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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 27.2


This chapter is fully fill with steamy scenes.

Chapter 27

Part 2 (Two)

The expectation is not high

Kang Yu back hug me, “Don’t you think that until today, I will still let you off!”

He is spreading warm breath in my ears, I could feel my body is burning hot.

I starting to tremble, at the moment my legs are weakening.

He holding me, he even gives me princess hug, I kind of surprised and closed my eyes, at the time he puts me down to the bed, I really do not dare to open my eyes.

I could feel his body is pressing down mine, I stunned for moment and my body turned be rigid.

“Miao Miao, open your eyes!” he is caressing my face.

I still trembling when open my eyes, his face is so close with mine, I don’t know whether it because the lighting or not but I could see his face as if shining goldenly, very bright, his eyes are showing gentleness when looking at me.

“Have you prepared?” he asked.

My head feels burning hot, I blurted out, “I wear nothing except the bathrobe!”

When I had arrived inside the hotel room, I removed my makeup, that thick makeup, earlier I had sickened with it.

The cheerful and happy laughing voice, he hugs me, his head is heading to my color bone, murmured, “Miao Miao, you are so cute!”

I feel so embarrassed, perhaps my toes already turned red.

“But…” he lifts his head up, his eyesight gleaming strangely, “Although you are said so, I still needs to check it by myself, so that I know whether you are really wear it or not!”

I do also want to know whether he wear nothing inside his bathrobe!

I firmly tugging his bathrobe, very tense, use too much strength, his bathrobe already pulls down just in moment, that baggy bathrobe slipped and showed his shoulders and also exposing his broad sturdy chest.

My head is almost in smoke.

He laughs and teasing, “Miao Miao, don’t such rush, let’s we do it slowly!”

“I don’t… in rush…” I am so embarrassed, opened my mouth, but he pulled me and kissing my lips, he is on purpose sucking my lips and also teasing me.

I feeling muddle headed with his kissing, and then I could feel he is starting to touch me, I don’t know since when the bathrobe has half fallen down, I could feel his fingers are moving on my skin surface, his hot palm is covering me, it feels so comfortable.

He kisses from my lips to my ears, softly he bites.

An instantly I could feel my body feel numb and my head is spinning, at the same time it gives me thrilling sense.

“Yu…” I called his name, he extended his hand to hold me.

My response toward him absolutely unrestrained, his hands nimble my fullest chest, softly he kneading, his kissing is moved from my ears to my chest.

I am clearly could feel he is loving my chest, he is very careful kneading and gently kissing it.

Just expected, he is not telling lie, he really loves big chest woman.

I raised my head, just in time I looked at him, he is alike a baby that sucking all sweetness of my chest, waiting until he tastes it enough, he changes to other side.

My chest that has sucked by him, he left his saliva there, it is alike crystal shine, because I not really often to wear topless clothes, my chest is exceptionally very white, soft and tender, kneading by his hands my chest can be at any form.

This is really…erotic.

I can feel my head become muddle, my body turning become more sensitive.

My body’s hair seems to strand up, while my below part does not feel alike above silky sheets but hard papers, could not help myself to touch, finally I remembered, I had been counting money before.

We… after all are doing thing above the money, too…indignation.

“Money…money…” I sighed, this money still will be used to pay the hotel bills, if it stained or damage…what a bad.

Kang Yu seems not happy as if being disturbed by me, he punished me by biting my fullest chest, an instant I could feel myself trembling sensitive, he raised my waist up, makes me to have some distant with the bed sheet, and then with one of his big hand he swaying away the bed sheet and also the money, falling down to the floor.

For once more he pressing on me, he is crazily playing with my chest and even used more strength.

“Yu…” I wanted to tell him to stop tormenting it, but realizing the voice that I let out, it is sound different, feeling alike sweat glutinous thick honey.

He seems not to be heard, after all he is forgetting about me, thinking as if my chest is one of the best meals he has.

Suddenly, he lifts up his head from my chest, his deep black eyes shining, his face is burn red as if having fever.

“Miao Miao, Miao Miao…” his voices, at sudden contains suffering feeling, stirring up bites my ear, one of his hands still in my chest, gently kneading it.

My ears, I could hear his breathe is breathing heavier.

The feeling limp and numb, again and again pounding against me, my reflex is stretching my legs and wrapped around to his waist.

He even looked at me with happy expression: “Miao Miao?”

My whole body as if longing on something, nonstop calling his name, “Yu…Yu…” my voice is not that sweet and unctuous, rather kind of creaking moaning sound.

Even I myself don’t know why I could let out this kind of voice.

And then, I could feel his hand isn’t at my chest anymore but sliding down, goes deeper…

I shivering a bit, not really comfortable, but at same time I want it to be continuing, my legs moving, once again I have wrapped him.

He looks as if understand what I wanted, his deep eyes are shining brightly, clear alike crystal, suddenly his low deep voice laughing, “Miao Miao, don’t rush, go slowly.”

What is slowly, I don’t feel in rush, but his fingers moving in my lower abdomen, there is warmth feeling that slowly spreading.

“En…” while me looked alike little kitty, sighed.

After Kang Yu heard it, he is trembling.

I quite surprised why he is trembling, for once again he grabbing my fullest chest, and then slowly by slowly, he knees between my legs.

With this kind of position, I feel more restless, my body is tense up, and then his kissing is gradually sliding down, and go down…

Slide down…finally I only can see his black hair, unconsciously I moving to and fro my hands, grabbing his black hair.

I moaning alike kitten called out as if in urgent, my body arched…

He seems alike waiting for opportunity, he moves his body to in front.

Something getting into my body, I feel something big and also pained me, I feel my body stiffen.

“Yu…hurt…hurt…!” I cried.

He is not stopping, “Endure it, Miao Miao, endure it, later it will be better!” his voice is sounded so anxious, he carefully kissed on place my tears flowing down.

I feel not comfortable, but he looked worse than me.

Finally, I get used with the pain feeling, and start over moaning alike little kitten, restless moving my legs.

He lets out soft humming voices, slowly start to move.

At the beginning it is slowly, but not long after that he suddenly becoming excited.

I quite surprised, I could hear his heavy breathing, his movement is wilder, trying to catch on his pace, but I realized he is too fast.

I wanted to tell him slow down, but at last I let out en en ah ah moaning sounds…


11 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 27.2

      1. There are too many misunderstanding between YAT n YY whereas, KY n MM have lots of understanding from both parties. KY n MM learnt to love and rely on each other whereas, YAT do all the calling and YY do all the jumping without asking how high….so to speak. YAT is not the only one who don’t explain things to YY n clearing any misunderstanding, YY is just as bad.

  1. The wedding night wasn’t wasted in counting money, lol…we need this translation after reading all those frustration bet. YAT and YY…you’re right …thank you.

  2. You are right. Need more. I am still reeling in unbelief YY and YAT. Hope you are coping well Azurro as you have to translate.

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