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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 216 B


I can’t express how I feel when translating this “stormy” chapters. These few chapters aren’t going to be tough yet because the climax for Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao still far away (They are not going to separation way yet and I hope I won’t spoil much and so do with others who had read this novel).

I have read this novel few times for the translation purpose and these few chapters still give me indescribable feeling. I do really want to skip the chapters but at same time, I can’t.

Let me present you…

Chapter 216

Part 2 (Two)

Suddenly the toilet’s door is opened; Qi Lian Ao Yun suddenly lifts up his head, seeing from the mirror, Yao Yao who is nervously walking to and fro in front of the men’s toilet.


“Woah, Qi Lian sunbae, you vomit at me. You are drinking too much, am I right? Hihihihi.”

“YOU!” just now he wants to flame at her, but seeing how cute and dummy Yao Yao how could he flames at her? At last he is just feeling helplessly. “Forget it, let’s we get out.” He wiped his mouth, keeping guard Yao Yao to back at the dance floor.

The music is going out-loud Yao Yao is following the music and dance crazier, moving her body.

Qi Lian Ao Yu besides her, he is watching and taking care of her but slowly he loosens his guard and followed her to dance.

“Woah! That handsome man is great dancer.”

Women are gathering and surrounding Qi Lian Ao Yun side: “Handsome man, are you alone? Do you want to have drink in our table?”

“Hehehe, Qi Lian sunbae, these women are accosting you.” Yao Yao is tugging Qi Lian Ao Yun’s arm, as if she is watching good show, smiles happily.

Qi Lian Ao Yun furrowed his brows: “Get lost!” he shouted, not only scared the females who accosted him but also surprised Yao Yao.

“Geez. Doesn’t drink just not drink, what you are fierce for?” few of women are lost their interest and leaving.

Qi Lian Ao Yun is turned his attention to Yao Yao, his pair of hand is in Yao Yao’s waist, charmingly smiles: “Come, let’s we continuing.” He takes the lead and leading her to dance.

“Qi… Qi Lian sunbae?” seeing how unsteady Qi Lian sunbae, she feels her alcohol tolerant is getting much better.

“Yao Yao.” His big hand is gently stroking her white small face. Qi Lian Ao Yun good looking face is slowly getting closer toward her: “I really want to kiss you, Yao Yao…Yao Yao…”

His breathing is unsteady, gently spreads to her face.

Yao Yao is restless moving her head right and left: “Qi Lian sunbae, you… are you okay?”

“Yao Yao… Yao Yao…”

“Qi Lian sunbae, you calm down!”

Did it because the additional thing? What was adding into that wine just now?

Yao Yao is shocked to see Qi Lian Ao Yun alcohol tolerance, she is stunned and sober immediately, she panic seeing Qi Lian Ao Yun facial expression.

His white snow skin is suffused with reddish, a pair of his melancholy and charming eyes as his burned in fire. Impossible the wine is added with aphrodisiac, right?

“Yao Yao, you are so beautiful.”

“Don’t ah, Qi Lian sunbae!” her pair of hand is pushing away Qi Lian Ao Yun’s chest with all her strength.

Just at this time…

“Police inspection, all of you take out your ID card.” The music has stopped; the dim bar has turned on all the light and becoming so bright.

Qi Lian Ao Yun is glancing at the police officers over his shoulders, pair of his hand is gripping Yao Yao’s waist tightly and won’t let her go.

Thing goes bad, no one know what kind of thing was adding inside the wine which he drank before, if it was really aphoristic still better, but if it was drugs this would be troublesome.

“Qi Lian sunbae, hurry! Leave with me!” after she said, she still in his embrace and using all her strength to take Qi Lian Ao Yun out, pulling his hand wanting to leave.

“Stay still! Where are you both going?” two police officers are blocking in front of them. “Takes out the ID card.”

“Police officer uncle, my friend is sick he wants to go to toilet.”

“Feeling unwell?” that police officer is swept his glance at Qi Lian Ao Yun eyesight: “Hahaha, I sure he had consumed drug, right? Take away!”


Drug? Get into trouble, this time really gets into trouble, if police officer really finds something alike drug in Qi Lian Ao Yun’s body, this will affect Qi Lian sunbae entire life!


Police Station, investigation room.

Inside the room with white paint, Yao Yao is sitting on a bench. While Qi Lian Ao Yun is lying beside her and resting his head on her.

To unknown how long time has been passing, Qi Lian Ao Yun who sleeps soundly finally opened his eyes: “Where are we?” he changes his position into sitting and then he looks at the surrounding.

“Qi Lian sunbae, you awake? This is… here is police station.”
“En?” Qi Lian Ao Yun is frowning, his melancholy eyes is looking at Yao Yao who is lowering her head: “What happened to you?”

“I am sorry, Qi Lian sunbae. Just now the police officer had checked there was drug in your body through your urine, all because of me who dragging you to this trouble!” if Qi Lian sunbae didn’t help her to drink that glass of wine, Qi Lian sunbae would not being taken to police station. She feels so guilty so that she lowers her head, tears flowing down from her eyes.

“If I didn’t drink that wine, the result must be more severe. Alright, little dummy, this matter is easy to deal.”

“If the police station really wants to sue you, then you will have criminal record by the time it will affect your entire life. I am sorry Qi Lian sunbae, I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry!” Yao Yao keeps bowing and apologizing.

She really makes Qi Lian Ao Yun helpless toward her, he is stroking his black hair, and then one of his hands pulling Yao Yao to get closer to his side: “I tell you nothing will happen, really nothing will happen!” stands up, he is slowly walking toward the room glass door, knocking the glass door.

Qi Lian Ao Yun is having short conversation and then he sitting back to his seat.

“Qi Lian sunbae, what did you tell the police officer?”

“Of course I asked them to call the person who can guarantee we get out from here.”

Uh, that’s right, now both of them are in custody circumstances; they need the guarantor to take them out.

“Oh yeah, little dummy, I was the person who got drug, why are you getting in here with me too?”

“Uh, Qi Lian sunbae, did you really not have any memory about what happened inside the bar?”

Qi Lian Ao Yun twitches his mouth, helplessly he shrugging his shoulder.

It seems that Qi Lian sunbae really forgot what happened before? This is good too… “Haha, when I heard the police were going to have inspection, I really wanted to take you run away, but the result police officer were also suspicious I did consume drug too so that they took me together with you in here.”

“You little dummy are also have quick-witted too. You still remembered to slip away.” Said Qi Lian Ao Yun is dearly stroking her hair.

“Qi Lian Ao Yun, Luo Yao Yao, the person who guarantee both of you is coming, both of you can leave.” The police officer is opened the door which is close shut before.

Yao Yao and Qi Lian Ao Yun are get out together, is his family member who guarantee me out too? Or Gong Xiao Man was noticed Yu Ao Tian, so that he also coming here to guarantee her?

Feeling so curious, Yao Yao who is walking out from the investigation room, not far from there she is spotted Han Li Shang.

“Really troublesome you, Officer Li.” Han Li Shan is shaking hand with that police officer.

“Vice CEO Han, take care.”

“En.” He is nodding his head; coldly his eyes sweeping at Yao Yao and Qi Lian Ao Yun, faster he is walking out from police station.

It seems that Yu Ao Tian is the person who guarantees them gets out? Weird, how could he know that Qi Lian sunbae is her friend? Did Gong Xiao Man tell him? So where is Qi Lian Ao Yun sunbae’s family?

When walking out from the police station, not far from there are luxurious cars parked, at one glance Yao Yao has recognized one of the car is Yu Ao Tian’s car.

When Han Li Shang is walking away from Yu Ao Tian’s car, his footstep is stopping. His expressionless face looking at Qi Lian Ao Yun: “Get in.”

Huh… doesn’t Vice CEO Han make mistake? Doesn’t this word for her?

“Send my classmate goes home.” The usual warm of Qi Lian Ao Yun suddenly is talking in cold tone with Han Li Shang.

“Rest assured, I know what to do.”


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 216 B

    1. He has made guess for his younger brother. but still, this is shocking news for him.
      He needs to deal with Feng Chen Yi who also his best partner-business so far and Qi Lian Ao Yun who is his dearest younger brother to him, fighting for Yao Yao.
      What a mess and complicated relation they have =.=”

  1. “Woah, Qi Lian sunbae, you vomit at me.” He vomited at her? I didn’t notice.

    Anyway, I think if Qi Lian Ao Yun wasn’t with Yao Yao at the police station, I don’t think Yu Ao Tian would take her out due to anger… What a birthday~

    Thankies for the update, Azurro4Cielo~
    Sometimes I do feel frustrated with Yu Ao Tian and can’t help wishing Luo Yao Yao would break up with him, so that maybe he’ll realize what he had… But we have to wait 3 years for that.

  2. Actually after reading that YAT accidentally spotted YY with FCY….I am too scare to read it from that onward…not sure what kind of storms are coming for YY….I don’t really care for FCY or YAT’s younger brothers. Those men have motives either towards YY or using YY to get to YAT. At least at this moment, FCY does not know the involvement of YAT n YY yet.

    YAT maybe very angry and disappointed in YY but he still care enough to bail her out though, I guess that count for something.

  3. I am a little bit scared for YY because knowing YAT the pain he will inflict on her is going to be mountain high. But I also have to admit, my sympathy for her to lessen tremendously because even after knowing what type of man YAT is she can still falls for him.

  4. Thank you for translating. We can’t read without translator like you. I would like to say, not intending to hurt, but your use of word placement makes it hard to understand what exactly is unfolding. If you would like, you may contact me for editing. I’m not an expert in English, but I can help edit simple grammars and word structures. 🙂

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