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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 106

I am back with Substitute Bride translation. Thank you to Obsidian who helped me to do the editing and also grammatical check.

Here I presented….

Chapter 106

Deep Hatred

Words in the heart are one thing but when spoken turns out to be something else!

She could not forever do wicked and evil things; her character is that of a good natured person! So with that kind of character she really is not suitable for Third Young Master. That’s why Third Young Madam could be so easily gotten rid of. That’s why her fate is to give up, must not put herself high up…

Wouldn’t she have her own happiness forever?

Why must she grow up in Bai Hua Lane? Why couldn’t she be born into a noble family? Why couldn’t she be same as other Misses from noble families?

Before, she never complained and never hated her parents who neglected her. Previously she never complained about the environment that she grew up in. But now from inside her heart “hatred” burst out. This scary word. Telling Third Young Master not to self-pity himself, but now there is “hatred” in her heart. Isn’t this is also a form of self-pity?

What matters to her?

“Hatred”, this word is scary. She does not want it, forever does not want it!

She uses her strength to shake her head. Fei Yan thought by doing this she could shake those thoughts from her head, but also afraid that her heart is empty.

She tries to forget the empty hole in her heart. Fei Yan focuses her sights on Third Young Master’s face. Fei Yan is extending her trembling hands, wanting to get closer to that face. Slowly, slowly getting closer hoping her hands could heal and restore the previous honor. When close to actually touching, she already feels the temperature of Third Young master’s face. Suddenly she regained herself, hurriedly she takes back her hands.

Why is she acting like this? She has decided to give up!

She does not want to get hurt even more in the future!

“Third Young Master abilities isn’t limited to this, right? Feng Yan really wishes Third Young Master to be happy, hopes that Third Young Master can grab his own happiness! So Fei Yan takes a decision. Fei Yan wants Third Young Master to leave this place, immediately! If possible, Fei Yan wishes to never see Third Young Master anymore!” Coldly speaking to Third Young Master, Fei Yan turned her back.

Since time immemorial, people in love easily shed many tears. Those who love more are hurt the most!

This is his first time seeing a heartless Fei Yan. Ye Che seems to understand many things! He could not guess the meaning of her expression, Fei Yan who supported him. At this moment Fei Yan isn’t the Fei Yan who he used to know. This Fei Yan is someone who has learned to be strong, different from the weak and delicate Fei Yan in his memory.

This kind of Fei Yan also wills to have her own happiness!

He knows, he understands the meaning of what Fei Yan is doing!

She stilled, that kind-hearted Fei Yan.

He has hurt her too much. Indeed, he won’t appear in front of Fei Yan again. This is the best answer for Wan Er. No matter where Wan Er is, no matter whether she still cares for him or not, no matter whether she will forgive him or not, he will chase Wan Er and bring her back. He will let her stay at his side and won’t allow her to disappear anymore.

Deep apology, deep regrets, deep sorrow seeing Fei Yan pretending to be strong. Ye Che spoke. “Fei Yan, you know me! I hope you also will get your happiness! I take my leave!”

Creak, the sound of the wooden door closing. Silent, Fei Yan’s face is wet with tears.

Fate, is that what separates them?


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 106

  1. At least Fei Yan was able to resist the “clutches of hatred” before it will fully consume her heart. Kudos to her.

    Will we see her paired up with someone in this novel? Or is that the last of her?

    Thankies for the update~

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