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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 216 D


Yu Ao Tian didn’t do too much violent things as before. He seems changing his way to torture and torment Yao Yao most of time in verbally, insulting and mocking her. Somehow this method is more hurting Yao Yao because she has been developing her feeling toward him.

Chapter 216

Part 4 (Four)

“Yao Yao, you are my brother… new lover?” Qi Lian Ao Yun face is showing indiscernible expression in his face, really can’t say whether he hates or shocked.

“Bao Bei, hurry, tell my stupid younger brother, you who has innocent look little thing, usually how you interact with me!”

The devil voice flowing into her ears, she really not understands why Yu Ao Tian must insult her in front of Qi Lian sunbae? Truly last time they were still in good term: “Yu Ao Tian, don’t you think that you are too overboard?”

“Hm? Did I say something wrong?”

Her small hands are curling into fist, at the moment she really does not know how to argue against him.

“Alright, I understand now.” At sudden, Qi Lian Ao Yun speaks up, he stands up, one of his hands inserted to his pocket, his mouth is curved upwards and smiles, and then, he is disappearing in the darkness of night.

Yao Yao does not dare to look at Qi Lian Ao Yun’s eyes, but before he is leaving he lets out such scary laughing voice and despicable eyesight.

Ah~ that’s right, whoever knows about her status must be showing that kind of expression, right?

“Bao Bei, you are so awesome, you even can seduce my younger brother. Aiya, what should I say about you?”

He starts again, Yu Ao Tian is back to his usual self which really hard to read, this kind of expression! Actually which part she had offended him?

“Yu Ao Tian, do you really need to say like this?”

“Sst. Whatever the matters, let we talk it at home.” After said, Yu Ao Tian stopped smile, rudely he pulling up Yao Yao from the ground and simple let her get into the car…

“You let me go!” after they arrived at villa, Yao Yao is trying hard to sway away Yu Ao Tian’s hand which is grabbing her arms, faster she rushing to the living room: “Yu Ao Tian, actually what did I do to you, why must you insult me in front of Qi Lian sunbae?”

“Hah.” He sneered, slowly he is walking in front of Yao Yao, his deep black eyes swept her one glance, and finally he stopped at her neck: “The necklace is so beauty. Who gave it?”


Worst! She has thought to take off the necklace when she arrived at home, but the result was far from her plan because something happen with Qi Lian sunbae so she forgot about it. The tense atmosphere lessen a bit, she tries her best to conceal her emotion: “It was given by Gong Xiao Man. You, you answer me first, why you said such horrible words before?”

She is trying to change the topic, but today Yu Ao Tian is interested with this necklace: “Take off the necklace let me see it.”

Cannot ah, really cannot! This necklace is specially made by Feng Chen Yi, every accessory which given by him is engraved his name!

“Forget it! Today I don’t want to argue with you, I want to go to my room and have rest!” after said she turned to leave.

To unknown, she just walked two steps suddenly Yu Ao Tian grabbed her arms, with domineering attitude he swaying her to sofa.

Her petite body being pressed by grown man, he pressed her shoulders with force, as if her shoulders will break at immediately. “Yu Ao Tian, what are you doing?” she feels pain.

At the next moment, Yu Ao Tian is taking off her necklace forcibly…

What happened today, why suddenly Yu Ao Tian changed to be so emotional, why must he so focus with her necklace? Impossible?

Ah! That’s right, this necklace is priced equal to one villa, how could she say the necklace given by Xiao Man? Anyone won’t believe, just hoping he won’t pay attention to the necklace’s back writing, hoping he won’t pay attention at the necklace’s back written…

Yao Yao is panic praying.

Yu Ao Tian single hand is looking at the necklace and his deep eyes glancing at that little daisy necklace.

Yao Yao feels little bit relieved, but when Yu Ao Tian turned the necklace, her face changed at sudden!

“Ha, Gong Xiao Man gave you necklace after all written… Feng Chen Yi’s name?


Her body is trembling, her eyes looking at Yu Ao Tian, at this moment, his expression is extremely scary, as if… big storm which able to drown people…

“Two years ago Ex-boyfriend who cheated on you is Feng Chen Yi.”

Listen to his piercing cold voices, Yao Yao dumbfounded for moment, nervously she staring at Yu Ao Tian expression, she even forget her chin is hurt.

Only by seeing the necklace, how could he…so certain Feng Chen Yi is her Ex-boyfriend?

“First time when I took you dine out, suddenly you left without bid good bye with me, that time you must encounter Feng Chen Yi.”

“Last time when you didn’t come back home, you was also with Feng Chen Yi.”

“Not long time ago I had encountered you in front of restaurant entrance, you said you met a friend so that friend was Feng Chen Yi.”

“Last time when you were almost being ** by few men, you said security guard who saved you, actually that security guard was Feng Chen Yi.”

“Last week Feng Chen Yi was being intimate with little girl in front of the aula entrance, that little girl must be you.”

Every words are being certain said by Yu Ao Tian, he really does not give her a chance to explain herself! His words are like pair of claws from fog which catching pieces of truth.

He frees his hands from her chin, Yu Ao Tian suddenly takes out his mobile phone, dialing the numbers…

“Let forget yesterday, now you are in front of me, I want to love you, please…”

He, why he calls her mobile phone?

The phone is hung up, the phone ringing tones as if hovering in his ears. Yu Ao Tian’s voice is deeply skeptical: “Really sweet, even the phone ringing tones are exactly similar.”

She feels as if one big and heavy stone pressed into her heart, Yao Yao is so nervous chocked, did Yu Ao Tian call her mobile phone because he is testing her out? How can he know everything?

“Yu Ao Tian, you…you listen to me..” she wanted to give an explanation, but when she facing with his eyes, all her words is gulping back, at the moment she could feel everything she wanted to say just nothing, pale and bleak.

“Bao Bei, what do you want to say?” his hand is caressing her face.

When she feels his hand touched her skin, a shiver of panic, her blood as if rushing up to her head. “Feng Chen Yi is my Ex-boyfriend, but we are simply only an ordinary friend!”

“Oh, so both of you only an ordinary friend?” Yu Ao Tian laughed deviously, but at the other minutes his face dim.

Yu Ao Tian verbally insult on Yao Yao, whatever Yu Ao Tian said, Yao Yao can’t argue back to him. He is pissed off, before any bad thing happen, at sudden the door bell is ringing.

Yu Ao Tian is walking and opened the door…

21 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 216 D

  1. I wonder who is at the door? YAT is jealous of FCY. No matter what YY explaination he will never satisfied. Thanks again for your hard work. Have a blessed day.

      1. YY n YAT is just as bad as one another in not bother to explain the misunderstanding. The misunderstanding drawing them apart what more now we jealousy thrown into equations. How r they going to come out from this frustrated relationships of theirs. Both YAT n YY kept going around in the circle.

        I think YAT falls for YY’s gulliblility n non-scheming personility. 😀

        I very much thanking you Azurro for translating headache chapters.

      2. Indeed, you get the point out.
        These chapters are so headache and mentally exhausting.
        Not to mention with Feng Chen Yi and Qi Lian Ao Yun or others party, both of Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian are enough frustrated.

  2. I think she is stupid because if she doesn’t want nothing to do with fcy she should have thrown away the necklace . Thanks Azurro

  3. He must have already noticed all of those things long ago but unconsciously let it passed because he started to have special feelings for Yao Yao. “Love is blind.” Now he is “blinded” by jealousy…

    Can’t blame him. Yao Yao shouldn’t have accepted that necklace, after all. Anyone could totally misunderstand that, no matter what really happened.

    Thankies for the update~

  4. Thank you….thank you for translating all the angst filled chapters very well. I am skipping all these chapters at the moment waiting for more lovey dovey chapters first then coming back to read them….

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