and I decided only to work with those have commitment or I may do it by myself though I know how poor my English. Perhaps I sound so arrogant but as long as my readers still can bear with my English, I will give my best and do correction time to time. It is not like I trying to tie people with my so-called commitment for this blog but I just want to get notice before being left at least I know how t deal with the rest things left with me.

Why I refused to let other re-posted or copy my works no matter in PDF / E-book or any others formats and also to their own blog though after they made revision for better reading?
Simply because I do only want to have single online translation post in my blog which may revise time to time for better reading.

Again thanks for the encouragement and also your companion, giving many comments which brighten my everyday. And before I ended my post, some may dislike the projects which I picked and I feel okay about it and don’t let one’s self turn to be haters. Perhaps we can share others interest despite my translation project. After all, this blog contains many topics.

Happy Weekend
Hope you have blast weekend
Azurro ^-^



16 thoughts on “2016 : My Blog

  1. Heartfully and sincerely saying thank you to for sharing your passion and hobbies with us. May you be blessed in life always..

  2. Kudos for ur hard work! Really really appreciate u for taking the naive girl project n who hates ur project? We r always rooting for u! Yu ao tin will be forever engraved in my heart as a badass protagonist…Wish I had a son so I can call him YAT everyday! ganbatte💪🏻

  3. Wow! More than a thousand posts already??? Amazing~ I actually was surprised recently when I realized your “A Naive Short-tempered Girl” translation project is already past 200 chapters. You have worked hard.

    Thankies for sharing your love with C-novels! Assisting you with proofreading is the least I can do as a reader/follower. To be able to read your translations is more than enough as a compensation! (^_^)

    Jiayo, azurro4cielo!

  4. Thanks for all your effort! I found your blog a couple weeks ago and love it. I’m currently addicted to A Naïve Short Tempered Girl. I don’t usually comment but will try to more often 🙂

    1. Thanks Sutekii…
      I feel so lucky when I visited shushengbar and since then, I read your translation, decembi and also those who gathered in hui3r’s blog.
      All of you are doing so great, for me, all of you are my shi fu ^-^
      I do also wish the best for you.

      1. Btw I plan to read some of your translations once I finish up ‘Can I Not Marry’ and go on hiatus from blogging. Well leave some feedback then. So sorry I have taken so long to read any of them >. <

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